Here’s the Trick to Becoming Infinitely Interesting

I’ve been a people person all my life. It’s had its ups and downs — starting with me sneaking out of my stroller at 2 years old to wander into the thick of the South Florida Fair crowd and talk to strangers. (I was found by my terrified mother a few minutes later, I’m told, […]

How to Tell Signal From Noise – What Your Clients Are Really Telling You

One night at my Florida grade school in the early 2000’s, a rogue bolt of lightning exploded a set of playground monkey bars into a pile of smoldering splinters. Within weeks, the understandably alarmed administration placed a lightning thingie (detector) on the roof of the library. It looked like a child’s drawing of a stick […]

What Kind of Coaching is Right for You? Here’s How to Find Out

“Do I need positioning help, a rebrand, or high ticket sales coaching?!?!” AN EXCELLENT QUESTION, FRIEND. Let’s talk about it. A lesson I keep learning in business, branding, and life, is that the order in which you do stuff really matters. I see this reflected in my clients, too. By the time they get to […]

7 Scroll-Stopping Questions to Juice Up Your Messaging

I SEE YOU OUT THERE. Writing your content to flex your expertise. Launching your thing. Getting your sea legs talking about your offers. AND SO! In lieu of a long boi post today, I wanted to fire over a few quick prompts to help you with that — and spark some scroll-stopping ideas that grab attention, […]