Struggling with Perfectionism? Join Us in Bad Creative Land

We all know her — or someone like her. She’s got clear skin, bright eyes, a gasprillion followers and juuuust the right amount of approachability in her Instagram captions. She’s posting beautifully-curated content at least 3x/day on various platforms, and her long form pieces are heartfelt, funny, and moving. More than being polished, she’s also […]

“Always Lead with the Exploding Grandpa” and Other Sales Advice

My family is full of Very Useful Humans you can call in an emergency. Mom and Dad? A nurse and doctor, respectively. Big Brother? Works in IT, and knows his way around a tricky computer or jacked up wifi system. Big Sister? A history PHD and general Encyclopedia of All Things. She’s also the oldest, […]

How to Set and Keep Business Boundaries

Once when I was naught but a wee babe of a copywriter, a client was complaining to me about another writer she once worked with. “She was great,” she acknowledged, a sprinkle of salt seasoning her tone. “But she just wasn’t around when I needed her. She didn’t work certain days, I had to wait […]

Is the Age of Free Content Over?

She poked a finger at me through the haze of cigarette smoke, looking me dead in the eye: “Information should be free,” she said firmly. It was 2012, and while I wish we were having a prescient discussion about the ultimate fate of free content in the marketing world over the boom of deep house […]

How to Stay Chill When There’s Pressure to Perform

It’s that feeling like cold water being thrown onto the back of your neck. The deep existential dread that comes from creating something, submitting it, crossing your fingers, and waiting for it to… gulp Do something. Maybe the email needs to generate sales. Or it’s a blog post sharing something straight from the heart that you really hope […]