I’ve become addicted to the idea of working together, and I will create projects just to have a reason to hire her. Boom.

“I was so impressed with not just Hillary’s writing, but how well she could follow my whiplash tendencies, and could fill in the blanks when I had them. Her work filled up my mastermind with great applicants in just a few emails — not to mention $12,000 in sales.

I’ve become addicted to the idea of working together, and I will create projects just to have a reason to hire her. Boom.”

Brian Gardner
Founder of Studiopress and Authentik


We closed $80K in new business on the webinar she wrote.

“I love, love, LOVE Hillary’s energy and passion and commitment to me and my project. Her ability to get my voice was so impressive – she sounded like ME, and fully captured how I speak to my community.

I’m thrilled to say, we closed $80K in new business on the webinar she wrote.”

Susie “The Millionaire Maker” Carder
Profit Coach


I booked two pay-in-motha-flippin’-full $5k + $6k clients in the last two days, credit card over the phone, TOTAL STRANGERS, thanks to… my website pre-selling people.

“Ok I feel like every time I pop in here I’m gushing, but GIRL, I booked two pay-in-motha-flippin’-full $5k + $6k clients in the last two days, credit card over the phone, TOTAL STRANGERS, and it was insanely easy thanks to the very good job my website is doing of pre-selling people. Thank you for making it rain

I booked a $2,500 client this week for a quickie 1-Page project with NO sales call – heck yeah, copy!!

Also people are still spending on average 5 minutes on my site, so THANK YOOU!”

Camille Farey
Website Designer and Strategist


I had a low goal of 10 sales. I sold 80. EIGHTY!

“I’ve always been good at getting search traffic to websites, whether for myself or my SEO clients.  But no matter what I’ve done in the past, I’ve always failed to sell courses. With Hillary’s help, I made the 20% changes that gave me 80% of the results.

I had a low goal of 10 sales. I sold 80. EIGHTY!”

Brendan Hufford
SEO for the Rest of Us


It blew me away what I and all my people walked away with.

“I recently had the pleasure of having Hillary speak at my heights level mastermind retreat weekend. She helped everyone create a Statement Piece and give them a plan for what to do with it.

I’ve had a lot of people guest teach for me over the 12 years but I was so impressed not only with the advanced planning, but also the advanced material she provided, and the way she delivered the material in person — she’s an amazing speaker and coach.

AND! It blew me away what myself and all my people walked away with. I planned on just having her facilitate a workshop. What I didn’t necessarily plan on was me myself leaving with a bunch of new ideas. I have a whole new series for my podcast hammered out.

I highly recommend her as a speaker, as a presenter, and as a workshop facilitator.

Susan Hyatt
Master Life Coach and Mentor


I have paid thousands more to walk away with less than half of the clarity and creative inspiration I got while working with Hillary in an one hour session.

“Hillary just gets it. Even if I couldn’t clearly articulate my vision, she was able to make sense of it and steer me in the right direction with actionable steps and creative suggestions.”

Mariana Ruiz
Conversion Copywriter


Hillary is hands down one of the most talented copywriters and concept development pros that I have encountered… over the past 20+ years.

“Hillary is hands down one of the most talented copywriters and concept development pros that I have encountered to date (and I have worked with a metric ton of copywriters and creatives over the past 20+ years so I do not say that lightly).

She has an intuitive ability to be able to drill down to heart of your message (which is pretty damned close to mind reading if you ask me) and what she pulls out (time and time again) is pure gold.”

Sarah Ancalmo-Ashman
Brand Strategist + Creative Director, Public Persona Studio


Hillary Weiss is one of the best investments I’ve made in my brand and business in a long, long time.

“Working with Hillary Weiss was mind-blowingly amazing!!! I walked away with crystal clarity and so many delicious sound bites that crafting my message and sales page was almost as effortless as it was powerful.

If you have a soul song singing from inside you and you just aren’t sure how to translate it into compelling words, Weiss is your girl. Phenomenal leader, magic word-maker, and expert guide with so much heart and vision she’ll re-enroll you into your own greatness…

Hillary Weiss is one of the best investments I’ve made in my brand and business in a long, long time.”

Debbie Burns
Speaker, Author, Soul Mapper


“I was so impressed by how quickly we got to an even more succinct and easy way to explain not only what I do, but in a way that really is exciting and gets that potential customer to KNOW in their bones my work is THE work they want to be doing to solve their problem.

She also gave me some excellent one liners and ideas to make it really clear who we DO and DON’T work with.  All in all, it was like an extra layer of nuance in terms of clarity of explaining what we do.

Hillary helped me tweak/clarify the wording on by website even further even further– it rocks and is probably the clearest and best copy we’ve ever had.”

Lisa Fabrega
Leadership Mentor to High Performing Womxn


“What I planned on “Hillary and I have we’ve worked together on numerous 6 and 7-figure launches over the years for a multitude of clients, so when it came time to hire a writer for my website, Hillary was a no-brainer.

