Power Position

Giving “best kept secret” creatives the tools to dominate their corner of the internet.

 A 12-week private coaching experience for copywriters, coaches, designers, marketers, and creatives ready to be well-paid AND well-recognized for what they’re phenomenally good at.

Join the high-octane VIP experience option, and I’ll step in to support the Creative Direction for your new, powerful brand.

“I’m ready to find my Power Position!”

"It would be too boring to just say I almost immediately made my investment back and then some... [it was] one of the most rewarding — financially and otherwise — experiences I've had in my business."

(Sarah Zerkel, Amplify Your Awesome Copywriter, sarahzerkel.com)

Your wit, grit, and talent have taken you pretty far in your business. 

But now – you’ve hit a ceiling. 

You’re fairly successful (and making decent money) but your work takes it all out of you, and you’re doing a LOT of stuff you don’t wanna do anymore. #ughhhh

You’re a best-kept-secret, who’d love to be more “industry famous”, speak on stages, and get interviewed on podcasts… but you’re not clear what you wanna be known FOR, which means you’re kinda throwing spaghetti at the wall.

While you’ve got some street cred for your mad skillZ, you’re not 100% sure WHY what you do works… and you worry it isn’t sustainable (or worse it’s been mostly “luck” so far.)


You’re ready to play bigger, charge higher, and come out from behind the scenes to carve out your own electrifying corner in your industry.

I can help you get there.

It all starts with finding your Power Position.

“I’m ready! Let’s do this.”

"Before my contract was up, I was already ready to ask how I can stay on—because Hillary’s coaching isn’t just another thing you do or buy and hope for the best. It’s life changing. As a business coach myself, there’s no one else I would trust more than her."

(Rachel Turner, Business Coach + Misfit Marketer, rachelturner.com)

Imagine what it would feel like to:

Clearly see and understand your unique speciality AND approach

so you can charge more for it, speak on it, create courses, opt-ins, and offers around it, and so much more.

Make more money, and confidently attract more awesome clients easily

because you can finally articulate exactly what you do, and what makes it wildly valuable. 

Become an industry “it guy/girl” –

because you’re clear on your vision and message, and you’re excited to show up, post, pitch, get interviewed, and make new stuff.

But before you go any further, let me be clear: 

Power Position Coaching WILL:

Uncover your specialty. ‘Cuz you know you’re good at something that keeps clients coming back, but you can’t read the label from inside the bottle. 

Define your signature framework, because you shouldn’t just be selling deliverables, but your approach too (which means you can charge more, create keynotes and courses, etc.)

Pinpoint your statement piece (a.k.a. big idea). We’ll whittle down to your clear perspective and point of view, and get you excited to share your message, and build your industry renown.

Help you strategically reimagine your offers, bring in better clients, and hike your pricing. Because it’s high time you work the way you want to work, and stop doing the ish you don’t wanna do.

Make you more visible, because you can finally clearly see and understand the WHY behind the work you do, and feel confident talking about it.

Feel like direct mentorship with me. Because it is. And you’ll get my eyes and edits on everything we create together.

Power Position Coaching WILL NOT:

Feel like a course or program. While there is a core approach inside Power Position, I’m focused on YOU developing the unique business YOU want – which means the experience is tailored to your goals, no templates allowed.

Require an entire rebrand/redesign of your website. (Whew!) We’re focused on positioning + messaging, which can be revamped with a simple copy update.

Walk you through creating back-end systems. I can certainly offer insight and recommendations, but this isn’t where our Power Position time + energy is best spent. 

Focus solely on “traditional” business models + sales strategy. We’ll absolutely pinpoint ways to shift your model, and discuss offers, speaking and course topics, and content – however, this is not a hard numbers or strictly-systems approach to growth.

Shame you. Yes, I’m here to hold you accountable — however, I prefer to do so with positivity and encouragement. So I’ll never cluck my tongue, wag my finger, or make you feel down on yourself in the spirit of “tough love”.

"I've struggled to articulate what makes me stand out from the sea of other writers... Hillary did it in one session. Best GD money I've EVER spent."

(Emma Boshart, Email Copywriter and Story Strategist)

How does Power Position coaching work, exactly?

