Don’t just stand out. STOMP out! Developing a ‘statement piece’ personal brand with Hillary Weiss

Reputation Revolution

In this high-energy chat with Trevor Young, Hillary introduces a concept she calls the ’statement piece’ brand – an antidote to the “sea of sameness on the internet”.

Hillary works with business leaders and creative entrepreneurs to develop their unique statement piece – “that idea, that concept, that point of view that makes leaders and experts radically different to their perfect people and does the talking for them”.

In this interview, Hillary:

  • stresses the importance of having a clear message and a point of view
  • explains that good branding is getting you in front of those people who need your message and are going to resonate with it
  • unpacks her brand and how she has managed to come up with an idea that she can share verbally, visually and viscerally

Fonts, colours, conversations and experiences all crack a mention!

If you’re ready to ‘crush the copycat culture’ on the internet, you’ll find this episode fascinating!

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