Welcome to THUNDER,

where high-performing entrepreneurs go to make their next good idea @$%&ing brilliant.

A 6 week idea incubator to help you define, build, and promote your next big thing — and make major noise in your industry.

August 12th – September 20th

Open to 10 entrepreneurs only.

(Applications close Friday, August 2nd)

We review all applications with love. Once we know you’ll be a fit,  a member of my team will be in touch to schedule your call to discuss your Big Idea.

I had an idea for a program that I wanted to actually launch instead of keeping it in the ideas pile...THUNDER is a fast-paced implementation program that takes your idea from concept to promotions in just 5 weeks with tons of support from someone who knows what the hell she is talking about.

Kristina Shands, Launch Strategist and Copywriter, launchwithease.com



And we both know there’s a big, beautiful, banger of an idea rattling around in your head you’ve been itching to put out in the world.

So my question is… why haven’t you yet?

Maybe you just…

Can’t find the time to sit down and DO it. At least… that’s what you tell yourself. Because the idea might feel so big and exciting it’s overwhelming — even though this ain’t your first rodeo.

Wish you had a trusted expert in your corner available 24/7 to bounce ideas around with, show you the gaps (before your customers catch ‘em), and give you feedback instantly.

Know a group program can help – but don’t want to become a de facto coach to in-house newbies. You want a space to play and collab with people on your level. (Don’t get me wrong – I know you love them! But it does slow you down.)

Know you do your best work when you’re in FUN, creative momentum mode, but the longer you’re isolated in your creation cave, the more in the weeds you get — and you have to stop texting your biz bestie in a panic at midnight!

Hey, no judgement – I get it, and I’ve been there too.

These are just the hazards of being both damn good at your job, and damn good at making stuff.

And right now you might be thinking…

Whoa. Having a space to play with my idea, see it from all sides, and design a plan to put it out there that feels fun, unique, and totally true-to-me sounds good...”

Absolutely, extra accountability to make sure I hit my milestones and deadlines would be killer…

Ooh yeah – being surrounded by a community of entrepreneurs at the same level I am sharing the  “creation mode” journey with me would freakin rock.” 

“… But having a community and expert collaborator at my side for six straight weeks as I map out my plan to define, build, and promote my next idea would be… mind-blowingly awesome.” 

That’s exactly what I’ve built for you inside THUNDER. 

Let’s make some noise.


A six week group experience for entrepreneurs who are no stranger to selling their stuff — but know with trusted creative support behind them, their good ideas become extraordinary.

Part incubator, part community, part creation container facilitated by yours truly to help make your next big thing your best big thing.

… Your round-the-clock feedback and think-outside-the-box creativity hotline, where you can try out concepts, get encouragement when you need it, and figure out when to push through, or when to throw in the towel.

Where you can go to let it all hang out along the building-it road. From designing a get-it-done timeline, to pinning down ways to pivot your content and messaging to get your audience excited, all the way to developing  ideas for launching (or selling), you’ll be supported every step of the way.

I’d been struggling to find another creative Director I could really jive with. Someone who I knew would give me feedback straight up and force me to keep working on my idea until it was the best it could be...THUNDER is creative idea coaching for entrepreneurs who want to bring a big, scary idea into the world and don’t know where to start. Or can’t get themselves through the analysis paralysis stage and need a road map to get them unstuck.

Sorcha MacKenzie, Brand Consultant, sorchamackenzie.com

What can YOU bring to THUNDER?

Here are a few projects we can work on in the THUNDERdome
(Ok, so we don’t really call it that. But we should.)

Let’s take…

  • Your rebrand that you know will bring your business to the next level
  • Your new (or next) signature offer
  • Your new (or next) coaching or consulting package
  • Your new (or next) program, course, or product
  • Your latest lead magnet that’ll bring in traffic like an on-ramp
  • That blog or video series you’ve been dying to create
  • Your shiny new podcast
  • The launch copy for That Thing you’ve been trying to put into the world, but can’t quite find the words for

… To the next flashy level, shall we?

Because THUNDER is designed to be:

The place where your Next Big Thing comes together as I help you amplify what’s awesome, ditch what may not work, challenge you to flex your creativity, and cheer you on through those moments you feel less-than-confident, or totally unstoppable.

An incubator with built-in feedback to help you think through and see all possibilities, to simplify where you need to, expand where you need to, and create incredible experiences for your audience.

