The THUNDER Collective

A 6-month hot seat coaching incubator for self-starting creative entrepreneurs craving feedback, support, and accountability to make bigger, badder noise on the internet.

March 25th 2021 – September 13th 2021

>> Only 15 seats available.<<

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"I whipped up a 5 day challenge in like a week or so with Hillary's support, which was very successful and which I am gonna turn into a paid course. Aaaaand I launched my big group program and almost cracked the 100.000 Euro mark. Unbelievable!"

(Sandra Janke, Business Mentor for Artists and Musicians)

So you’re ready to put yourself out there more as a brand and content creator —

But right now, the “buy another course” approach ain’t cuttin’ it.

Maybe you’re up to your eyeballs in behemoth programs and “tiny offers” alike… but when it comes to putting them into action? They’re gathering dust — and so are your goals.

Maybe you’re the learn-by-doing type who does OK with theory, but you do your absolute best when you’re out in the field, doing the thing, and getting your hands dirty.

Maybe you’re not quite ready for a full-time 1-1 coach, but you know some type of accountability and support (or even just someone who knows when you’re hiding!) would be wildly helpful to help you to stay the course, and see your goals through.

Maybe you don’t need another overwhelming Facebook or Slack group… but a group of business owners like you who you can get to know, genuinely and intimately, as you watch them in action (and vice versa)? Yes please.


As you enter this next daring phase of business, you’re dreaming of a place to go where you can touch base, and get a thumbs up/down on your plans (and your messaging) from a pro who’s been there, so you can go do the thing, dangit!

That’s exactly what I’ve built for you.

Join a community of noisemakers getting their hands dirty, and daring to DO…

(With the accountability, feedback, and tailored-to-you help you need)

… inside The THUNDER Collective!

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"Inside THUNDER, I raised my prices, and (for the first time), I'm feeling confident in charging a premium price for a premium deliverable. This experience has done wonders for my confidence and a chat with Hillary is the most powerful known antidote to impostor syndrome poison."

(Amanda Gaeris, Messaging Strategist and Copywriter)

Imagine what it would feel like to:

KNOW you have consistent support, and a place to go to get direct feedback

on what you’re working on for YOU, so you can start putting yourself out there more often, and more strategically.

FEEL more confident putting your more creative (and weird) ideas out there

to an audience, because you’ve gone over ‘em with an industry vet who can help you skip rookie mistakes.

GET consistent, monthly accountability around your goals –

alongside a group of wildly inspiring fellow biz owners, so you spend less time stressing, and more time doing the dang thang.

“OK, but can I actually get results from hot seat coaching?”

Hooo yeah. And let me explain why:

1-1 is a great way to learn — but there is something absolutely magical about getting direct support in a group format.

Aside from the specific, tailored support you get personally, you also get to see multiple case studies in action unfolding inside other businesses — some ahead of you, some close behind — which offers an incredible amount of additional insights as you watch these puzzles being worked out in real time.

Being immersed in the same group, month after month also boosts your confidence hugely. It’s so important to be part of a community on the up together — because it makes you a more active player, and a better business owner.

“What can I bring to my monthly THUNDER Collective hot seats, exactly?”

First, an outline of your goals:

After you sign up for The THUNDER Collective, you’ll be prompted to fill out our Welcome Form, where you’ll lay out exactly what you want to achieve over the next 6 months.

Then, twice monthly, we jam!

Here’s a look at what you can bring:

>> New offer outlines

>> New package structures

>> Course concepts

>> Sales pages

>> About pages

>> Home pages

>> Your latest social media push

>> Your next blog post

>> Your new opt-in

>> Your outlined launch strategy

>> Your new podcast or show idea

>> Your IG story topics

>> … and more.

In between sessions? You’ll also have access to me inside a group coaching Voxer channel on “off week” Fridays!

This is your place to report how your project/launch/show up strategy is going, and get the in-the-moment feedback you need to make any tweaks, and keep going. (Or just celebrate with your fellow THUNDERcats!)

