Is it Time to Leave Social Media?

Social media. (Ooh, did those two words send just shivers down your spine?) Like it or lump it, it’s become one of the perceived “necessary evils” of starting and growing an online business. Reason being? Social media is a place to solve problems in public, attract clients, play around, put your work out there, and […]

What to Do When You Want to Burn It All Down

Have you ever used a pressure washer on your driveway or deck? (And even if you haven’t, a friend probably has. And you probably know because they probably posted a VERY excited before and after on Facebook.) Can confirm: it is a very, very satisfying feeling. All that high-pressured water fires out of the spout at a […]

How to Set and Keep Business Boundaries

Once when I was naught but a wee babe of a copywriter, a client was complaining to me about another writer she once worked with. “She was great,” she acknowledged, a sprinkle of salt seasoning her tone. “But she just wasn’t around when I needed her. She didn’t work certain days, I had to wait […]

How To Know When It’s Time To Shut It All Down

My friend (and #HAMYAW co-host) Margo once shared a brilliant article  all about why she shut down her much-loved virtual co-working space, The Arena. In creative work we call this “killing your darlings”, a phrase that originated (I believe?) from writers describing the excruciating experience of editing out even the most gorgeous paragraphs and sentences when […]

Hustle Culture and Toxic Productivity

Ugh. I’m embarrassed to admit this — but “outwit, outplay, outlast” used to be the battle cry of my business strategy, dear reader… Granted, I was a total nOOb back then, and in the early stages of my career without any real experience or hard-earned wisdom to go on. So it makes sense that I […]

How to Decide What You Really Want

If you’ve spent any time in personal development circles, you’ve heard about the dichotomy of “scarcity” vs. “abundance” thinking. For the uninitiated, the definition goes like this: In scarcity mentality, you believe is there only so much money/time/love/etc. on Earth. So, if something good happens to someone (like a cash windfall), then something is effectively […]