How to Rebrand Like a Beast

It won’t surprise you to know that I came out of the womb noisy. I arrived on this green Earth apparently screaming that I wasn’t ultra fond of being touched (these days I’m more chill, but I am incredibly ticklish), and intensely eager to look at/babble at everything. From an early age I was terrifying my parents with my unbridled extroversion. […]

Getting Comfortable with Shameless Self-promotion [Plus an Ad Teardown]

It probably won’t surprise you to know that as a kid, I loved to perform. Chorus and dance recitals. Fall festivals. Spring musicals. Variety shows. Christmas pageants. You name it — if it meant being onstage under the spotlight, I was first in line to audition. (Granted, I was never very good. But rest assured: if there […]

Are you being vulnerable, or are you oversharing?

Our palms are sweaty. Knees week. Arms are heavy. We’re nervous. But on the surface we look calm and ready to YELL AT THE FINE LINE BETWEEN BEING VULNERABLE TO CREATE CONNECTION AND MAKING YOUR PEOPLE KIND OF UNCOMFORTABLE. So lemme stop the tired Eminem gag and tell you exactly what I mean: Right now I […]

Can I Get Paid to Just Be Awesome?

An English friend of mine recently shared one of the best bits of digital snark I’ve heard in years We were talking about the state of the online world, and Instagram especially: “Yeah, the thing about influencer culture…” I began. “Influenzas,” she replied. I paused. “… Huh?” “That’s what we call those people who call […]

Shout Out to Women: You Are Entitled to Sell!

“I just don’t wanna feel pushy, yaknow?” ^^^^ this is a sentence haunting the sales efforts of almost every woman business owner I know. Myself included. (At least, until fairly recently. And even then it never fully goes away.) This constant fear of being, doing, or selling too much — even when it’s, uh, our literal livelihood — […]

How to Be Good at Self-Promotion if You’re Not Loud or Extroverted

For the last 7 years I’ve had a blog post languishing in my drafts called “The Anatomy of Cool”. There are many reasons it hasn’t seen the light of day — one of which is that pretentious AF title, whew Hillary — but I find myself referencing its contents pretty frequently. Because in roughly 70% of my […]