The  Statement Piece Sessions

 Creative Direction

End-to-end brand development for personality-driven businesses ready to define their Statement Piece — and turn it into show-stopping aesthetics, masterful messaging, and stunning strategy that shakes up their industry.

Don’t just stand out. STOMP out.


"Hillary is f-ing amazing. I got SO MUCH clarity, not just about the visual branding, but about what my unique value was and what made me different through this process. Hillary put words to concepts that I just couldn't verbalize or clarify on my own. "

(Susan Boles, The Unconventional CFO,

You weren’t built to be “just another online brand”.


With your skills, savvy, and success stories – you’re here to be a cut above.

An industry iconoclast.

An unmissable magnet for the customers and fans who instantly get it the second they land on your site.

There’s just one problem:

Right now, you feel like you’re hiding.

Maybe you know you’re a rare breed (& clients tell you all the time)… but it’s a mixed blessing — because so far, it’s been almost impossible to translate your mish-mash of mad skills into just-right verbiage and visuals.

Maybe your current branding has stopped feeling like “you”… so you’re laying low behind the scenes when you should be out rattling cages with branding so true-to-you, it never goes out of style.

Maybe you’re an elite-level expert who wants to show up bigger on your industry’s stage… without constantly struggling to explain what you do, or wasting away in a constant state of brand existential crisis.

So: Why do bleh brands happen to brilliant people (like you)?

Because often basic branding means choosing colors, fonts, and photos you like — but they don’t mean much, and aren’t rooted in anything… so your visuals, like a passing trend, feel like old news in record time.  

Because there’s no core concept braiding together every touchpoint of your brand, so your site, social presence, and sales strategies starts to feel jenky and disconnected.

Because you’re so close to your work, you can’t quite see what makes YOUR name the only one worth knowing — which means you catch yourself with copy that sounds FAR too similar to your competitors. 

But one thing’s clear: you’re ready for your next evolution.

Now, you’re ready to make a statement.

 Now, you want a totally unique brand concept that spins that  “mess” in your head into gold — complete with strategy, language, and visuals that tie it together with purpose and panache.

That’s what I’m here to build for you.

Ready for your personality and genius to stomp off the screen?

I like your style.

I’m Hillary Weiss, brand strategist and Creative Director inside these Sessions, and since 2011 I’ve helped online entrepreneurs reach hundreds of thousands of customers with captivating messaging and masterful concepts that raked in millions in revenue.

Now, I’m here to build the bones of your Statement Piece brand— and equip  you with the guidance you need to turn your totally original point of view, power, and purpose into a verbal and visual masterpiece that makes you unmissable in your market. 

Together, we’ll develop your end-to-end Brand Statement + Style Bible that will define the messaging, differentiators, tone, aesthetics, imagery, and vibes that won’t just make you a name in your industry… it’ll make yours the ONLY name worth knowing.

Psst: your Bible won’t just  lay out the entire brand concept. It also makes it infinitely easier to invest wisely in designers, copywriters, photographers, strategists, and so much more… because they’ll know exactly who you are, what you do, and why it matters, and the Statement Piece that ties it all together.

It’s simple math.

Your personality  +  skill set and stories + powerhouse point of view


A totally original Statement Piece brand, built to last for years to come.

Ready to STATE your business?

Read on  to learn exactly how  the Statement Piece Sessions work.

Imagine: what would it be like if you….

Could finally get ALL that “messy”  magic in your brain out into the world — the unique way you see things, approach your work, and move through the world and your industry —  and have an expert (moi!) spin those ideas into a clear. strategic golden thread?

Had an end-to-end strategic blueprint for a totally original brand concept that feels completely like YOU  — from the core concept, to message and copy, to colors, fonts, and photos  —  and matches your personality, and the quality of the work you do?

Knew exactly what statement you and your brand are here to make so the next time you’re  face to face with a perfect customer,  you could confident tell them exactly who you are, and what makes yours the only name worth knowing?

Could confidently save thousands of wasted dollars on not-quite-right copy and design, because you have your full Brand Book to direct every project for  years to come?

All of this? It can be your reality. But not without clear Creative Direction behind you.

So let’s get into it.

"Working with Hillary has accomplished a huge success for me - helping me feel more confident about how to position myself, and show up in my business and online."



The Statement Piece Sessions Experience

This 6-session creative direction intensive combines my approach to brand strategy ~10  years in the making with the industry’s gold standard MirrorBrand™ Methodology to create your ultimate unmissable Statement Piece concept.

Here’s how it works:  

NOTE: Each round of the Sessions begins with a deep dive into our Brand Brief, an exploratory workbook designed to distill all of the important details of who you are, what you do, and where you’re going next –  so we can hit the ground running.

Session 1: Your Business’s Big Vision

You might not know exactly where you what your Statement Piece brand is (yet), but you know where you want to be. So we’ll do a deep dive into your bigger vision and desires for the future, so we can clearly chart your course for greatness.

We’ll review the glorious history  of  your business’s past and present, and your ideas for the future — so your brand is a perfect fit for who you are, and who  you’re becoming.

Together, we’ll explore questions like:

  • What’s working? 
  • What’s not?
  • Who are your competitors, and what are they doing right and wrong?
  • What do you want to do more of, and less of?
  • Who do you really want to be seen as in the space?
  • What’s most important when it comes to the next evolution of your brand?

Between each session we’ll collectively work to compile and refine your final deliverable: Your Brand Statement + Style Book.

Session 2: Your Statement Piece Strategy

A clear, cutting-edge strategy is the spinal cord of any brand worth  its salt. So in this session, we’ll get tactical.

