Episode #73: Create Your Statement Piece & Dominate Your Corner of the Market With Hillary Weiss

Mindset First with Linda Perry

  • Linda Perry introduces Hillary Weiss. 0:00 – 4:00
  • A statement piece makes you radically relevant to your perfect people. 4:00 – 5:09
  • Hillary’s backstory and how she decided this was her specialty. 5:09 -10:44
  • How to stand authentically in your brand. 10:44 – 21:50
  • Having a brand that makes sense to you, the business owner. 21:50 – 26:03
  • You can’t build a brand on what you think you owe people. 26:03 – 31:24
  • Celebrate yourself and your wins. 31:24 – 34:18
  • Having and keeping resilience in your business. 34:18 – 46:50
  • What’s next for Hillary and where to connect with her! 46:50
  • The commitments I made to ensure the success of my business.
  • What the “entrepreneurial emo phase” means and why it’s an important phase to go through.
  • The realization Hillary has had about selling and what it means to be successful.
  • What was keeping Hillary playing small in her business.
  • Why, sometimes, it’s the best thing for clients for things not to work.
  • Why Hillary feels zero shame in selling on her Instagram.
  • How you might be draining your own wallet in business right now.


The Do You Even Blog Podcast

If you want to find true love with your audience, listen in on this episode:

  • WHAT is a “statement piece” and why you need one
  • Exercises for copywriting (to write more good words)
  • Hillary’s definition of “influencer”
  • Plus way mo’ magic


Work Less Earn More with Gillian Perkins

If you want to position yourself as the go-to person in your industry–to become a brand people look up to, that they know, like and trust–you have to know what makes you different from everyone else doing the exact same thing you do.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why your business and your brand are not the same thing
  • Why starting with “nah” can unleash creative energy that refines your point of view and leads to perfect fit clients
  • How getting vulnerable will make your positioning stronger
  • Five practical steps to begin refining and building your unique position

Growth Led Podcast – Hillary Weiss

Growth Led Podcast

The topics we discussed were:

  • Working with small business owners on what makes them unique
  • How to package your products and services to make more money, get invited to talk at conferences, and create & sell your own frameworks.
  • Transitioning from being a tactician to strategy and coaching.
  • Should entrepreneurs and CEOs build their own personal brands?
  • How to build your personal brand?
  • Should you close a business because you don’t enjoy it ?

Making a Statement with Hillary Weiss

The Mike Drop Moment

In this episode, I interview Creative Director Hillary Weiss to help answer those questions and explore what it takes to create your Statement Piece and Power Positioning.

We discuss:

  • The messy route to finding your distinctive place in the market
  • Why you must take a stand to create a truly remarkable brand
  • How to use the Statement Piece Framework to weave more of you into your message, websites, and communication
  • The secret to creating infinite content for page, screen, and stage
  • Why it’s critical to be radically relevant
  • How writing helps you find clarity
  • And when to change your business model

Hillary Weiss | Turning Brazen Ideas into Clear Concepts that Captivate the World

Unmistakable Creative

We return for another episode, this time with Hillary Weiss, a creative director, coach and speaker. Hillary tells us how we can take brazen ideas and use them to captivate our audience. Learn about anti and advocate standpoints, how to be shamelessly polarizing and much more

RCC 128: Positioning Yourself for Success with Hillary Weiss

Rich Coach Club

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The commitments I made to ensure the success of my business.
  • What the “entrepreneurial emo phase” means and why it’s an important phase to go through.
  • The realization Hillary has had about selling and what it means to be successful.
  • What was keeping Hillary playing small in her business.
  • Why, sometimes, it’s the best thing for clients for things not to work.
  • Why Hillary feels zero shame in selling on her Instagram.
  • How you might be draining your own wallet in business right now.

The Design Business Show 128: Creative Direction and Brand Strategy with Hillary Weiss

The Design Business Show

  • How Hillary and I met in 2019 as guest mentors at Sage and Tarzan’s Legendary Life Event
  • Hillary shares the 3-year switch from 10 years as a copywriter to brand strategist, a role more in line with her passion
  • The idea for Statement Piece Studio happened around late 2017/ early 2018 and Hillary tells us that the statement piece is rebranding in Hillary Weiss style of “the big idea”
  • How creative direction happens for brands in the 6 or 7 figure zone that want a big umbrella brand that brings all the different elements of what they do together
  • What positioning coaching looks like for creative business owners
  • How her strong start in copywriting had to do with her style; she can mimic voice very well, but when it came to sales and brand strategy, it was a guessing game for her
  • Hillary explains what was talking a lot of energy was being able to map out the whole process with the client and helping them see the big picture, so when they got the deliverables they would understand what plugged in where to the strategy


Everyone Hates Marketers

We covered:

  • The wrong ways to launch stuff.
  • Common mistakes that people make when launching.
  • Creating value with every email you send
  • How to help people see things differently
  • Seeing the launch as a fun creative challenge
  • Why integrity and tech are the biggest issues when launching
  • Hillary’s use of social media during a launch
  • Why a small following that engages is better than a huge list
  • What is the messy brain problem and how to deal with it
  • Don’t do tons of stuff. Focus on one thing and do it well
  • The importance of the pre-sale
  • Strategy after the pre-sale
  • Picking the right kind of fights

