The famous FREE hot seat coaching session is back — for creative service providers, coaches, consultants, copywriters, designers and experts working on their next Big Thing.

(+ THUNDER Collective Open House)

Thursday, April 21st, from 4-5:30 PM EST

Get feedback. Get results. Get your light burning even brighter.

THE LIGHTNING ROUND is designed for freelancers and online biz owners (like you) who:

Have been tinkering with a new offer, idea, curriculum, or content concept for so long, your eyes are starting to cross. And mostly, you want someone who can look it over and tell you “IT IS GOOD!” (Or, “It needs more work. Back to the drawing board!”)

Are working on big things, but don’t need a full-time coach just yet — and want an extra pair of eyes to feel confident their offer, idea, or copy is gonna sell, and make waves.

Know just how helpful direct feedback can be to strengthen their message, improve their offers, and develop a personal brand people want to gobble up

Learn best while doing, and know that specific pointers can help them skip the rookie mistakes, and get to growing their brands sooner.

Love fast-paced group environments to not only get support from a pro but also to learn from what their peers are doing (because community is truly e v e r y t h i n g.)

May be considering joining us for The THUNDER Collective season 4, too, and want to get a peek at a “day in the hot seat life”, get a taste of what’s possible, hear from past participants, and more.

Sound good? Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Enroll in the Thursday, April 21 Lightning Round right now, for free (duh!), and rejoice that you are clearly a Very Superior Smart Person —  who’ll now be with me and your ultra-smart kinfolk at the party Thursday night!

Step 2:

You’ll be prompted to submit your question or content/concept for my review at least 24 hours before our call (i.e. an outline for your next course, a 3 pages of a sales page, a FB ad, short email sequence, etc.) 

NOTE: There are 5 spots available for this 90-minute round, with bonus casual Q&A at the end of the session. Should I receive more than 5 submissions from participants, I will select the submissions that best benefit the group.

(Trust me: even if your submission doesn’t put you in the coaching seat, you’ll still learn so much via this format. Past attendees tell me just listening in on other hot seats is like getting “contact coached”… without being put on the spot. #worthit)

Step 3:

If you’re in the hot seat? When your name is called, you’ll get immediate, direct feedback from me in real time, to boost your results, tighten your message, and help you feel totally confident your idea is ready to sell and sizzle. And even if you aren’t hot seating, you’ll still be able to soak up all the perks of hearing your peers get their questions answered and copy critiqued, too.

Step 4:

The recording of the Lightning Round will be delivered to you within 24 hours, so you can catch up on what you missed, revisit your notes, and soak up all the genius being spilled at your own pace.

It’s that simple.

 No extra work, no extra commitment or energy from you. 

Just lightning in a bottle, in 90 minutes flat. <3

What’s going down inside The Lightning Round?

⚡️90 high-intensity minutes of hot seat coaching action + Q&A, featuring me (Hillary Weiss!) and a phenomenal community of fellow business owners cheering everyone in the hot seat on.

⚡️Teardowns and deep dives into 5 carefully chosen submissions from brave business owners ready for feedback.

⚡️Breakthroughs and “Whoa, that’s it!” insights for all(regardless of whether you’re in the hot seat, or soaking it all in from the chill seats.)

⚡️Direct, real-problem-solving coaching for entrepreneurs who learn by doing, and want to understand not just what works, but why.

“But Hillary, what can I bring to a hot seat exactly?”

Up to 3 pages of anything you’re working on right now, including:

  • A landing page for a brand new offer you’re working on
  • A curriculum for an upcoming course you want to make sure is usable — a.k.a. isn’t a total firehose
  • An outline for a new product, workshop, program, or signature process you want to add to the business
  • A few crucial emails for an upcoming launch
  • Social posts promoting your ish
  • Rough drafts of blog posts you’re gettin’ stuck halfway on

Hold up: What’s the deal with the THUNDER Open House? 

After our lil hot seat jam sesh, I’ll also be inviting you behind the scenes of my private 6-month Big Things group incubator, The THUNDER Collective.

(Hot seats are a core part of the experience, so I wanted to make sure you could take ’em for a test drive!)

So if you’ve been considering joining our lil’ close-knit community? Then this is your chance to: 

  • Check out what a “hot seat in the life” is like inside THUNDER, and a taste of the momentum this style of container can help you build
  • You’ll get a chance to hear directly from community members about their honest experience
  • You’ll get the chance to ask me, and former members, any questions you might have before you make the call.  

FYI: For this round of THUNDER, I’m only enrolling 9 students (6 of the 15 spots are already spoken for!). 

SO! If you’re curious about this, be sure to join us because spots will likely get snapped up quickly.

So the last question I have for you is: 

Are you joining me for the next round or what?

If you’re in, drop in your details below…I can’t wait to see you in the hot seat.

About your Lightning Round Leader

Hillary Weiss is a positioning coach, creative director, hot seat hooligan, and founder of Statement Piece Studio @ hillaryweiss.com. She’s also the co-host of the cult-favorite Youtube marketing talk show Hillary and Margo Yell at Websites (#HAMYAW), and has had her work featured on Business Insider, The Next Web, The Observer, and more.

 Since 2011, she’s helped thousands of brands all over the world get seen and heard (and make serious cash) through her 1-1 client work, writing, coaching, and videos. Nowadays, she’s on a mission to help more small businesses define their “statement piece”, a.k.a. the bold point of view that makes them radically relevant to their perfect people.

Wanna know more? Catch her riffs on all of the above on her blog, or say whaddaaap! to her on Twitter @hcweiss.