While Power Position is tailored to your unique vision, here’s a bird’s eye view of what you’ll experience:

The Power Position Process:

(a.k.a. your road to internet domination)

Session 1, The Bedrock: This is where we’ll discuss the broad scope of your goals and vision for your business, and where you are, what you want, and any current challenges ahead as we cement the game plan for the coming weeks.

Session 2, Your Statement Piece: Once we’ve got the vision, we’ll develop your core message by digging into your specialty as a service provider, explore what makes your approach different, and how to articulate the value and necessity of what you do.

Session 3, Your Signature Framework: Try this new focus on for size. What is your signature approach/framework within this speciality? How can you talk about it in a way that makes it a no-brainer for your target customers? What are some ways you want to be showing up?

Session 4, The Elements of Industry Renown: It’s time to think content, concepts, and offers: based on this new speciality, how can we repurpose your signature approach and skillset into things like a signature package, opt-in, social posts, products and programs, and/or speaking topics? 

Session 5,  Your Signature Offer: With my help, define + shape new Work with Me page to reflect your freshly-defined speciality and approach. Optional: review your Home and About page too

Session 6, Getting it Live: This is our time to review and bless your revised website and dig into final questions or strategic gaps you may have.

What’s your investment? 

All SIX private, 60-90 minute coaching sessions with me (usually over 3 months), where we’ll dig into your specialty, unique approach, and clear point of view that makes you unmissable market – and turn that into signature offers, content, opt-ins, workshops, and keynotes, and anything you need to get where you want to go.

Unlimited Voxer (messaging app) support from me Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 PM EST, where you have open access to my brain to ask any questions, and get advice, feedback, and guidance on-demand.

Fabulous bonus access to my Hot Seat Beast, Wordshops, and Like Lightning courses, my gift to you (a $1,500+ value)

ALL resources and templates, as needed, delivered straight to your shared drive

Direct, detailed feedback from me, on all messaging, offers, and tools created during our work together

A gorgeous box o’ goodies delivered to your doorstep ;)

And more!

Your investment: $10,000

(Even-split payment plans available starting at $1,666/mo)

And if you want to really stick the landing?


End-to-end brand development + visual direction to bring your Power Position to life.

So by the time we’re done with the first 6 sessions of Power Position? You’ll be ready to take center stage as the name to know in your industry. 

Your foundation is updated. Your specialty, framework, and brand new offers are center stage.

The only thing missing? A solid Creative Direction for your brand… and brand new visual and strategic guidelines to bring it all together.

Enter: The Power Position VIP experience. 

Together, we can develop a totally unique brand concept that spins that  “mess” in your head into gold — complete with strategy, language, a fancy photoshoot game plan, and visual guidelines that tie it together with purpose and panache.

That’s what I’m here to build for you. And it is freakin’ magical


When you select the VIP package, here’s what you get in addition to your 6 Power Position sessions:

Session 7, The Concept: This is where we’ll discuss the big concept behind your brand, finding the golden thread that ties the elements of your messaging together.

Session 8, The Visual Cues: With the concept in place, we’ll identify the colors, imagery, fonts, textures, and visual identity that will bring it to life. We’ll get beautifully specific so that you can confidently express your brand visually.

Session 9, Your Photoshoot Plan: Ready, set, action! Be more visible without the awkwardness with a carefully planned photoshoot. Poses, props, and shots–we’ll cover it all.  

Session 10, Styling Your Brand: The devil’s in the details. This is where we’ll figure out the props, clothes, and styling you need to execute your brand vision exactly as you intend it.

Session 11, Wild Card: By now, you’ve reworked your framework, specialty, messaging, and visual direction. This session is here to answer any final questions that come up, help you collaborate with your design team, or guide you as you execute the final steps.

What’s your investment? 

YOU’LL GET Everything in the Classic package, PLUS, over 5 additional sessions…

A fully-developed creative concept for your brand that clearly differentiates you, and represents your brand’s next-evolution messaging, offers, and mission in a radically memorable way

Beautifully mapped out colors, fonts, and visual direction that will help you stand out in even the most crowded industry

A fully-planned photoshoot, where every look, pose, and shot is planned to the last detail, that you can bring to your local photographer or, bring to NYC for the Platinum experience!

