I Don’t Use Brand Archetypes in My Work — Here’s Why

Have I ever told you that I don’t know my birth time? My mom has a ballpark guess — but I’m a third kid, so no one really remembers. And no, it’s not on my birth certificate. I could track it down, I guess? But I haven’t. And I joke sometimes that “that’s what keeps […]

A Handful of Practical Tips to Shake Off Creative Cobwebs

If you’re feeling all-over-the-place from a creative energy standpoint, there’s one key question to start with: “When was the last time I took a break?” While not all of us are in a season where extended rest is possible, my creative blocks are always most aggressive when my self care is in the trash can. First […]

Seeing Roadblocks? Here’s Motivation to Keep Moving…

I’ve been a self-employed creative for 12 years and I cannot COUNT the number of times I’ve been told “No.” in my career. Back when I got my start as a copywriter (the first step in my Creative Director/coach path) in 2011, I didn’t know a single successful freelancer, let alone someone who’d built a […]

On Making One’s Mind a Safer Place To Be

I braced myself against the door of the locked bathroom stall, sweaty palms flat on the cool painted wood, my chin dangling toward my chest. I told myself to breathe. In, out. In, out. About 15 minutes before, despite a decent night’s sleep and a lovely day strolling in the sunshine, the strangest curl of […]