But before you go any further, let me be clear: 


Streetwise self-starters and whip-smart weirdos 2-20+ years in business, who want to show up more for themselves, test new ideas, and try new things when it comes to your visibility, products and programs, etc.

Learn-by-doing entrepreneurs who do NOT need more theory (or yet another dang FB group/Slack distraction), who’d rather get in, get the direct feedback they need to make moves, and get out.

Folks who aren’t quite ready for 1-1 coaching (like Power Position), but still know they could benefit from my direct support and feedback on their work to help them navigate this next phase.

Good-question-askers who have a sense of where their blocks are, and also how to ask for the help they need. (Even if they’re not always 150% certain – they know how to at least explain where the gap is.)


Someone looking for a substitute for 1-1 coaching. THUNDER is designed as a laser coaching workshop for immediate needs (i.e. “Does this headline work?” “What am I missing in my new package/program?”)

Completely fresh, no-clients-yet business owners who need a ton of hand-holding. Of course I’m here to love on ya inside THUNDER, but between sessions, the action and direction are on you.

Those looking for immediate fixes to larger structural or internal problems that can’t be solved in a laser-focused hot seat coaching call, i.e. analyzing lead gen strategies, fixing back end systems, stopping severe burnout, etc.

Those looking for detailed feedback on longer-form projects, i.e. sending in your entire book for one session. Isolate sections up to 3 pages and I got you! But the more focused, the better.

"I'm proud to say I've created my my program and launching it (SOON). I feel like I'm really gaining so much more ground from being in this program :) I loved the energy, the idea-sharing, and "I have an amazing mentor/group of peers at my disposal any time"-ness ;)"

(Sarah Zerkel, Copywriter and Brand Strategist)


After your enrollment, the fun begins March 25th.

We meet on the second Tuesday, and fourth Thursday of each month.

Plus get 1:1 access to me on off weeks during my Voxer office hours.


Here’s the step-by-step breakdown:

PRE WORK: Before our 6-session deep dive kicks off, you’ll be taking a quick assessment to fill me in on your goals for the next 6 months, and the steps you plan on taking, so I can hold you to ‘em!

Step 1: A few days before class, you’ll be prompted via email to submit your question or up to 3 pages of copy/messaging/concept outlines for review.

Step 2: Please send in your submission for the hot seat at least 24 hours before go-time. (Can’t make a session? No problem – it’ll be  recorded!)

Step 3: Join the hot seat, hear your name called and LET’S DEEP DIVE INTO WHATEVER YOU’RE WORKING ON, and where you need help. We’ll jam together for 10-15 minutes, potentially longer, depending on the number of submissions. After the hot seats, we’ll do some Q&A.

Step 4: After our session wraps, you’ll receive your recording ASAP – and I’ll see ya again in two weeks!

Step 5: Integrate, apply, get it done. I’ll be cheering for you every step of the way.

BONUS Step 6:  Feeling really stuck? Want to celebrate a BIG victory? During off weeks, show up in Voxer for a little quick-fire coaching during my once-a-week Friday office hours.

BONUS Step 7: You’ve got goals, and I’ve got you. You’ve got one BONUS 1:1 Session to use whenever you’re ready to get *real* deep and take massive action that needs more than our usual group coaching time. 


Pay-in-full participants will also receive my one-of-a-kind program Hot Seat Beast ($997), where you’ll learn exactly how to leverage your expertise into successful + profitable hot seat sessions.

After you experience The THUNDER Collective, you’ll be chomping at the bit to put hot seats into action in your own business.

"It was shocking how quickly you were able to identify exactly what was missing from my message and how clearly you were able to direct me fill in the blanks! On top of that you came up with an opt-in I could use (which has been haunting me) and gave me suggestions on groups to join so I can get my introverted ass out there! I knew you were awesome but it still blew me away."

(Emma Boshart, Email Strategist and Copywriter,


>>6 STRAIGHT months of hot seat coaching immersion with me, March 25th – September 13th, 2021

>> TWO small group 90-to-120-minute hot seats each month, with guaranteed feedback + Q&A. Every “hot seat” session will be between 10-15 minutes depending on attendance, with more time to follow up in Q&A. We have a particularly poppin’ day attendance-wise, the call will run longer.