A gorgeous Brand Statement and Style Guide to be your brand bible, which you can hand to all future contractors, team members, designers, photographers, copywriters, strategists, and so much more, to give them the full scope of their brand

And a BONUS call you can activate at any time to get my help reviewing designs, photography, copy, or any creative you develop after our time together

Your investment: $15,000

(Even-split payment plans available starting at $2,142/mo)

“I repackaged my offer and started selling my new services even before we concluded the program – which basically paid for the whole thing within a few weeks. It also got me started on a rebranding process which ended up with a completely new website (plus visual identity and photos) that's going to get published next week.”

(Karolina Kurcwald, Messaging Strategy & Copywriter, karolinakurcwald.com)

Seen enough? Feel like this is exactly what you need?

Hit the lights, baby. 
Click here to start your Power Position application:

And if you’re ready to go ALL-IN with bringing your visual brand to life?

Go Platinum, Baby.
INTRODUCING: Power Position Platinum

Make your brand stomp right off the screen and into life with this, ahem, statement piece experience. Power Position Platinum includes everything in Power Position VIP — plus an irresistible upgrade. 

Let’s recap where you’re at following your 11-session coaching experience. We’ve been working together for a bit, and the pieces have clicked together. You know your Power Position (and your audience does too), and you’re confidently positioned in the limelight.

After your VIP sessions, you’ve got your brand’s creative concept and visual language… 

All you need is to find the right photographer/hair/makeup/location to bring it to life — and maybe a day to knock out that one BIG thing on your strategic to-do list…

… Or at least that’s what you did need. Before you decided to go Platinum.

Inside the Power Position Platinum experience, after your brand is entirely dialed in, you fly right here to the heart of NYC. 

Then, you and I spend two jaw-droppingly magical days working on your business, executing your (all-inclusive and directly planned by me!) photoshoot, and enjoying a helluva great time in the best city on earth.

When you select the Platinum package, here’s what you get in addition to your 11 Power Position VIP sessions:

Just get yourself here and book your stay, I’ll take care of the rest.

DAY .5: Welcome + delicious dinner.

Welcome to New York! You show up in the city, head to your hotel, and get settled in. After a shower and changing into your most fabulous big city threads, you check your phone. It’s me, arriving at your hotel to welcome you, and take you to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. My treat, of course!

Day 1: Photoshoot Day

Oh yes it’s this is it! Meet me at a studio we hand-select for your needs and get ready to steal the spotlight. Your hair and makeup artist and photographer are waiting to execute the vision we’ve created. 

Before our VIP experience, we’ll have already designed a shot list with all your poses, outfits, and expressions, and I’ll be there to assist you with white-glove service the day of the shoot. 

I’ll be on deck to ensure we get every shot just right, and that you, your clothes, and your Fancy Lady attitude are shining all day long.

PLUS! A little pampering bonus will be at your hotel to wind down your day.

… And more goodies and surprises to come!

Day 2: Get It Done VIP Day! A.K.A. A 1-day intensive tailored to YOU. 

After enjoying a positively scrumptious breakfast together, we’ll dive into a BIG deliverable or strategy you most want to work on. Inside our VIP day, which will take place in a fabulous private space, we can explore stuff like:

  • Nailing down a *year’s* worth of content in a day
  • Mapping out  your next launch plan + strategizing on content
  • Executing some big messaging + copywriting magic with yours truly to help you nail the big idea, walk you through templates, and offer feedback.

And more! Got something you’re itching to work on together? Lay it on me.

What’s your investment?

The Platinum Package includes:
PLUS –  a private two-day retreat experience with me!
  • [Day 1] An all-day fabulous photoshoot in beautiful NYC, complete with photographer, hair and makeup, and studio rental included in your fee, directed by me
  • [Day 2] An all-day VIP day where we can review a key strategic touchpoint of your business, i.e. finalizing web copy, creating a content plan, developing a launch strategy for the year, and so much more
  • PLUS a beautiful dinner and extra goodies as our gift to to you

Just get yourself there, and we’ll take care of the rest. ;) 

Your investment: $25,000

(Even-split payment plans available starting at $3,125/mo)

“This year has been my most booked year EVER. I've gotten more leads, inquiries, and general *buzz* after repositioning my business with you and implementing everything. Higher prices and more clients! What more could I ask for?”

