Is That Potential Client Really Waving a Red Flag? How to Decide

“Is this potential client actually gonna be a problem… or am I just being judgmental?” Every service-based business owner ever at some point, probably. AH, THE STRUGGLE IS TRULY REAL. No matter how long we’re in the business, while it becomes easier to spot a bright red flag, or a beautiful flowing “ideal client” green […]

Breaking Down the “I’m better than this” Phenomenon

Perhaps the most confusing impact Tim Ferris’s “4 Hour Work Week” ideology has made on the online business world is the idea that ultimate success is near-total separation from the company you’ve built. Someday, the concept implies, you could be so successful that you’ll have a small army of (largely low-paid) people running your business for […]

Yelling at the Wedding Industry (with Special Guests)

In October 2019, I got married on a rooftop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and it was an absolutely awesome day. (And, yes, Margo WAS in attendance.) Zach and I tied the knot in front of 100 of our family and friends dressed to the nines in their best black tie Art Deco finery — remember crowds? […]

What is Good Marketing? (aka Avoiding Bro Sales)

If this were 2016/2017, I’d be writing to you at length today about the perils of what has since become known as “bro marketing”. Because, truth be told, it’s an important conversation to have — especially when one is stepping out of the dazzling haze of online biz world newbie-ness… “Whoa! Look at all these […]

Launch Success: Is It You or the Market?

Today I’d like to introduce you to a traditional folk dance of the online entrepreneurship space, known as: The mid-launch shuffle. It typically starts a little after the pre-sell and initial sales from your white hot buyers has died down. Maybe you saw a pretty promising day 1. Maybe only a couple of people bought […]

How to Keep the Energy Up While You Launch

Years ago, I stumbled across a fascinating story about Marilyn Monroe that I still think about once a week or so. I was standing in the freezing cold of a Barnes & Noble in the high noon of the Florida summer, thumbing through a biography by a former photographer of hers, when I found it. […]