Are You a Genius or Mad Scientist? How to Experiment Without Being Erratic

Do you remember when your mom would try and talk you into tasting new foods as a kid? “Come on. Just one bite,” she’d probably say. (Unless you were born with an already-refined palate. Or, as we say here in the US, European.) While I was never a highly-picky-eater, I’d endless spend summer afternoons in my childhood […]

What to Do When A Copycat Steals Your Content

Have you ever been cruising the internet’s virtual streets and run smack into… … yourself? It’s eerie, isn’t it? You read it again and again. Where have you seen this before…? The tone, the structure, the pacing, the conversation… even maybe the OFFER sounds similar. And you’re wondering if you’re seeing double. Wait. WAIT. You […]

So You Want to Write A Book…

I’m being followed, Dear Reader. No, not by my strange cats. And (mercifully) not by some random weirdo not respecting social distancing. I’m being followed around by an idea. It tugs at my sleeve all day long as I work. It steps on the back of my heels as I walk down the street. It messes up […]

How to Decide What You Really Want

If you’ve spent any time in personal development circles, you’ve heard about the dichotomy of “scarcity” vs. “abundance” thinking. For the uninitiated, the definition goes like this: In scarcity mentality, you believe is there only so much money/time/love/etc. on Earth. So, if something good happens to someone (like a cash windfall), then something is effectively […]

How to Build the Business of Your Dreams

We stood there in shock on the sidewalk, paralyzed by the betrayal. Z and I had gone out for a weeknight evening date after some time out of town, and there were only two things on our minds: burgers and margaritas. Specifically, burgers and margaritas from one of our favorite local spots, Burger Mexicano. It […]

How to Stop Taking Feedback Personally

Hi I’m Hillary and if left to its own devices, my brain does this little party trick of somehow making myself overly-responsible for every less-than-fabulous thing that happens in my orbit. (Thankfully after a solid amount of coaching and therapy I’ve been able to cool off on absorbing accountability for every tiny thing that happens […]