(Shelley Easter, Shopify Strategist & Designer, launchparty.live)

What does it look like to find your POWER POSITION, exactly? 

Let me tell you a story…


I’m Hillary Weiss – and you might know me from the internet.

I’m a coach, creative director, and co-host of HAMYAW, and since 2011 I’ve been shimmying my way up the creative industry ladder with a combination of pro skills, personality, and power moves.

That means, in an era before you could throw a rock and hit a “6 weeks to 6-figures” program, I hit $100k+ by age 25, cycled through every business model from hourly to day rates to retainers, and was even teaching private masterminds, all while making my clients millions in revenue. (Tl;dr, I’ve been around the block a few times and then some.)

And you know what? Something still wasn’t right. 

I was a great “best-kept secret” and hired gun behind the scenes, but I wanted more. Yes, I was making money, but I wasn’t writing, creating, or showing up for myself in a way that didn’t depend totally on clients. 

That ONLY changed when I decided enough was enough. It was time to stop leaning on my wits and taking whatever came my way, and to start intentionally redesigning the business I really wanted — from the foundation up.

“Hillary is F-ing amazing. I got SO MUCH clarity, not just about the visual branding but about what my unique value was and what made me different through this process. Hillary put words to concepts that I just couldn’t verbalize or clarify on my own.”

(Susan Boles, The Unconventional CFO, www.scalespark.co)

Once I got clear on what I wanted, who I was, and what I was good at, everything started to shift. I started writing posts that went viral, started speaking on stages all over the country, getting interviewed on dozens of podcasts (no pitch required), and finally built a platform that allowed me to create and share the stuff I genuinely cared about.

The journey took me years of trial and error, a brilliant circle of teachers, and tens of thousands of dollars to complete. 

And now, I’m here to help you skip that timeline – and give you the step-by-step guidance and support you need as you step out of best-kept-secret mode, and into strategic industry it guy/girl status – by defining your POWER POSITION.

And if you’re in – it would be my total honor to have you.

Now, there’s just one question left, my friend. 

Are you ready to… 

Stake your claim in your corner of the internet, and start saying, building, and selling stuff you really love?

Make a name for yourself in your industry, and experience the total freedom that comes from having a core focus that allows you to experiment, play, and enjoy the process again?

Finally understand what you do amazingly well, and how — which can be turned into keynote speeches, courses, products, programs… or even cult-favorite youTube shows ;)?

Then let’s flip the switch. 

Send in your (quick) application below.

Your Power Position awaits. 

Powerful Client Love

Hillary was invested in my business as much as I am…

“Before working with Hillary my ideas were too out there and honestly I didn’t even know if what I was tossing around in my brain made any sense!!

It didn’t take long before Hillary was able to hear what I really wanted to be doing in my business and begin to piece it into something that was cohesive, made sense, stood out, and most important of all – excited me!!

I can be a little all over the place sometimes and Hillary never made me feel bad for it. Any time I would come to a call with doubt, she listened, gave feedback, and then I was back on the horse moving full speed ahead. I felt like Hillary was invested in my business as much as I am and that means a lot to me.

The best part was seeing our ideas coming to reality in the photoshoot. She absolutely knocked the creative direction OUT OF THE PARK! This was an experience I will never forget and will continue to move and build my business in the updated direction I want it to go.”

(Renae Saager, Body + Food Confidence Coach, renaesaager.com)
…she can somehow see YOUR special sauce SO clearly.

“When I first reached out to Hillary, I was really struggling to figure out what made me unique in a very crowded marketplace. I knew that my inability to articulate what made me different was holding me back from growing my business.

What’s amazing about Hillary is that she listens to you speak about a business that you think is fairly ordinary and she can somehow see YOUR special sauce SO clearly. She has this ability to take the things you haven’t been able to articulate – and all of a sudden – BAM – you have this genius concept all wrapped up in a crystal clear bow. It made me realize I didn’t have to work SO damn hard all the time to differentiate myself.

Oh- and Hillary is freaking FUN. She brings the fun – so it took away all the “shoulds” and the bullshit of how things were “supposed to be”. We got to play and discover and have a damn good time.

It’s been a huge year of growth for my business and I’m super excited to launch my group program this fall and scale in a way I never could have without her guidance.”