Her ability to think strategically and her ability to delivery quality from the get-go always blow me away. And on top of all that, she is truly a pleasure to work with. She creates clear, strategic copy, in your voice, conveying your message, all drawn from easy, comfortable conversation about what you want to create in the world.

She’s the best, and I love working with her.”

Rachel Anzalone
CEO Advisor


“Hillary has a reputation for being the most badass copywriter on the market — and for good reason.

Her communication, collaboration, and copywriting are top notch — boosted by what a HELL YES! person she is too. She’s worked with a string of happy, fulfilled clients for us, and we can’t wait to keep working with her.”

Michelle Garside and Alison Liepzig
Brand Strategists and founders of Soul Camp


“When I came across Hillary’s work, I knew that she could pull off the tone and style of a project I was working on, and I knew she would be fun to work with. So, when I realized she had just the right creation structure for me, I jumped on it… And the rest is history.

We’ve worked on quite a few projects together since then, and they’ve all been an absolute blast to create together. But on top of her awesomely-overflowing creativity, she also has so much integrity. Hillary’s stellar communication makes it easy to get a lot done, on deadline, and she goes the extra mile every time.

If you get the chance – work. with. her.”

Natalie Macneil
Emmy Award Winner, Bestselling Author, and Founder of She Takes on the World


“It is hard to put into words what it is like to jam with Hillary, because when you jam with Hillary the magic fricken happens.

Hillary has a way to step into the psychology of not only the potential buyer, but also me and the why behind my work. She has the ability to step deep inside my business and tap into the future of my business and a deeper vision that nobody can — and this is why you need to work with her and you need to hire her STAT.

Don’t wait. This is what will stop you from making money, because it is the words that help you get hired and get paid for doing what you love.”

Rachel Feldman
Wellness Coach and Business Mentor


“Working with Hillary gets me so incredibly pumped about my business. One of the reasons I love working with her so much is the process itself — because it provides me with SO much clarity about what I’m creating, and who I’m talking to. That clarity is worth it’s weight in gold. Somehow this lady always manages to write copy that sounds like me, and connects directly with my ideal audience. She’s a total legend. Get her on your team, pronto!”

Sian Richardson
Graphic designer & Creative Business Author


“Hillary is kind of a big deal: in copywriting, in collaboration, in co-creation. She really gets it. And she’s one of the only people I trust writing for my brands besides myself. Her style, spunk and savvy writing ways make me always come back for more.

Follow her, hire her, get her to teach you something. #ijs”

Jennifer Kem
Master Brand Strategist


“I hired Hillary to create copy of awesomeness for my project because… she’s cool. Well, that and because she came with a 4-star rec from a friend. I knew I wanted to invest in the copy on my website and I loved her writing style I’d found on other sites she’d done.

I knew she’d interpret my business goals and objectives through carefully crafted words, but I was really blown away by her ability to understand who I was, how I speak, and how to add life and excitement into my copy. Plus, her energy and creativity are just awesome. It’s rare to find someone who can write simple business terms in valuable and captivating ways that are easy to understand.

I’m so excited and proud of everything we created – it was a fun, creative, totally worthwhile experience.

I recommend her x 1,000,000.”

Jason Zook
Unconventional Marketer


“I finally got my about page complete and have a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. Things that I thought I “had to do” before I could become successful are no longer holding me down.

Hillary brushed away the excess clutter that was flooding my vision so I could see a better path to take, not just for the long game but for making money ~now~ (cause, bills).”

Rachael Bueckert
Conversion Copywriter


“First is that as soon as our call began I felt like Hillary really knew me and was tailoring all of her advice and suggestions to me specifically.

Second, is just how tangible her suggestions were.  I did not expect this at all because I’ve done a number of coaching calls where this advice was very broad and unsubstantial, but I walked away from my very first call with Hillary with a(n exciting) action plan.

Third, I’m sure everyone says this because its so true- it feels like you’re talking to a really smart and savvy best friend.  Hillary is fun, comforting, and SO sharp.

After just one session, I had an entirely new vision for the direction my business could go- one which I’d never considered or even knew existed.  After the section session, I felt like I had the tools specific details to move forward and begin to really make this happen.”

Kate Horodyski
Copywriter and Social Media Strategist


“Learning from Hillary catalyzed the website redesign that changed the game for me. So now, anytime she mentions ways to work with her, I’m interested.

I was really blown away by how you were able to identify that “thing” about me and my content that no one else (including myself) had ever mentioned before. This was, possibly, the single biggest insight for my business going forward.

She’s real, open, and unafraid to go there. There’s no feeling of your copy being judged. She shows up in this truly helpful and transformative way for YOUR business. It’s not about following proven formulas or working though a step-by-step strategy. Everything with Hillary feels bespoke.”

Meghan Hartman
Designer and UX Strategist


“Hillary and I put together an entire offering process and template during our consulting call.