>> Voxer group coaching office hours on “off weeks”, where you can get quick feedback on what what you’re working on every Friday in between our sessions.

>> Get even the biggest, hardest stuff done with a 1-1 private coaching session  — each participant gets one 60-minute strategy session with me to use during the 6 months!

>> BONUS complimentary access to my Like Lightning mini course – all about building + launching big ideas (and experiment inexpensively) with clarity and quickness.

>> BONUS access to my Hot Seat Beast program when you pay in full – so you can start using hot seats in your own business to fill up launches, get paid for your expertise, and help your students get better results.

>> Availability for a range of time zones with ONE monthly hot seat in the morning (i.e. 9:30 – 11 AM ET on a Tuesday), and ONE hot seat in the evening (i.e. Thursday 5-6:30 ET)

>> Access to ALL call recordings for the full 6 months of the program.

Seen enough? Feel like this is exactly what you need?


Join Month-to-Month:


Billed automatically for 6 months

Pay-in-Full + Save:


BONUS ALERT: Pay-in-full to get Hot Seat Beast ($997) for free!

"Thunder helped me stay on track with my goals to get my website done. The holidays slowed me down a bit, but I’m only about 3 weeks behind where I wanted to be. But thr best thing about THUNDER is Hillary!! Seriously though. I love listening to the guidance she gives on other projects besides my own. There’s always an additional a-ha that I get that I can then go apply to my stuff."

(Karen Auld, Creator of Naturally Brilliant, and Coach for High Achievers)



I’m Hillary Weiss – and  you might know me from the… internet. 

I’m a positioning coach, creative director, and co-host of HAMYAW, and since 2011 I’ve been shimmying my way up the creative industry ladder with a combination of pro skills, personality, and power moves.

That means, in an era before you could throw a rock and hit a “6 weeks to 6-figures” program, I hit $100k+ by age 25, cycled through every business model from hourly to day rates to retainers, and was even teaching private masterminds, all while making my clients millions in revenue.

(Tl;dr, I’ve been around the block a few times and then some.)

And also? I am OBSESSED with hot seats as a coaching style. 

Since 2016, I’ve been leading groups of business owners from around the world — both online and in person — through hot seat coaching around their messaging, big ideas, and totally-out-there concepts.

Here’s what I love about the process: 

Because the hot seat feedback is direct and immediately applicable, with a laser-focus on your issue, it’s the absolute perfect way to get yourself out of paralysis and into action, and also push forward with your ideas knowing the strategy behind them is sound.

It also creates exceptionally beautiful accountability, because you’re coming back to me 2x a month with updates, new insights, and new questions as they arise.

Now, I’m proud to offer this form of coaching to 15 incredible business owners — to give you the direct feedback, support, and insights you need quickly, so you can start making bigger, better noise in the industry… and dare to make some THUNDER.


Still got Q’s? I got A’s.

Let’s talk it out. 

“What’s the difference between this and Hillary’s 1-1?”

Aside from this being the most affordable way to work with me directly — while my Power Position 1-1 coaching is a deep dive into business and positioning, these hot seats are all-killer-no-filler action, baby.

Get in, get your  pressing question answered, hang with your THUNDER compatriots, and get on with your life. (Until the next session!)

But the good news is — if you love your experience inside the incubator and want to upgrade 1-1 with me, you can ALSO use $1500 of your investment in The THUNDER Collective to upgrade to private Power Position coaching, if you so desire.

I’m SUPER busy. Is The THUNDER Collective built for someone like me?

You bet it is. These hot seats are designed to give you exactly the support you need, when  you need it — no extra learning, annoying Slack groups, or Facebook notifications required.

How do I know if I should be doing this vs. private coaching? 

Private coaching is ideal for those looking to reimagine their businesses and brand from the foundation outward. 

The THUNDER Collective hot seats are for folks who already sense they know what’s next, but want a “touch base” point they can come back to twice a month to stay on track, get feedback and a high-give, and get back to business.