(Michelle Pollack, Leadership Coach, michellepollack.com)
At this point I’ve quadrupled my income since starting with her (and sometimes that’s a low month).

“When Hillary says power position, she means it.

I felt like my industry’s hidden secret for so long, like I was so close to the kind of growth and success I wanted, but it felt like I could never just clarify the magnitude of what I did enough to get there.

Signing up with Hillary wasn’t even a question. It was a full body yes.

We’ve been together for two years, and I’m not going anywhere because she’s always right there by my side, giving me the room to dump my creative mind in front of her, and she supports me in how I bring it forth into the world.

At this point I’ve quadrupled my income since starting with her (and sometimes that’s a low month).

At every stage in my business as I grow, I get to this point where even as a business coach, I’m like “do I still need a coach?”. The answer I always come back to is that I don’t need anybody, and I love Hillary. It’s a constant yes to Hillary. Because anyone can hire a coach, but nobody does business like she does.

(Rachel Turner, Business Coach, rachelturner.com)
…working with Hillary is freaking fun.

“My business moved faster in our 12 (extended to 24 because I can’t let go) weeks together than it had in YEARS.

The homework is focused, and strategic, and specific to *me* and my business, so I know I’m not wasting time throwing darts and hoping it hits a target. I can babble, and magically, she’s able to find the value in what I’m saying, reflect it back to me, and make my own thing sound amazing.

Also, working with Hillary is freaking fun.

I completely transitioned my business and business model. I used to do retainers and I was burning out, but stepping away from that meant stepping away from 75% of my income. Surprise but not surprise — I transitioned with no loss of income at all. I’m doing what I’m good at in a way that I enjoy, and I didn’t have to sacrifice money to do so.

I’m able to take random Thursdays off. I wake up without an alarm. My heart doesn’t jump at Slack messages anymore. I’m hanging out with my family in the middle of the day (that is, if I’m not napping).

I am so, so happy to run a slow-paced business. And when I *am* working, I’m in the zone and energized, because I’m doing stuff that lights me up.”

(Mikli Feria Jorge, Tech and Automation Strategist, heymikli.com)
…That’s an expected 5x return on our work together in a matter of 2 months!

“We all know “Cobbler’s Children’s Syndrome” is alive and well in the consulting industry. I can always more easily dream & strategize, plan & apply excellent marketing strategy for our clients, while struggling to find the clarity of positioning in marketing of my own…

… but the fear remained: would I regret spending money on Power Position Coaching? Shouldn’t I just set aside the time to do this myself?

Hillary has the aptitude and the resolve to listen intently to your challenges and ideas, and to reflect back what she hears, connecting it to practical applications in your business. Her advice prompts in-the-moment changes to your ways of working and communicating with ideal clients, just as it allows for larger, sweeping changes that will improve your work and real life.

During our time together, I was able to quickly implement changes to our services that I had been stalling on for years, and before her coaching was complete, I had already booked one new client for our new premium-priced marketing plan, PLUS had one additional ideal client in the proposal stages for the same service. That’s an expected 5x return on our work together in a matter of 2 months!”

(Amy Jacobus, Online Marketing Strategist, amyjacobus.marketing)
…I multiplied my investment in Power Position Coaching so easily.

“I LOVED that Hillary helped me uncover and refine what was already there. The encouragement, exercises, etc that she gave me were so valuable. And just having someone with her experience as a guide was phenomenal. I felt I was in great hands.

I booked 3 clients for my refined offer based on the framework that we worked on together as we were wrapping up. I multiplied my investment in Power Position Coaching so easily.”

(Mariana Durst, Brand and Business Strategist for Fine Artists, deskanddesign.com)
…I made back double my investment after the first 2 sessions.

“I couldn’t wait to actually create a consistent through-line for my brand. I was headed in A direction, but I wasn’t sure it was THE best direction. I’d been following Hillary for a while, and I love how she bleeds her brand. I knew that she could help me do that, and tie it all into a signature framework that people would just “get.”

Before working with Hillary, I launched a new program all on my lonesome. It was very successful, but I secretly thought it was a fluke. I didn’t know if that level of success was repeatable, or how to do it. I thought I’d had my ONE good idea and spent it.

