What Kind of Coaching is Right for You? Here’s How to Find Out

“Do I need positioning help, a rebrand, or high ticket sales coaching?!?!” AN EXCELLENT QUESTION, FRIEND. Let’s talk about it. A lesson I keep learning in business, branding, and life, is that the order in which you do stuff really matters. I see this reflected in my clients, too. By the time they get to […]

7 Scroll-Stopping Questions to Juice Up Your Messaging

I SEE YOU OUT THERE. Writing your content to flex your expertise. Launching your thing. Getting your sea legs talking about your offers. AND SO! In lieu of a long boi post today, I wanted to fire over a few quick prompts to help you with that — and spark some scroll-stopping ideas that grab attention, […]

Positioning — Why I Don’t Really Sweat Competitors or Copycats

I’ll start by saying one thing about copycats: I’ve been VERY lucky in this category throughout my career. While I’ve had some BIG HMMMM experiences with my ideas being echoed elsewhere in my 12 years, it’s never been in a context that threatened my livelihood. Meanwhile, I’ve seem some absolutely egregious forms of intellectual property […]

Honest Evaluation — Why I Transformed My Bestselling Offer

My team and I have a mini mantra for my business behind the scenes, and it goes like this: “No lifeguard on duty.” Which is not to say we aren’t helpful, constantly supporting our clients to notice and move through tough patterns and wobbles, and deeply empathetic when life stuff comes up (as it always […]