Don’t Be Shy — Here’s How to Take Those Compliments You’ve Earned

“Frankly, it’s confusing,” my now-husband, then-boyfriend Z deadpanned. We were squabbling about the strange contradiction of my perceived self-image. More specifically: my absolute inability to comfortably accept compliments of any kind — even (or especially) about things I’d worked my butt off to create or cultivate. “You exude all this confidence, but then then aggressively resist […]

Here’s the Trick to Becoming Infinitely Interesting

I’ve been a people person all my life. It’s had its ups and downs — starting with me sneaking out of my stroller at 2 years old to wander into the thick of the South Florida Fair crowd and talk to strangers. (I was found by my terrified mother a few minutes later, I’m told, […]

Go Be Happy: You Don’t Owe Anyone a Vulnerability Tax!

I’ve been struggling to articulate this for a while now, so here goes: I left a lot of things behind last year, as I think most of us did. Some less-than-fab relationships. About 20 pounds of (donated) shoes and clothes. A bunch of business books I never wound up reading, and always felt twistingly guilty […]

Struggling with Perfectionism? Join Us in Bad Creative Land

We all know her — or someone like her. She’s got clear skin, bright eyes, a gasprillion followers and juuuust the right amount of approachability in her Instagram captions. She’s posting beautifully-curated content at least 3x/day on various platforms, and her long form pieces are heartfelt, funny, and moving. More than being polished, she’s also […]