Hot Take: You Can’t Outsource True Creativity – AI Versus the Human Touch

One fascinating thing about coming from a non-visual creative discipline (copywriting) and growing into a visual one (creative direction) is that the way your taste level and eye develops is almost exactly the same. It’s pattern-spotting, mostly. You notice small details of course (“oof that transition was clunky”/“ouch that lighting really took the bite out […]

Creativity IS the Long Game Where Endurance Equals Inspiration

I’m sometimes asked, “Where do you get your writing inspo these days?” And my honest reply is: “I reach down and peel off the story stuck to my shoe.” It’s a little Dickensian, maybe. And not the complete answer, of course. (The longer answer is: I’ve committed to treating my social media like a workshop […]

5 Ways to Overcome Inertia and Recover from a Creativity Slump

Hey Friend, First things first, credit where it’s due: Props to my Celebrity Memoir Book Club podcast queens Claire and Ashley, who coined “Ugliest Girl in the World Attack” for days when you’re just… not feelin’ yourself. Creatives experience a similar phenomenon— so I’m adapting the idea here as a “Most Uncreative Girl in the World […]

7 Scroll-Stopping Questions to Juice Up Your Messaging

I SEE YOU OUT THERE. Writing your content to flex your expertise. Launching your thing. Getting your sea legs talking about your offers. AND SO! In lieu of a long boi post today, I wanted to fire over a few quick prompts to help you with that — and spark some scroll-stopping ideas that grab attention, […]

Positioning — Why I Don’t Really Sweat Competitors or Copycats

I’ll start by saying one thing about copycats: I’ve been VERY lucky in this category throughout my career. While I’ve had some BIG HMMMM experiences with my ideas being echoed elsewhere in my 12 years, it’s never been in a context that threatened my livelihood. Meanwhile, I’ve seem some absolutely egregious forms of intellectual property […]