Hillary guided me to my own conclusions. She didn’t just give me her opinion and sell it to me as the gospel. She listened and asked questions that pulled out what I just couldn’t articulate on my own.

I made back double my investment after the first 2 sessions–even after 5xing the price of my program. I also had people salivating (PLS keep this word. lmao) over my new offers before I’d officially launched them.

Fun note: My shiny new framework was copied too, so Mama I made it? Lol”

(Katie Pannell, Copywriter, katiepannell.co)
…Hillary has this fierce ability to help you stand outside of yourself and look at your experience, skills, vision objectively.

“I was massively excited to have Hillary’s eyeballs on my business and to be guided by her street smarts and creative cleverness.

I’d been feeling in a rut, struggling to articulate what work was and wasn’t lighting me up in my business anymore, what I actually wanted to do, and how to get out of the trading hours for money conundrum that was sucking up all my time and not allowing me to reach my revenue goals. I knew that Hillary would be able to help me make sense of all this in a way that would be truly aligned to me.

Hillary has this fierce ability to help you stand outside of yourself and look at your experience, skills, vision objectively. Of helping you to see your worth and the value you provide. Of helping you to package your magic up in a way that will position you powerfully in the market place with confidence.

While I’m still partway through this journey with Hillary, I am already SO fired up with excitement about the future of my business. I’m already starting to introduce my new positioning and messages to the world and behind the scenes I’m creation mode – opt-ins, packages, and more.”

(Hayley Maxwell, Copywriter, hayleymaxwell.com)
…my launch brought in a cool $18.5k, not to mention the 1:1 clients that have signed up since then thanks to my increased visibility.

“Hillary in your corner 100%! Whether I needed some quick advice when I was launching or was a little unclear on offers, she was a total cheerleader meets guidance counselor in the best way. (With a side of quirky drama girl too, obviously.)

Thanks to the framework I created with H, I was able to move forward with my first ever launch. I ran a 5 day challenge that had more than 550 people sign up and did my first webinar that had more than 150 people sign up…combined, the two tripled my email list! Plus my launch brought in a cool $18.5k, not to mention the 1:1 clients that have signed up since then thanks to my increased visibility.

I know that with the framework we created, I’ll be able to launch more offers, raise my rates, and overall kick ass in my business because I am able to clearly communicate exactly what I do for the first time.”

(Jenn Robbins, Conversion Copywriter, Jennrobbins.com)
…Working with Hillary has been a *blow-my-freakin-socks-off* experience.

“Here you go… though you can literally say anything. This has been the best experience ever

Where do I even start? Working with Hillary has been a *blow-my-freakin-socks-off* experience… since we started our 1:1 sessions she’s completely changed how I feel about my brand, my business and my skills as a copywriter. You need to find that person who can look at who you are and what you do from the outside in… and for me, Hillary is that person. I’ve struggled to articulate what makes me stand out from the sea of other writers… Hillary did it in one session. Best GD money I’ve EVER spent.”

(Emma Boshart, Email Copywriter + Story Strategist, creativeuproar.com)
…I (almost immediately) made my investment back and then some from the work I did with Hillary.

“It would be too boring to just say that I (almost immediately) made my investment back and then some from the work I did with Hillary. Because the process she led me through was not only completely business-changing but incredibly FUN, enlightening, and honestly, one of the most rewarding—financially and otherwise—experiences I’ve had in my business.

I’m making more money than I ever had and feeling so rock solid with where I’m headed. Setting boundaries like a boss and overall getting more done and showing up soooo much more and at a higher quality than I did before working with Hillary.

If you’re thinking of working with her just freakin’ do it.”

(Sarah Zerkel, Writer, sarahzerkel.com)
…I was most excited to have someone help me sort out my gazillion ideas and define what my super-secret power really is.

“Honestly, I was nervous that I was not coachable! I’ve done coaching before and felt like maybe something was wrong with me because I still couldn’t really nail what my positioning was.

I loved the concrete action plans and steps after every session. I did not complete some of the steps, but I do know exactly what I need to do once I launch the damn thing that I want to launch! I loved how Hillary made sure that I was not overly giving of everything I’ve ever learned in one program, and she helped me narrow down and simplify it without it feeling like I was taking out the value.