Don’t just stand out. STOMP out! Developing a ‘statement piece’ personal brand with Hillary Weiss

Reputation Revolution

In this interview, Hillary:

  • stresses the importance of having a clear message and a point of view
  • explains that good branding is getting you in front of those people who need your message and are going to resonate with it
  • unpacks her brand and how she has managed to come up with an idea that she can share verbally, visually and viscerally

Hillary Weiss x Vasavi Kumar: Resentment, Reinvention, and Being Bol‪d‬

Being Human with Vasavi

Resentment, Reinvention, and Being Bold

Always BOLD. Never RECKLESS. If you’ve been feeling the itch to transition, start something new, and reinvent your life and career, this episode is for you. My guest Hillary Weiss, is one of the most brilliant copywriters I know. I brought her on today to share how she’s making moves, moving on up, and allowing herself to step into a new season of her life. I promise you after you listen to this episode, you will be inspired to take that next best step towards what you want.

Hillary Weiss Yells About Branding

Vicky Fraser: 1000 Authors

Key Takeaways:

  • What does Hillary focus on?
  • What do you want to see more of and less of in your industry?
  • Hiliary works with her clients on their brand messaging to help them have the confidence they need to stand out from the crowd.
  • What is a statement piece and how do you leverage it?
  • There’s a lot of fear when it comes to deviating from industry norms, but it is also the most powerful marketing tool you have.
  • Instead of throwing more information at people, help them take the first step towards something productive.
  • How did Hilliary get into copywriting and branding?
  • It can be a tough position for copywriters because they can suddenly become responsible for sales results if their client doesn’t know any better.
  • It’s critical to understand your client’s market first and what they’re trying to achieve before trying to offer them services.
  • Absolutely check out Hillary and Margo’s YouTube channel. It’s perfect for female business owners who need an extra boost in confidence.


Going Beyond with Randi Zinn

In this episode Hillary and Randi jump into:

  • When everyone is creating virtual content, how do you make an impact  through your content all while staying authentic to who you are?
  • Real life examples of brands who have pivoted gracefully and made smart offerings at this time.
  • Between IG LIVE, YouTube, Podcasts, Complimentary consultations…choosing what feels right for your brand and where to put your energy to avoid burnout!
  • Who is your audience, how can you serve them and what are the five stages of customer awareness?
  • From planning a launch during this time to coming up with a new business idea to not feeling creative at all:  Hillary answers rapid fire questions!
  • What is marketing with empathy? How do you make sure your message is sent with joy and not panic?
  • Letting go of outcome and opening your heart and mind to receptivity.

Tune into this hot one for creators and entrepreneurs!

The Human Experience Makes Empathy Timeless – with Hillary Weiss

Drag & Drop

What you can learn from this episode:

  • How to use empathy to help others thrive instead of protecting yourself against potential competitors.
  • The reasons why Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula” lost its efficiency as more people started using it.
  • The major mistake businesses often make when handling social media – automating connection.
  • How to express your unique perspective without putting people down when they have a different point of view. 
  • The key to getting people to move into action.
  • Why having a genuine connection with people is crucial for your business.
  • What sets HAMYAW apart from other talk shows.

What Are You Supposed to Do With a Company’s “Brand Voice”?

B2B Craftworks with Sarah Greesonbach

Hillary Weiss from Statement Piece Studio explains how B2B writers can take a “Brand Voice” off the style guide and onto the screen.

S3 Ep 4 Hillary Weiss

The Elastic Brand

In the show Hillary and Liz talk about:

  • Becoming a company as opposed to a freelancer
  • Name our companies and trading under a business name
  • Branding our own companies
  • Defining our own brand strategy
  • How creating a strong, individual brand and voice can set us apart from other designers and creatives
  • How having professional photography is vital for your website and assets
  • How to find the time to properly brand ourselves
  • Finding our niche market
  • How we’re both a little bit in love with Steve Folland from Being Freelance

The Art Of Meaningful Copywriting With Guest Expert Hillary Weiss

The Digital Marketing Scoop Podcast

In this episode of The Digital Marketing Scoop Mark and Jen are chatting with Hillary Weiss Founder of Statement Piece Studio all about impactful copywriting.

Hillary Weiss on Finding Your Brand Voice, Authenticity, and Being Memorable

The Growth Lab

We were lucky enough to get 30 minutes of Hillary Weiss’ crazy busy schedule to ask her about her tips and tricks for helping small and medium-sized brands stand out online. Soak up these wise words from Hillary right now – and follow her on Twitter for thoughts and musings. Because that whole “finding a voice” thing is easier said than done.


