A Few Words in Praise of the “Unscaleable Offer”

Now, before any of you brilliant humans come at me with pitchforks, I’ll start by saying: Indeed I DO have offers (tiny and large) that I can scale in my offers suite. Over the years I’ve done groups and programs and courses and quasi-memberships and everything in between. I help my clients create them where […]

Looking to work with me? Snag a spot before the price hike!

Hey dear reader – I teased this offer a couple weeks back… and here it is at last! (Thanks so much for your patience by the way, friend. Between finishing my v. smol book, client work, an epic season of Q1 client onboarding, and a lovely getaway to our beloved New Orleans, it’s been a […]

You’re the Expert: What Your Audience Doesn’t Know CAN Hurt

Maybe you’ve heard this one before: “I asked DOZENS of people what they wanted in a program and basically none of them ended up buying!“ “I asked people what they wanted in a podcast. It’s not stuff I actually want to talk about, but should I just do it anyway…?“ ^^ I hear stuff like […]

Launching Myths and Must Dos with Shenee Howard

Launching is basically the Schrödinger’s Cat of marketing. It’s an approach to sales strategy that feels simultaneously dead and alive. Effective and broken. Useless and game-changing. Creating record profits, and record failures. Somehow everything, everywhere, all at once. My criticisms of the launch world have been well documented (and coincidentally read tens of thousands of times) — but it’s still a part […]

Profit Panic and Why Launching Is Like Tinder

You’ve set everything up perfectly. You’ve worked so hard to get the words just right. Your photos are just so (and you’re looking pretty fly if you do say so). You’re fairly certain what you’ve put together is irresistible. You go live… You start getting responses and interest… Buuuuut suddenly you realize: the interest you’re getting […]