Opulent Artist or Whip-Smart Editor — Who Makes the Call?

My all-time favorite music video is the 2009 maximalist masterpiece known as Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”, ft. Beyoncé. It’s 9 minutes and 30 seconds long, and features a Sexy Lady Prison, a disturbingly crisp soundscape, a long-forgotten Virgin mobile phone, a pair of smoking lit-cigarette sunglasses, a brawl, diet coke cans for curlers, a queer makeout, […]

Escaping the Curse of Competence: The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

At least three times in the last week, on sales calls, and with my private clients, I’ve referenced this banger of a quote from Jurassic Park: “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could*, they didn’t stop to think if they* should*.*” And, while none of my crew is in the business of resurrecting […]

Making the Right Choice at the Crossroads of Major Change

At the crossroads of basically every major change in my business or life, the strangest thing happens. First, I commit. “OK, enough. I have to stop saying yes to this type of project/client/pattern. Even if it’s scary, I know I need to move on, and make space for something new.” I stand at the fork […]

Seeing Roadblocks? Here’s Motivation to Keep Moving…

I’ve been a self-employed creative for 12 years and I cannot COUNT the number of times I’ve been told “No.” in my career. Back when I got my start as a copywriter (the first step in my Creative Director/coach path) in 2011, I didn’t know a single successful freelancer, let alone someone who’d built a […]