What if I can’t make a session? 

No problem!

You can still share a question, and we’ll get the recording to ya in 24 hours. Plus, I’ve got Voxer office hours on off weeks to give you somewhere to touch base.

Will I need to bring something to the hot seat every time to get the most value? 

Nope! You can just come listen and hang out – it’s up to you.

Every time I’ve run hot seat programs, students get just so much out of the conversation just by showing up and listening in, or checking out the recording like their favorite podcast.

It also gives you a window into what your fellow business compatriots are doing in real time, which can teach you so much about what works, and what doesn’t — and really, who doesn’t love a VIP backstage pass?

You can just come to hang with fellow participants, listen in and chat in Q&A.

What if all 15 people come to the hot seat with a question simultaneously? 

In the unlikely event this does happen  – it’s an XL party, baby. ;)

But usually with the rhythm of hot seats, participants are at different places at different times, so that means submissions tend to be staggered. Some weeks you’ll have a draft to review, others you can just come to jam. 

It’s up to you!

Now, there’s just one question left, my friend. 


>> Twice-monthly support (plus in-between group coaching office hours on Voxer) from me so direct, and so precise, so damn “Oh, right!” actionable, you simply have no more excuses to hide?

>> A community of fascinating business owners you love, who you can learn from… who don’t require  you to  check  your Facebook  notifications every  3 minutes to make sure you can  keep up? 

>> An immersive, 6-month experience where I’ll hold you accountable to your goals, and make sure  you’re  getting your ish done in a smart, strategic  way — month after month?


Grab one of the 15 THUNDER spots via the button below.

And let’s make sure the internet gets to witness your brilliance.

Join Month-to-Month:


Billed automatically for 6 months

Pay-in-Full + Claim Your Bonus:


BONUS ALERT: Pay-in-full to get Hot Seat Beast ($997) for free!


Thunder helped me stay on track with my goals to get my website done. The holidays slowed me down a bit, but I’m only about 3 weeks behind where I wanted to be.


Seriously though. I love listening to the guidance she gives on other projects besides my own. There’s always an additional a-ha that I get that I can then go apply to my stuff.

(Karen Auld)

Raising my prices, and (for the first time) feeling confident in charging a premium price for a premium deliverable. This experience has done wonders for my confidence and a chat with Hillary is the most powerful known antidote to impostor syndrome poison.

(Amanda Gareis)

(Sarah Zerkel)

(Sandra Janke)

I finally marketed and launched my first group cohort, something I’ve been talking about for YEARS. And I finally learned to trust my gut (and Hillary’s suggestions, of course) when it comes to marketing.

One of my favorite parts was hearing the stories and ideas of other entrepreneurs — some of whom were in similar positions as I was or who were further along in their marketing experience. I also LOVED just knowing that I had a place to go when I had marketing questions and ideas that I wanted to kick around. Hillary and the group of people she curated were supportive and creative.

(Sara Stibitz)

I started really stepping into my next phase as an online marketer and course creator instead of only a 1-1 ghostwriting service provider. Hillary helped me with my messaging, offers, and supported me through my biggest and most visible launch ever.

(Cindy Childress)

I got so much clarity in my 1-on-1 session with Hillary, and I’m streamlining my specialty, offers, and signature package with all of her suggestions and direction. By the time this Thunder Collective cohort is done next month, I will have gotten the framework and strategic direction critiqued and completed on an intensive workshop concept that I’ve been working on and will be launching this Fall.

Hillary is a natural teacher, and I learn SO MUCH in every meeting from her suggestions, guidance, and edits of the group members’ projects. Everyone in the Collective is supportive and generous with their talents and knowledge. I feel that I’ve grown tremendously as a copywriter and strategist during my time here.

(Nicole Morton)

I see my writing offering, Memoirish, more clearly in terms of how I want to offer it to future students. While I was in Thunder, Memoirish was selected as a continuing education course at a prominent university. The Thunder meetings every other week allowed me to rethink what the class could look like in a more academic setting and to amp up the structure around the current Memoirish cohort.

The people!

(Joanne Spataro)