“Hillary’s talks are so funny and so polished. It's great to watch someone with her level of experience on the stage.”

Tarzan Kay, www.tarzankay.com

Since 2016, I’ve been honored to speak to entrepreneurs all over the country about everything from their distinct voice, to branding, to a framework for developing new ideas.

As you might expect: my signature Statement Piece energy is on full display at all of my talks (I’ll even match my outfit to my slides), and I pull out every stop to make sure my keynote, workshop, or presentation isn’t just memorable — but also phenomenally valuable too.

With a mix of cutting-edge ideas, good humor, and real tales from the trenches, I’m here to bring the noise (and the standing ovations) to help your people learn exactly what sets them apart.

“I’ve had a lot of people guest-teach for me over the 12 years but I was so impressed not only with the advanced planning, the advanced material she provides, and the way she delivered the material in person -- she’s an amazing speaker and coach.”

Susan Hyatt, Master Life Coach and Mentor, shyatt.com

A few of my favorite topics…

For keynotes:

  • Personal branding: The real way to develop your personal brand (and keep it personal)
  • Brand storytelling: The secrets to writing your brand’s standout story
  • Concept Development: How to turn your opinions, point of view, and personal philosophies into profit
  • And more…

For workshops:

  • Copy – Your Way: How to write one key page of your site (Home, About, or Sales page)
  • What’s the Big Idea?: How to pinpoint a core idea for a new series or offer, and build your messaging around it
  • Build It: Deep-dive ideation sessions to help your attendees develop new offers, strategies, and standout concepts right there in the room
  • And more…

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