Boost Your Sales Immediately with Two Super Simple Tweaks

There’s a lot of temptation in the industry, especially these days, to throw the bébé out with the bathwater a liiiittle too quickly when it comes to our offers. Even if it’s something you’re REALLY excited about, sometimes if what you’ve built… Doesn’t sell out immediately… Attracts a different type of person (ahem) than you […]

A Few Words in Praise of the “Unscaleable Offer”

Now, before any of you brilliant humans come at me with pitchforks, I’ll start by saying: Indeed I DO have offers (tiny and large) that I can scale in my offers suite. Over the years I’ve done groups and programs and courses and quasi-memberships and everything in between. I help my clients create them where […]

The Spotlight Salon – A Masterclass on Media Pitching

Confession: I was never very good at dating. Mercifully, I’ve been with my husband for almost a decade now, but I’ll never forget how deeply and sincerely I hated “the game”. Cooler folks than I — like perhaps YOU, Bestie — seemed to move through the process so easily. (I would know. I’d eye them […]

Stop Giving up on Yourself: How to Turn Failures into Features

I guess it’s fair to say, using the language du jour, that we exist in an action-focused world (and industry). Can you blame us? In the beginning, action is a jolt of serotonin. It’s the “Here we GOOO!” up the rollercoaster as you can feel your heart pounding before the real fun begins. In a […]

Looking to work with me? Snag a spot before the price hike!

Hey dear reader – I teased this offer a couple weeks back… and here it is at last! (Thanks so much for your patience by the way, friend. Between finishing my v. smol book, client work, an epic season of Q1 client onboarding, and a lovely getaway to our beloved New Orleans, it’s been a […]