A collective of hand-selected, veteran pros only where your creative energy gets amplified, instead of used up helping others. With a range of community expertise and no “101” classes, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

A space to help you break the rules and have FUN making your next thing totally unique and unmissable. No more getting stuck in the self-doubt swamp all alone. It’s time to play, experiment, and get the support you need to create your best stuff yet.

Thunder is a very fast, high impact way to get a brilliant human's eyes and brain on your stuff. If you're struggling because everything is stuck in your head and you're not quite sure how to get it out, this is an awesome way to work with someone who can see ways to position and sell your idea soooo clearly and quickly. And it's fun, with awesome people and good vibes.

Ange Friesen, Creative Strategist, angefriesen.com

About your lead noisemaker and head of THUNDER, Hillary Weiss


Hillary Weiss is a concept development consultant, speaker, copywriter, and founder of Statement Piece Studio @ hillaryweiss.com. She’s also the co-host of the cult-favorite Youtube marketing talk show #HAMYAW, and has had her work featured on Business Insider, The Next Web, The Observer, and more. Through her 1-1 client work, workshops, virtual hot seat sessions, writing, programs, and videos, Hillary has helped 1,000+ brands all over the world get seen and heard (and make serious cash) since 2011. Nowadays, she’s on a mission to help more small businesses define their “statement piece”, a.k.a. the bold point of view that makes them radically relevant to their perfect people, and crush copycat culture on the internet by helping entrepreneurs turn their unique perspective into mega profit — while still having fun.

Wanna know more? Catch her riffs on all of the above on her blog, or say whaddaaap! to her on Twitter @hcweiss.

“Ok, this sounds pretty awesome. But how does THUNDER work exactly?”

Here are the nitty gritty details of what you’ll get:

THREE hot seat sessions with me every other week, with worksheets (if you want ’em) and tailored-to-you homework you’ll be assigned on the call to help you build momentum and bring your idea to life.

Unlimited weekday Slack support all 6 weeks Mon – Fri, with access to my brain whenever you need it.

Weekly office hours in between hot seats every Wednesday where you’ll submit your work for review to me and feedback, so you can keep making progress.

BONUS: A private 60 minute 1-1 session with me at the time of your choosing.

BONUS: Total access to the full DIY version of my copywriting course The Wordshops for Home, About, and Sales pages (no longer available to the public)

BONUS: Mini classes inside every hot seat, where you’ll get handy guidelines map out the steps towards your big idea, master your messaging, and pump up your self-promo power

But wait. What’s the investment..?

Lemme lay it out for you, boo.


Value of what’s included:

THREE 1-1 hot seat coaching sessions over 6 weeks (Value, $300)

THREE office hours sessions with detailed feedback (Value, $600)

ONE private 60-minute coaching sessions (Value, $850)

SIX weeks of unlimited Slack support (Value, $1500)

Access to my complete course The Wordshops + all videos, examples, and templates (Value, $697)

Unlimited access to my brain for six straight weeks to help you pin down how to define, develop messaging, and deliver (a.k.a. sell) your next big idea: (Value: Priceless)

Total course value: $4,247

(Oh, plus whatever “priceless” is…)



Your investment for six glorious weeks inside THUNDER: 


$400 deposit due at sign up to hold your spot, with the remaining $2,100 due August 12th.

(Payment plans available by request)

Joining THUNDER was an impulsive decision. Saw the email & opportunity to get a slice of Hillary's brain power on a signature offer that I've been wanting to create but wasn't sure if I was ready yet...I'm stoked to have some validation that my idea is good. It gives me confidence for creating ideas as I go forward without Thunder.

Sarah Zerkel, Copy Strategist sarahzerkel.com

So: How can YOU join THUNDER? 

I’d be absolutely honored to welcome you.

Seats are invitation-only, but you can apply to join me right here: 

(Applications close Friday, August 2nd)

We review all applications with love. Once we know you’ll be a fit,  a member of my team will be in touch to schedule your call to discuss your Big Idea.

If you’re not a fit, we’ll send you a hilarious cat GIF. Win/win!

The feedback was great. When you brought up the slack channel, I honestly did not think you would truly be present in it - but you WERE - you answered EVERY QUESTION and quickly! There is so much value in that. Your energy was amazing - as always.

LaKay - Champagne Hippies