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Get a fast, in-depth game plan to strategically realign your message with empathy, integrity, and creativity — so you can keep confidently selling (even now).

[Perfect for online service providers, creative pros, coaches, consultants, speakers, course creators, and more.]

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Please note – due to the high-intensity, bespoke nature of this offer, I only have FIVE 90-Minute-Pivot spaces available for April.

"I booked one $2,500 package with no sales call, and two pay-in-motha-flippin’-full $5k + $6k clients in the last two days, credit card over the phone, TOTAL STRANGERS, thanks to... my website pre-selling people. Also, people are still spending on average 5 minutes on my site. THANK YOUUU!”


The writing’s on the wall for online business owners everywhere: 

Slapping “NOW MORE THAN EVER” or “THERE’S NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME” on your emails, sales page, or FB ads isn’t going to magically pull your sales numbers back up.

What will? 

Actually getting strategic — instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall — and intentionally pivoting your message and offers to connect with your audience’s new normal.

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If you’re staring at declining sales and months (even years) of work feeling suddenly irrelevant?

I’ve got your back.

But listen up. This is *not* the time to pull back, quit selling, or start tossing your audience rushed, sloppy “Oh sh*t!” offers or discounts  you later regret. 

Now’s your chance to go all-in on strategic messaging that will inspire your people to action, and cement you as a voice that stood out from the noise in these wild times.

Imagine: what would it be like if you could….


Move forward with your beautiful, high-value offers in an authentic, meaningful way — without having to offer steep discounts?


Switch up your messaging FAST enough to be beautifully relevant and resonant for your upcoming launch and hot traffic?


Sell confidently without worrying that you’re “money grabbing”?

The truth is…

You can do all this and more.

But not without pivoting your message.

That’s where I come in.


"Hillary is hands down one of the most talented copywriters and creatives that I have encountered… over the past 20+ years."


Ready to pivot? Then step right up and pencil your name into my calendar.

I’m Hillary Weiss, and for the last 9 years I’ve helped online entrepreneurs earn millions in revenue.

My approach doesn’t just help you maintain the non-sleazy, empathy-driven approach to sales  you’ve known for — it also helps you stay focused, true to your message, and original

Because let’s face it, getting lost in the crowd ain’t the way to go, ESPECIALLY NOW. 

Every single day, I create bold messages that attract, captivate, and convert — in the context of a larger strategy. As a creative director, consultant, coach, and messaging strategist… this is what I do.

Because I know that if your messaging doesn’t hit the right pain points, your offer is toast. And right now? Pain points, goals, and benefits are changing at the speed of headlines

TL;DR: I’m obsessed with this stuff, and we’re going to use my obsession to help you keep business moving in uncertain times, so you can keep showing up to serve your audience at your most extraordinary level  yet

(Only FIVE 90-Minute-Pivot spots available for April.)

Have questions? Email us at hello@hillaryweiss.com

When you invest in a 90 Minute Pivot you’ll get…

A high-intensity 90-minute strategy session with me + up to two of your team members, to reshape your existing messaging for today’s reality. (Ideal for launch messaging, website, or long-form sales page reviews, and more.)

An actionable Pivoted Messaging Strategy Overview doc that you can implement right away. This covers everything you need to know to keep your team and tactics in line with your new message — including details of new customer demographics and desires, goals, pain points, benefits, objections, and any new features of your offers.

Peace of mind knowing that your message is of service, and right for the times – so  you can get back to doing what you do best.

An in-depth Pivot Prep form before we begin, with direct questions about your offers, audience, and business goals that will help you get your thoughts together, and bring me up to date on your business so we can hit the ground running.

ONE follow-up feedback session via Loom for on one key copy deliverable (i.e. a sales page, up to 3 FB ads or emails, etc.) 

Confidence and clarity for yourself and your entire team

“This sounds awesome… but does it cost eleventy billion dollars?”

(Not even close.)

For access to:

The 90-Minute Pivot Prep Form

An in-depth 90-Minute Pivot messaging strategy call, uncover exactly how to switch up your messaging smoothly and strategically.

Your actionable 90 Minute Pivot Messaging Strategy Overview document

ONE round of edit feedback from me, via Loom

… And more?

Your investment is just: $1997

Ready? Tap the button below to book in ASAP. I only have 5 spots available for April.

About Hillary

I’m Hillary — messaging strategist, creative director, and copywriter.

I help hyper-competent business owners like you (and their teams) turn big, brazen ideas into clear concepts that captivate the planet. Which is how six figure paydays, million-dollar ventures, and golden opportunities get born…

Since 2011, I’ve helped over a thousand brands find their statement piece message, dazzle their industry, and pull their perfect people onto their dance floor. 

And when ish hits the fan? I help them pivot so that they can keep dazzling and keep dancing with consciousness and conversions. 

Now it’s your turn. 

Let’s do this.

Have questions? Email us at hello@hillaryweiss.com


I’m about to launch, and now my message is falling flat. Help! Oh damn that’s not a question… Will this help?!

Absolutely. We’ll get your launch message back on the rails in a way that feels authentic and helpful to the clients you serve.

My team does most of my copywriting. How will this help them?

You’ll get a crystal clear messaging doc that your team can use right away to reshape your copy. In it, they’ll find critical information like updated client goals, pain points, and objections. Exactly the kind of things that you have to pivot if you want to keep selling. Because I frequently work with teams, your messaging doc will be written in short, actionable steps every team member can understand.

I feel like I’m running out of time. Can we do this quickly?

Probably! The whole point of the 90 Minute Pivot is to help you tackle your new challenges with thoughtful strategy—now. I’m going to give you the big picture, then break it down into actionable steps so that you don’t feel like you have to throw out rushed, sloppy offers to keep your business afloat. And since you need this now, all you have to do is click here to put your name on my calendar. Get on it right now so you can save your spot.

This is great, but my business needs even *more* strategy—and for you to write our new copy, too.

You should check out my Money Messaging Direction offer. It’s the 90 Minute Pivot all grown up, with multiple strategy sessions, plus a long form sales page, story silo, pre-sell content concepts, full email strategy, social share concepts, and more. You can upgrade to Money Messaging any time within 30 days of purchase to receive a full credit towards the offer. 

Ready to pivot so that you can go all-in on your messaging with confidence? 

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