Everyone Hates Marketers

We covered:

  • Why “data-driven marketing” is overrated
  • What being “creative” really means
  • Why there are no unique ideas, only unique perspectives
  • What you should write down and reflect after talking to customers, and the next steps you should take
  • Why you should publish your ideas through channels that energize you
  • The importance of shipping consistently
  • How to find your “core idea” and run with it
  • Hillary’s advice to those who are not sure about their own unique ability
  • How to find the courage to publish your ideas by creating a “tool” for it
  • Hillary’s biggest marketing fuck-up
  • What Hillary thinks marketers should learn for the next 5-10 years

It works until it doesn’t – Copywriter Hillary Weiss

Being Freelance

“I’m working way too hard for way too little money. How do I fix this?”

That’s the question that triggered a series of business model shifts in just a few years.

From charging hourly and then daily, to focusing on retainers for a while, Hillary tested what worked and kept refining it as she went. She now takes on high-ticket project work, and it’s giving her the freedom she’d been looking for.

Hillary’s shaping her business to work for her, and she calls entrepreneurship the Thunderdome of personal development.

“Success means being able to be the person you want to be while doing the work you want to do,” says Hillary. Hear her tell Steve how she’s striving for both.

How to Stand Out, Connect with Your Audience, and Develop Your Brand Voice with Hillary Weiss

Healthy Hustle

  • Why it’s not “just” nailing down your niche
  • Where to start when you are developing your brand
  • How to find your brand voice
  • Deciding where you stand in the marketplace
  • 3 statement piece scenarios
  • What do you get excited about, mad about? what makes you get ignited?
  • Taking a stand and building trust with your target audience
  • How to develop your point of view as a brand
  • The microscope messaging exercise you can use
  • Sharing personal stories with your audience
  • Establishing your audience’s biggest pain point and the solution you offer
  • Letting go of comparison so you can connect and care
  • Saying goodbye to imposter syndrome
  • Being a voice and taking a stand in your industry and how it takes practice
  • How to tell stories that relate back to your target market

606 – Consulting, Pricing, and Understanding your Clients with Hillary Weiss


In this episode Hillary talked about:

  • Her strategies and techniques for working with clients.
  • How she prices so that the client understands the value that they are getting from her consultation.
  • Her business strategies that differentiate her from other “online consultants”.

Main Takeaways

  • To have a personal brand or to be an outstanding entrepreneur, you need to dig down deep, figure out what fills you with energy, and what makes you unique. These will put you on the path to success.
  • You can start out undervaluing your product to get people through the door, find out more about your ideal clients, and build a strategy. Then when you have those data points, raise your rates and go after high-ticket clients.
  • Being available, following up, and responding personally to clients, even if they’re takeaways aren’t your responsibility, is a big differentiator and will bring clients back.

Hiring and Working with a VA with Hillary Weiss


Hillary Weiss is in the house for the 18th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast. Rob, Kira and Hillary chat about finding confidence, hiring and working with a VA, Hillary’s love for Andre3000 and hip hop, the lessons she’s learned from building a course and where she’s taking her business in 2017. We tried to find links to her Star Wars Romance Fan Fiction, but so far Google has failed us. If you know where she’s hiding these nuggets, add the link in the comments. Don’t miss this fantastic episode with freelance copywriter Hillary Weiss.

Check Yo’self Before You Wreck Yourself with Hillary Weiss

Creatives Making Money Podcast

  • The lovely and amazing Alexandra Franzen, who helped Hillary get her start in copywriting.
  • Different ways of selling service-based work: by hour, by package, by day, by week, or by retainer.
  • The concept of selling VALUE and not TIME. If your $2,000 sales page makes someone $1.5 Million — then it’s probably high time you raise your rates for a sales page.
  • KPI = Key Performance Indicator. A metric or measurable way of evaluating your progress or performance in any particular area.
  • How our parents impact our attitude towards money, for better or worse.
  • Why being a millennial can make us work harder to prove we’re not “entitled” and also because there are a lot of things that are systematically harder for us than our parents.
  • Finally, here is a marching band Hillary can hire when she receives that $5 million. ;) #bestanswerever

Creating and Launching a Course as a Secondary Business With Hillary Weiss

The Content Love Podcast

  • Her unique approach to copywriting and business and her drive to work with unconventional entrepreneurs
  • Hillary’s course Wordshops which is about voice discovery and the “why” behind writing extraordinary copy
  • The reasons Hillary decided to create Wordshops and what it took her to realize that she has something unique to teach
  • How and why she ran two beta rounds for her course
  • Her process of putting together course materials and making sure her students have everything they need
  • Hillary’s promotion plan and the challenge she ran for the course launch
  • How she defined her target audience for her courses
  • How Hillary might break down her courses into smaller ones and what she’d change if she was going through the process again
  • The simplest mindset and starting point to create a course as a new venture in your existing business

Season 2: Episode 3 – Creating & Launching an Online Course with Hillary Weiss

The Wonder Jam

In this episode we talk to Hillary Weiss, a “copywriter, ghostwriter, and mischief-maker.”

Hillary talks about what it was like to start an online course, and how she assembled a team of creatives to make the launch happen. She also explains how she helps clients find their authentic voice through their original stories and unique experiences. Hillary tells us about how Kim Kardashian has informed her as a business owner – “she’s a branding master, she just is.”