Honest Evaluation — Why I Transformed My Bestselling Offer

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My team and I have a mini mantra for my business behind the scenes, and it goes like this:

“No lifeguard on duty.”

Which is not to say we aren’t helpful, constantly supporting our clients to notice and move through tough patterns and wobbles, and deeply empathetic when life stuff comes up (as it always does).

And it’s CERTAINLY not to say that “if you’ve ever struggled, you don’t belong here”.

After all, every entrepreneur on the planet worth their salt has experienced knock-the-wind-out-of-ya loss and failure.

But what it really means is: We’re not here to rescue anybody.

And not only that, but it reminds us that we’re simply not trained in the art and science of “business savior-ing”.

It’s not where we do our best, most clear-headed, most capable and helpful work.

Be an Honest Judge of Your Training

Growing up on the Florida coastline, right alongside being instructed to swim sideways against the riptide, we were also warned time and again not to swim out to rescue someone without training.

It might feel like the heroic thing to do at first, but when you’re out on open water with a panicked, exhausted, terrified individual grabbing onto you to try and stay alive, there’s simply no telling what might happen — and it’s very, very possible you’re going to make the situation significantly worse.

The metaphor isn’t perfect of course (comparing a literal life and death situation to a particularly challenging business downturn never is), but it keeps me, in particular, in check.

Not because I’m soooo heroic I simply can’t resist jumping in to try and help — but because I need to remind myself there are certain things other people are better at, and properly trained for, that I am not.

And if I get in that “water” declaring I can save someone, I’m probably going to cause more problems than I solve.

How to Evaluate Your Offers and Processes

Strange as it sounds, this has been an incredibly helpful lens to view all of my offers and processes with.

It forces me to ask the question: “Where do I feel like I’m being helpful, that may not… actually be that effective?”

It’s a vital tool to assess what’s REALLY working, who’s REALLY ready, and how we can REALLY make things run better for the people we can REALLY and sincerely support to grow.

So if you want the answer as to why Power Position got such a huge overhaul last year?

The first reason is: because there’s “no life guard on duty” out here.

My offers are built to evolve as I get clearer and clearer around exactly who they’re for, and why.

I Transformed My Offer Because I Got Clear on Who It’s For

Now it’s ULTRA clear to me about who Power Position is built for:

It’s built for creative online business owners who don’t need saving — but man, are they ready to P L A Y.

It’s for those service providers, coaches, and consultants like you who know they’ve got IT. (Even if they can’t see it clearly, they know it’s in there.)

And they also know: once they can zoom it on what their IT is, they can really let ‘er rip.

Lead gen and marketing aren’t necessarily the key issues for my crew — y’all understand marketing yourself.

It’s the fact you’re going in circles in this fog of…

“I wanna be known for something different now (or in the near future). How do I start to move in that new direction, and repackage myself?”

“I have all these good ideas and this unique way of doing things that more people need to know about. How do I get more of that out there? And who needs to hear it most?”

“I know I’m talented, but where should I focus my energy to really make a go of this, make more money, and make a name for myself?”

… that’s the real issue.

And you need someone to help you find your way through the fog, well-positioned, packaged-up, and proud, so you can RUN.

Ultra-Potent Accountability Addition

That’s why I also added an ultra-potent, super small, mini group component to this Power Position overhaul. 3 people MAX per pod.

This is for bonus accountability (you can use our group calls as co-working sessions, Q&A hot seats, or both, and generally make sure you’re getting your homework assignments done, week after week), AND to give you a space to hear what other high-level entrepreneurs are thinking about, ways they’re marketing their stuff, and how they’re solving problems, etc.

You know that saying “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”?

Well — Power Position ain’t exactly slow.

But man I’ll tell you: we sure do go further as a unit.

Speaking of!

Power Position — Now Ultra-Concentrated!

The original 1-1 Power Position package sometimes stretched from 3 months into 4 or 5 months for a client, which slowed down momentum.

So I wanted to get us back to our potency, and see if we could shrink it to closer to 9 or 10 weeks to get the big stuff done.

When you want clarity, you also don’t want to be stuck drifting in a months-long container that feels half-irrelevant to get it done.

You want the clear-cut help and accountability to get your big evolution positioned, packaged, properly framed with messaging, and across the finish line faster.

(Cuz as I mentioned — you’re ready to P L A Y.)

That’s what we’ve designed this overhaul to offer. And after two rounds I can confirm: so far, so good.

I also turned one of the BIG deadline drag-outs — working on updating your website copy — into a full-day Writestravaganza Virtual Retreat with me so we can get those key pages done, and out the door.

Polish Up Your Shiny New Offer with a Brand Photoshoot

Oh — and if you’re interested in an upgrade? This new version of Power Position also offers a mini brand photoshoot.

While not a full put-you-in-the-bathtub-with-ball-pit-balls photoshoot that’s typically an all-day affair, this WILL be in line with the new positioning we work on inside Power Position, so you can use these photos to update your site, create buzz on social media, and more.

(If you wanna see what that looks like, check out the lil BTS video for our fabulous mini shoot with our 2022 client Katie Kozlowski)

And so, all of this to say?

While I’ve got my few FAAABULOUS folks for our April, 2023 round of Power Position — there’s still time to throw your hat in the ring for the June mini-mind.

Because what we lack in lifeguard training inside Power Position?

We make up for in freakin’ fire momentum.

In clarity.

In joy.

In fun.

In community.

And, as always: In power.

To get the full details on upcoming rounds, email a request direct to hello@hillaryweiss.com and I’ll send over the info ASAP.

From there, we can either chat on Voxer, or hop on a Zoom call to make sure it’s a fabulous fit for you.

So if you’re ready to P L A Y?

Get at me, friend. It’s go time.

Speak soon!


Photo by REGINE THOLEN on Unsplash

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