Are You a Genius or Mad Scientist? How to Experiment Without Being Erratic

Do you remember when your mom would try and talk you into tasting new foods as a kid? “Come on. Just one bite,” she’d probably say. (Unless you were born with an already-refined palate. Or, as we say here in the US, European.) While I was never a highly-picky-eater, I’d endless spend summer afternoons in my childhood […]

Launch Success: Is It You or the Market?

Today I’d like to introduce you to a traditional folk dance of the online entrepreneurship space, known as: The mid-launch shuffle. It typically starts a little after the pre-sell and initial sales from your white hot buyers has died down. Maybe you saw a pretty promising day 1. Maybe only a couple of people bought […]

How to Keep the Energy Up While You Launch

Years ago, I stumbled across a fascinating story about Marilyn Monroe that I still think about once a week or so. I was standing in the freezing cold of a Barnes & Noble in the high noon of the Florida summer, thumbing through a biography by a former photographer of hers, when I found it. […]