Are You a Genius or Mad Scientist? How to Experiment Without Being Erratic

Do you remember when your mom would try and talk you into tasting new foods as a kid? “Come on. Just one bite,” she’d probably say. (Unless you were born with an already-refined palate. Or, as we say here in the US, European.) While I was never a highly-picky-eater, I’d endless spend summer afternoons in my childhood […]

Panic and the Pandemic – Staying Calm in the Chaos

In my junior year of college, I took up a new hobby: oil painting. While I’d doodled most of my life, it was a new medium for me. And, despite my long-standing embarrassment that I don’t have much artistic talent, I loved it anyway. There’s something about the amount of control oil paint gives you […]

Announcing the End of #HAMYAW (and what’s next!)

In 2018, in a dive bar in Union Square, my dear friend Margo Aaron and I birthed the idea for a kooky little internet talk show. Our vision wasn’t anything grand — we just wanted to fill a gap we saw in the space. At the time, the bulk of online biz info in video […]

Is That Potential Client Really Waving a Red Flag? How to Decide

“Is this potential client actually gonna be a problem… or am I just being judgmental?” Every service-based business owner ever at some point, probably. AH, THE STRUGGLE IS TRULY REAL. No matter how long we’re in the business, while it becomes easier to spot a bright red flag, or a beautiful flowing “ideal client” green […]

Breaking Down the “I’m better than this” Phenomenon

Perhaps the most confusing impact Tim Ferris’s “4 Hour Work Week” ideology has made on the online business world is the idea that ultimate success is near-total separation from the company you’ve built. Someday, the concept implies, you could be so successful that you’ll have a small army of (largely low-paid) people running your business for […]

How to Build the Business of Your Dreams

We stood there in shock on the sidewalk, paralyzed by the betrayal. Z and I had gone out for a weeknight evening date after some time out of town, and there were only two things on our minds: burgers and margaritas. Specifically, burgers and margaritas from one of our favorite local spots, Burger Mexicano. It […]