She tackled a large concept idea and helped me to hone in on specific aspects of my offering, identifying pain points, and imaging the entire process from project onboarding to project completion all in one hour. All while being a rockstar cheerleader that is just as excited about my project as I am.

The whole experience was incredible. Now I’m super pumped and ready to rock.”

Adrienne Nakhol
Content Marketer for B2B SaaS companies


“From her first email I knew working with Hillary was the right decision.

I knew she was going to create amazing content to work with in the new design I was planning, and I was so excited to have her on board, helping me attract my ideal clients and projects.
Hillary’s beautiful words synced with my style of work, and she wove such a lovely story onto every page. And the skype calls! Hillary has such a fun and easygoing personality, it’s just like catching up with a good friend. She makes the process so enjoyable.

And I’m so grateful to have a talent like Hillary to work with on future projects. I just wish I could hug her in person!”

Jo Kilma
Designer & Illustrator


“I booked Hilary’s copywriting services – and then sat tight for three months. One minute into our very first Skype meeting, I knew exactly why this girl attracts such high demand. This copywriter is a girl after my heart. While my time working with Hillary ended up happening amid the strangest, most turbulent week of my life, Hillary’s effervescent personality is magnetic and enabling, and she carried me through like a trooper.

Hillary posed to me some BIG questions: Why do you do what you do? Who are you – really? and then transformed my stop-starting, emotion-flooded, rather clunky answers into cohesive script that sounded more like me than I sound myself. Whenever I’d receive a burst of new copy, I’d find myself saying out loud “how did she do that?!” – and when I try and summate just how much she “got” me, I end up… speechless (irony, much?)

Sometimes I find myself wishing I lived closer to New York City, because I’m pretty certain we’d get on famously. Everyone needs a Hillary in their life. Vibrant :: all-in :: over-delivering :: mischief-making :: downright lovely :: with a side of swagger.

Hillary – the copy you’ve crafted is more than I could ever have hoped for. I am totally stoked. You are SO my person.”

Emma Kate
Blogger, Designer, Traveler, Illustrator


“Hillary paid for herself within the first 7 days of using her copy. How’s that for a killer ROI?

When you read your own thoughts back in a logical and beautiful way, you tend to fall back in love with your project, because it’s hard not to love simple + sane ideas. No noise. (oh, maybe I would also call her a ‘noise remover’ too. Thanks again Hill!

PS – Do I recommend her? Yes… but also no. Because she has limited availability and I need as much of her wizardry as possible.”

Shaun Singh
CEO of Make Change


“Not only does Hillary have a wonderful reputation and a brilliant brain that beautifully translates your vision into stunning words, she also has a fabulous understanding of branding & marketing.

Her dedication, consistency, & reliability are so impressive. She’s a true pro, and always walks the extra mile to offer alternative ways of expression, solutions, and brainstorm ideas to consider all options, and ensure you’re getting the best! She’s highly diligent in every task, and knows exactly what’s going on with the process, so you always feel supported.

But most of all, as my official badass copywriter, Hillary is a fantastic, sweet supporter i who really genuinely shares my vision & excitement. She makes herself your own brand ambassador during the whole process, which really makes her effective, efficient and successful in what she does!

To sum it all up: I’m BEYOND excited, and so looking forward to what Hillary has in store for my brand! I believe in & trust her 100%.”

Marnelli Martin
Founder & CEO of Luxe30


“She was lightning fast on the uptake of everything I was going for, listened to my concerns and information about my fans. She knew immediately what needed to be done to convince them my products were worth purchasing. I feel so much more confident in my content after working with her.

Oh – and she’s made me a ton more money in the process. Hillary. Is. Magnificent.”

Vanessa Simkins
Founder of All About Juicing


“Hillary, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You just answered my deepest prayers from heaven. Damn girl, you speak to my SOUL – channeling hipster angels from heaven so your work hits the sweet lullaby of your consumer in their sleep.

God (or whatever you want to call it -divine intelligence) works with and through you. So freakin’ connected you are. Thanks for being my hipster angel in disguise.”

Joanna M. Green
Celestial Collective Leader & Mastery Coach


“I feel so much more professional and polished for having made the investment in top notch writing services to promote my biz. I’m not even done uploading all the amazing copy she wrote for me and already got a very warm lead through my contact form from a prospect that is the most perfect fit for me that’s ever come in via my site.

Hot damn!”

Mary Maru
Graphic Designer


“Hillary’s energy always come bouncing off the page when you read her stuff. And though our time frame was short, we had an absolutely beautiful flow.

Hillary is her word! She does what she says, and she does it right. Her kindness, her brilliance, her care, her fun loving nature make her so wonderful to work with… and this is all added to her BRILLIANT WRITING!

Thank you so much, Hillary. I’ll be back. :)”

Laura Fenamore
Wellness & Body Love Coach, Author