Go Be Happy: You Don’t Owe Anyone a Vulnerability Tax!

I’ve been struggling to articulate this for a while now, so here goes: I left a lot of things behind last year, as I think most of us did. Some less-than-fab relationships. About 20 pounds of (donated) shoes and clothes. A bunch of business books I never wound up reading, and always felt twistingly guilty […]

Struggling with Perfectionism? Join Us in Bad Creative Land

We all know her — or someone like her. She’s got clear skin, bright eyes, a gasprillion followers and juuuust the right amount of approachability in her Instagram captions. She’s posting beautifully-curated content at least 3x/day on various platforms, and her long form pieces are heartfelt, funny, and moving. More than being polished, she’s also […]

Here’s How to Be a VIP with Me in 2023: Power Positioning

On a hot day last August, I sent out an email inviting a few brave souls to jump into some fast-paced, private 1-1 work with me. The goal? To test-drive the structure of some new offers I’ve been working on: VIP days and 90-minute Power Sprints. Turns out… more than a few brave souls were into […]

Entrepreneurs: Show Us Your Secrets

I spent last weekend at the glorious second annual Failure Ball, put on by the legendary Jess Manuszak herself. It was a fabulous evening, full of fun, flop stories, great food, and everyone’s finest eleganza (and I was honored to co-host as the Resident Extrovert. You can catch my lil’ outfit reveal here, and a […]

Is it Time to Leave Social Media?

Social media. (Ooh, did those two words send just shivers down your spine?) Like it or lump it, it’s become one of the perceived “necessary evils” of starting and growing an online business. Reason being? Social media is a place to solve problems in public, attract clients, play around, put your work out there, and […]

How to Handle Crisis Response as a Small Business

“Please don’t be mad at meeeee!” she said, holding yet another rat in her small, tanned hands. It was my senior year of college, and my soft-hearted roommate had had yet another run-in at the pet store. Specifically: another trip to Petco for rat food had caused her to discover yet another under-loved rat she simply had to bring home. (At […]