How to Handle Crisis Response as a Small Business

“Please don’t be mad at meeeee!” she said, holding yet another rat in her small, tanned hands. It was my senior year of college, and my soft-hearted roommate had had yet another run-in at the pet store. Specifically: another trip to Petco for rat food had caused her to discover yet another under-loved rat she simply had to bring home. (At […]

Are you being vulnerable, or are you oversharing?

Our palms are sweaty. Knees week. Arms are heavy. We’re nervous. But on the surface we look calm and ready to YELL AT THE FINE LINE BETWEEN BEING VULNERABLE TO CREATE CONNECTION AND MAKING YOUR PEOPLE KIND OF UNCOMFORTABLE. So lemme stop the tired Eminem gag and tell you exactly what I mean: Right now I […]

How to Stay Chill When There’s Pressure to Perform

It’s that feeling like cold water being thrown onto the back of your neck. The deep existential dread that comes from creating something, submitting it, crossing your fingers, and waiting for it to… gulp Do something. Maybe the email needs to generate sales. Or it’s a blog post sharing something straight from the heart that you really hope […]

Hillary and Margo Yell at Soap [Dr. Squatch Analysis]

Ladies and gentlemen and non-binary compatriots – Strap on your shower caps and hang on to your loofahs, because today you’re getting in the tub with #HAMYAW. This One Does it All More specifically, on today’s episode of Hillary and Margo Yell at Websites, we’re pulling back the (shower) curtain on Dr. Squatch’s soap, and the viral commercial that, […]

Yelling at the Wedding Industry (with Special Guests)

In October 2019, I got married on a rooftop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and it was an absolutely awesome day. (And, yes, Margo WAS in attendance.) Zach and I tied the knot in front of 100 of our family and friends dressed to the nines in their best black tie Art Deco finery — remember crowds? […]

What is Good Marketing? (aka Avoiding Bro Sales)

If this were 2016/2017, I’d be writing to you at length today about the perils of what has since become known as “bro marketing”. Because, truth be told, it’s an important conversation to have — especially when one is stepping out of the dazzling haze of online biz world newbie-ness… “Whoa! Look at all these […]