Here’s How to Be a VIP with Me in 2023: Power Positioning

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On a hot day last August, I sent out an email inviting a few brave souls to jump into some fast-paced, private 1-1 work with me.

The goal? To test-drive the structure of some new offers I’ve been working on: VIP days and 90-minute Power Sprints.

Turns out… more than a few brave souls were into that. And honestly, the response blew me away.

Surprise surprise: a lot of y’all feel the need for speed around developing the just-right positioning and focus for your brand, offer, or messaging that’ll allow you to bring all your ideas together into one tidy, ultra-compelling package.

And, naturally? I was BEYOND delighted to jump in.

What Happens on a VIP Day or in a Power Sprint Session?

Since that day in August I’ve worked on a phenomenal stack of projects in this format, like:

In all-day Positioning Puzzle VIP days, I’ve been…

  • Developing the overall brand positioning for an industry heavyweight who needed a core concept to unite her freshly-minted rebrand, new flagship offer, and campaign focus for the next few months
  • Helping a long-time collaborator and CEO Advisor develop her powerful new offer, and the slightly-pivoted positioning she can now pull through the rest of her brand to attract her perfect clients into her world
  • Supporting a ghostwriter who was ready to focus on an expansive new field shape the overall message of her brand that supports the offers, ideas, and deeper creative work she wants to do
  • Kickstarting the brand language for a real estate group, all about changing the way the process of buying and selling your home feels

And in 90-minute Power Sprint sessions, I’ve been…

  • Helping a dating coach craft and refine her sales page messaging (which turned into an EPIC 6-figure launch — complete with a fabulous retreat in NYC!)
  • Guiding a very special PR pro/copywriter as she decided how to turn two conflicting parts of her business into two separate arms that both serve her people beautifully
  • Reimagining the framing of a course for grant writers, to focus on their deeper values and desires, too (instead of strictly the outcome)
  • Helping a wildly talented marketer refine her $5k package, and SELL that baby — her largest ever contract to date! — within a few short weeks.


So now I’m thrilled to announce?

drumroll please

How to Join a VIP Day or a Power Position Sprint Session

These offers are now available formally on the site, and booking through December.

You can learn all about ‘em and grab yours right here. >>

NOTE: I can only take a handful of clients for each at a time, so if you’ve been waiting to work with me in a style like this, *go go go* check it out, and snatch up yours, or snag a time on my calendar to discuss.

Or, if you’re feelin’ REAL feisty, reply to this email (or at and let me know which one you’re eyeballing, and we’ll get you hooked up.

Super Feedback about These Speedy Sessions

Some stellar folks had some nice things to say about this speed-demon delicacies. Like:

“One of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business – and I have made A LOT! Hillary saw me, reached in, extracted, and catapulted. She basically changed the trajectory of my business… Hire her today.”


“Hillary spouts golden nuggets on tap and it was wildddd to experience how quickly she was able to see through the fog and call out – so clearly – what I do and why it’s awesome.Now my web copy is getting feedback like ‘I physically said ‘woah’ out loud,’ and ‘That literally spoke to me so deeply… Take my card.’ I am WOWED!”


“It’s a game changer. I know you hear people say, ‘Wow, that was the best investment I ever made in my business,’ or ‘Wow, this completely changed my life.’… but just having the clarity from Hillary in this session completely changed my approach to business. She’s brilliant and amazing and I appreciate her insight so much!”


And as a sneak peek: this isn’t the only thing changing ‘round these parts.

Keep an eye on your inbox for the next couple of weeks, as I’ll share eeeeverything that’s growing, shifting, and transforming.

Because we’re doing some renovations out here, bebe. And I can’t wait to show you.

But in the meantime, go snag yourself a quick fix, if that’s your thang!

And I’ll see you soon. ;)

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