How to Rebrand Like a Beast

It won’t surprise you to know that I came out of the womb noisy. I arrived on this green Earth apparently screaming that I wasn’t ultra fond of being touched (these days I’m more chill, but I am incredibly ticklish), and intensely eager to look at/babble at everything. From an early age I was terrifying my parents with my unbridled extroversion. […]

Can I Get Paid to Just Be Awesome?

An English friend of mine recently shared one of the best bits of digital snark I’ve heard in years We were talking about the state of the online world, and Instagram especially: “Yeah, the thing about influencer culture…” I began. “Influenzas,” she replied. I paused. “… Huh?” “That’s what we call those people who call […]

Objectively Terrible Websites that Still Get the Marketing Done

One of the most annoying truths in online business and marketing is that sometimes… everything works. What that means is that, more often than not, someone’s “No no, don’t ever do that” line in the sand is being crossed by someone else somewhere online… and it’s working just fine. No photos or social proof? Some […]

Is the Age of Free Content Over?

She poked a finger at me through the haze of cigarette smoke, looking me dead in the eye: “Information should be free,” she said firmly. It was 2012, and while I wish we were having a prescient discussion about the ultimate fate of free content in the marketing world over the boom of deep house […]

How to Stay Chill When There’s Pressure to Perform

It’s that feeling like cold water being thrown onto the back of your neck. The deep existential dread that comes from creating something, submitting it, crossing your fingers, and waiting for it to… gulp Do something. Maybe the email needs to generate sales. Or it’s a blog post sharing something straight from the heart that you really hope […]

Small List Shame – How to Tell if Size Really Matters

The title I originally wanted for this post wouldn’t’ve let me through the spam filters, so I’ll cut right to the joke: AHEM! Email list size comparison is the online business world’s greatest 🍆 measuring contest. Think about it. Peep the Look Much like teenage boys in the locker room, everyone’s secretly worried theirs isn’t big enough […]