When Is the Right Time to Work Hard?

Once upon a time, in a castle far away, lived two people who couldn’t stand each other. They were known as The Princess and The Hustler. They lived in two separate rooms in a white stone tower, and every day they argued about how to pay the castle bills. The first was The Hustler. The […]

The Digital Self Vs the Real World Self

Growing up in the early days of the internet was bizarre to say the least, as I think any millennial would admit. I’m talking early early internet, here. As in — the internet before even pre-YouTube viral sensations like Strong Bad or that weirdly catchy “Badger Badger Badger” song peppered the digital airwaves. Oh yes, […]

#HAMYAW Lovefest Celebrating 1,000 Podcast Subscribers

A long time ago, in a Manhattan dive bar far far away… (Well, like 20 minutes by train from my neighborhood.) … Two friends developed a little idea for a little show that would represent what they felt they wanted to see in “marketers making content for marketers” land. Because, you see, we had an […]