A Conversation About Sales Call Ethics

Back when I knew everything there was to know in business (see: about two years in), I had some THOUGHTS. Like: sending too many emails would eventually turn people off, and kill a business/offer. (Blessedly, false.) Like: sales pages being WAY too long. (While this is largely contextual — but it still turns out out […]

How to Keep the Energy Up While You Launch

Years ago, I stumbled across a fascinating story about Marilyn Monroe that I still think about once a week or so. I was standing in the freezing cold of a Barnes & Noble in the high noon of the Florida summer, thumbing through a biography by a former photographer of hers, when I found it. […]

The Digital Self Vs the Real World Self

Growing up in the early days of the internet was bizarre to say the least, as I think any millennial would admit. I’m talking early early internet, here. As in — the internet before even pre-YouTube viral sensations like Strong Bad or that weirdly catchy “Badger Badger Badger” song peppered the digital airwaves. Oh yes, […]

How To Handle Your Perfectionism

No no: I couldn’t be a perfectionist because my room wasn’t clean. Sure, I’d laugh about it. “I’m more type B- than A+’,” I’d say self-deprecatingly, with my hand on my heart to anyone who mentioned this Fancy People Disease of perfectionism. But inside? I was a little bummed I seemed to lack the p-gene. […]

Learning To Trust Yourself With Melody Wilding

I was joking with my coach recently about how when I’m feeling down, I’ll sometimes start to mentally photoshop my life. I wish I was a little bit taller, I told her. I wish I was a baller… Just kidding. That wasn’t it. All The Tweaks But what I DO do, is think about what […]

How To Spot Your Blind Spots

If you ever come over to our place for drinks, you’ll learn something fantastic about my husband Z: He makes basically the best margaritas in Brooklyn. (Granted, he makes the best pretty much everything. He’s a fantastic cook and cocktail maker and I am HASHTAG BLESSED.) Now, as you can probably imagine, this spoils me […]