How to Set and Keep Business Boundaries

Once when I was naught but a wee babe of a copywriter, a client was complaining to me about another writer she once worked with. “She was great,” she acknowledged, a sprinkle of salt seasoning her tone. “But she just wasn’t around when I needed her. She didn’t work certain days, I had to wait […]

Do You Need Fancy Proposals?

One of the favorite titles I’ve given myself over the years, (and, by association, my esteemed colleague Margo Aaron), is “digital marketing heretic”. It’s a cool way of summing up a truth that it took me a while to get comfortable with: As a certified Easily Bored And Very Opinionated Human… I found a lot of […]

How To Know When It’s Time To Shut It All Down

My friend (and #HAMYAW co-host) Margo once shared a brilliant article  all about why she shut down her much-loved virtual co-working space, The Arena. In creative work we call this “killing your darlings”, a phrase that originated (I believe?) from writers describing the excruciating experience of editing out even the most gorgeous paragraphs and sentences when […]

Are you being vulnerable, or are you oversharing?

Our palms are sweaty. Knees week. Arms are heavy. We’re nervous. But on the surface we look calm and ready to YELL AT THE FINE LINE BETWEEN BEING VULNERABLE TO CREATE CONNECTION AND MAKING YOUR PEOPLE KIND OF UNCOMFORTABLE. So lemme stop the tired Eminem gag and tell you exactly what I mean: Right now I […]

Can I Get Paid to Just Be Awesome?

An English friend of mine recently shared one of the best bits of digital snark I’ve heard in years We were talking about the state of the online world, and Instagram especially: “Yeah, the thing about influencer culture…” I began. “Influenzas,” she replied. I paused. “… Huh?” “That’s what we call those people who call […]

Objectively Terrible Websites that Still Get the Marketing Done

One of the most annoying truths in online business and marketing is that sometimes… everything works. What that means is that, more often than not, someone’s “No no, don’t ever do that” line in the sand is being crossed by someone else somewhere online… and it’s working just fine. No photos or social proof? Some […]