What are the strategic pillars your business is currently resting on? What value, ideas, or skills aren’t being represented right now to set you apart? What do you want to amplify — and what do you want to add to your “stop doing” list?

Together, we’ll explore strategic concepts like:

  • Your Brand’s Core Values, Mission + Personality
  • Your Brand’s USP, Customers, + Differentiators
  • Your “Big Promise”: Your key statement that communicates your point-of-view, underscores what sets your business apart and shapes all brand and marketing messages.
  • All objections + belief shifts your customers might have, and need
  • And more!

Session 3: Story + Statement Points Sessions 

You and I both know: stories are the best sell-without-selling tool in the known universe. They help customers feel connected to you, help fans find you, and make you memorable in a way visuals alone simply can’t.

So I’m here to help you discover: which stories should you be telling, and why? How do we take your  life’s most riveting tales and turn then into content and strategic concepts that don’t feel like either of those things?

Together, we’ll explore what I call  “statement points”, which include:

  • Your brand narrative 
  • Your origin story
  • Bite-sized true tales that can be used from everything from your website bio, to the conversation that you have on social media, to how you tell your story on a podcast.
  • Your next-level “content” buckets
  • And more!

Session 4: The Language + Look Session

Vision? Check. Strategy? Check. High-selling storylines? Check annnnd check.

Now, it’s time to equip you with visual and verbal language that ties it all together. We’ll explore visual archetypes, your language lexicon, and your unique style that matches allll the strategic elements we’ve developed perfectly —  so your people “get it” the instant they read or see anything you create.

Together, we’ll explore all the pieces that make you distinctly you, including:

  • Your Brand Voice
  • Your Visual Language (photos, colors, fonts, and more) 
  • Your Visual Language: Guidelines on how to present your brand visually in a way that captures your essence and speaks to your ideal customers/ clients. 
  • A Pinterest board that will suggest how your brand can come to life through things like colors, fonts, logo, photography and even personal style. 

Session 5: Your Statement Piece Session

Ah — this it! The piece de resistance! The culmination of all the concepts we’ve put together unite to develop the golden thread we’ve worked so hard to weave:

Mmm-hm — this is where we select Your Statement Piece Brand concept.

This concept is the ultimate “big idea” that takes that turns that glorious nebula in your mind into one, bright, shining star. It completes the strategic body of your brand, and makes the ultimate purpose of  your work and vision clear to anyone who sees it.

It’s more than a good title or tagline, and more than visual direction. It’s the soul that flows through everything you do, and are, and  all  the pieces that make you distinctly YOU.

Together, on this session, we’ll explore:

  • 2-3 carefully-developed Statement Piece creative concepts, cultivated by me
  • A walk through of how these concepts plug into the stories, aesthetics, and strategies we’ve developed over the last few weeks
  • Any enhancements or tweaks to the concepts
  • How we’ll approach putting the finishing tailored-to-you touches on  your Brand Statement and Style Bible

Session 6: The Signed  + Sealed Session

It’s victory lap time!

It’s been a long and beautiful road, but now your brand is almost ready to be born… this session is where we review all concepts, apply any final feedback, and get your Bible in fighting shape and ready to  meet the “real world”. 

This  is also where we can discuss next steps, any designers or copywriters from my rolodex who’d be a perfect fit to carry the  project from here, and so much more.

“But what will my Brand Statement + Style Bible [BSS] look like?”

Here’s a peek inside:

Your beautifully-designed final deliverable is a custom 20+ page part brand-bible, part creative-brief (housed in Google Docs and a slide deck for easy editing/reviewing), to allow for easy edits as your brand continues to evolve. 

Your BSS is crafted to give an end-to-end look at your brand – from your strategy and competitive edge, to your stories and language, to your colors, fonts, and photo inspo, and Statement Piece creative “hook”.

And, as it’s built to fit your personality  + positioning perfectly, your Bible is intended to be relevant for years to come. You can can use it as the jumping off point for every decision you make for your brand going forward, and to flesh out every angle of your creative concepts, launches, and new offers.

Additionally, your Bible helps to pre-define your brand’s direction BEFORE you invest in bringing it to life through copywriting, design, photography, websites, etc. as it will help to direct and guide various team members and specialists as they implement. Because you’re too damn good to leave your brand to chance.

"The Brand Statement and Style Bible allowed me to have a solid product to hand to my designer, my copywriter and anyone else I was working with and they could understand EXACTLY what I did, how to talk about it and what my whole brand was really about. It's made communicating with those folks SO MUCH EASIER! "

(Susan Boles, The Unconventional CFO,

Ready to begin? I can’t wait to meet you.

Your Statement Piece Creative Direction investment includes:

:: All SIX, 90-minute deep dive sessions, plus recordings for your reference and review.

:: A completely new, crystal clear understanding of how to represent your personality, your brand, and your position in the market. 

:: A tailored, totally-unique-to-you  Statement Piece creative concept that ties your brand together at every touch point.

:: A living draft document of your Brand Statement and Style Bible that I’ll update in between our sessions where you can track our progress of how your brand is taking shape, weigh in on ideas, and offer feedback —  so you’re never alone, or left in the dark.

:: A curated visual inspiration board you can easily hand to designers, developers, and photographers.

:: A complete list of “statement points” stories for content, self-promotion, and all manner of interviews going forward.

:: Your beautifully designed Brand Statement and Style Bible which includes all foundational guidelines for the look, feel, and messaging of your next-level brand.

:: Total peace of mind knowing you now have a brand strategy  + statement that’s built to stand the test of time and trend — so once your rebrand launches? You won’t have to touch the dang thang for years to come.

Ready to discover the statement you were born to make? 

I’m in. Let’s ride.

Tap the button below to send in your inquiry — and I’ll see you soon.