She is so witty, funny and smart! I love how her brain works and how she is able to make things easy to understand and create a solid foundation for everything I do from now on.”

(Lexi Smith, Cosmic Brand Coach, wanderwithlexi.com)
…Hillary will serve you a straight-up solution, all you have to do is follow her advice.

“Having Hillary as a coach is like having a new best friend…only this best friend is one of the most talented copywriters in the universe, and she knows her sh**. She shows up 100% as your coach, ready for whatever you bring her, with wisdom and without judgement. You can be the hottest mess ever, like me, and Hillary will serve you a straight-up solution, all you have to do is follow her advice. Best of all, she SEES you. Hillary helps you believe in a better version of yourself, and she practically paves you a yellow brick road to show you exactly how to get there. I’m doing things now that I was scared to do a few months ago because of the work we did together.”

(Melanie J Sparks, Conversion Copywriter, melaniejsparks.com)
…There was a lot of head trash that came up. Having support around that was key.

“I was concerned about my success in making a change after working so long in my previous industry.

Shifting services and positioning isn’t just communication and marketing, but also mindset…And there was a lot of head trash that came up. Having support around that is key.

Hillary is realistic and doesn’t give false hope or make “big” promises.

With her guidance, I launched my small business program which more than paid for our work together. Now, I’ve got a visual brand I’m proud of.”

(Alison Tedford, DEI Consultant, alisontedford.com)
…Hillary is super fckn smart, fun, funny, insightful, and asks GREAT questions that challenge your thinking and JOSTLE OR SHALL I SAY JOCEL your creativity ;)

“Working with Hillary: I got suuuuuper clear on my message and offer and Hillary somehow managed to get me to SIMPLIFY and stick to ONE thing (to start with). She gets how fast-idea-easily-distracted brains work and let me play in idea land without getting caught up in some helium ride adventure into never-never land as I’m apt to do when left to my own devices. Instead, she got me focused and even excited whattttt about putting my new 1:1 offer out, using a framework that felt truly like ME.

Part of what attracted me to Hillary (aside from her incredibly joyful and infectious presence) was the fact she had serious writing chops and knew what it was like to run a successful copywriting agency. As I was making the transition to brain coach from brand strategy and story consultant for these big ol’ multi-billion dollar companies (which got pretty financially comfy AKA SCARY TO SAY GOODBYE TO), I knew Hillary would get where I’m coming from and what it’s like to make a big shift.”

(Jocelyn Brady, Brain Coach, scribestorystudios.com)
…I’ve just had my first 5-figure month since I PIVOTED, which feels pretty darn fabulous…

“For me, it was less about the £££ than it was about finding my purpose and creating a life in which I do work I love, and much much less work I don’t love. And we have achieved that. We also created more £££.

I’ve just had my first 5-figure month since I PIVOTED, which feels pretty darn fabulous. More, though, I am happy in what I’m doing and I know I’m great at it.

And—after my needs and wants are met—that’s priceless. Of course, money is important, we need it, but that wasn’t the primary reason I sought Hillary out :D)

She’s so much fun…And enthusiastic – helping you be the best possible you that you can be. Best cheerleader and zany brain ever.

I’m much more confident now. I had a few wobbles of course, but as we worked through everything and made a plan and executed it, my self-belief skyrocketed.”

(Vicky Fraser, Author + Book Strategist, moxiebooks.co.uk)
…I created a minicourse and sold it the first time for almost 10K…

“I was absolutely amazed about how clear I got with my messaging, my pillars, and my strengths, and I finally have it together to talk about my business and my work beautifully.

So glad I finally made the decision to look deeper into my positioning to create a brand I adore.

With Hillary’s wisdom about copy, branding, and messaging, it feels like I’ve found a superweapon.”

(Sandra Janke, Business Mentor for Artists and Musicians, sandrajanke.com)
…I knew it would be fun to work with Hillary, but not THAT fun!

“Her huge personality and whip-smart marketing chops made putting together my new offers exponentially more fun than it would have been otherwise.

It was SO validating to have her support and hand-holding that my ideas actually were good and filled a unique need in my niche. I feel like I have a solid forever-foundation to build my business on.”

(Natalie Taggart, Launch Coach + Copywriter, natalietaggart.com)