"Hillary is hands down one of the most talented copywriters and creatives that I have encountered… over the past 20+ years."

Sarah Ancalmo-Ashman, Brand Strategist + Creative Director, Public Persona Studio, www.public-persona.com


(- Every brand ever.)

Many try. Most fail.
So: Who succeeds?

Brands with attention-snatching ideas
– and offerings –
you get obsessed with.

Like a statement piece of clothing or jewelry, their style of selling makes you stop, stare, and demand to know “Where can I get one?!”

You crave that kind of action for your business, too.

You’re ready for customers and clients who get it, tear open your emails, buy your stuff, and spread the word high and low about you

You’re ready for strategic, sales-focused verbiage and visual language that matches your vibes, gets results, and feels awesomely authentic to share.

You’re ready for readers, viewers, and fans who can’t wait for what you create next — and see YOU as their go-to industry expert.

That’s where I come in.

Since 2011, I’ve developed unforgettable big-money messaging for million-dollar brands, Emmy Award winners, SaaS companies, cult-favorite creatives and coaches, and budding stars alike.

It would be my honor to help you and your team next.

Because Statement Piece brands are made — not born.

And through my copywriting and creative direction,
I’m here to help you build yours.

(And make serious cash while you’re at it.)

All dazzle. No razzle.

Let’s begin.

"I booked one $2,500 package with no sales call, and two pay-in-motha-flippin’-full $5k + $6k clients in the last two days, credit card over the phone, TOTAL STRANGERS, thanks to... my website pre-selling people. Also, people are still spending on average 5 minutes on my site. THANK YOUUU!”

Camille Farey, Website Designer and Strategist, www.camillefarey.com

Statement Piece Copywriting

Since 2011, I’ve been the wordy secret weapon behinds some of the biggest 6 and 7-figure brands in the industry.

Now, I’d be honored to support you and your team.

I offer long + short term project packages to develop the strategy + copy for your:

  • Sales funnels
  • Launch copy
  • Email sequences
  • Video scripts
  • Keynote + webinar ghostwriting
  • Web copy

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Statement Piece Creative Direction

6-week deep dive experiences to define out your brand’s statement piece – and build a voice, vibe, and visual language to match.

Perfect for:

  • Small business owners ready to turn their brands from “ho hum” to “holy sh–“
  • Powerhouse brands sick of piecemealing their story, and crave a cohesive, clear narrative.
  • Personality-driven entrepreneurs who want to be instantly recognized for what makes them unmistakeable..

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