Let’s Talk About Tradeoffs

After dinner most nights of my childhood, my dad would ceremoniously pull a box of Whitman’s Sampler chocolates out of the fridge and solemnly open the box. My brother, sister, and I would crowd around, eyeballing the treasures within and poring over the list of their flavors and placements on the inside of the lid. […]

A Conversation About Sales Call Ethics

Back when I knew everything there was to know in business (see: about two years in), I had some THOUGHTS. Like: sending too many emails would eventually turn people off, and kill a business/offer. (Blessedly, false.) Like: sales pages being WAY too long. (While this is largely contextual — but it still turns out out […]

How to Keep the Energy Up While You Launch

Years ago, I stumbled across a fascinating story about Marilyn Monroe that I still think about once a week or so. I was standing in the freezing cold of a Barnes & Noble in the high noon of the Florida summer, thumbing through a biography by a former photographer of hers, when I found it. […]

How To Handle Your Perfectionism

No no: I couldn’t be a perfectionist because my room wasn’t clean. Sure, I’d laugh about it. “I’m more type B- than A+’,” I’d say self-deprecatingly, with my hand on my heart to anyone who mentioned this Fancy People Disease of perfectionism. But inside? I was a little bummed I seemed to lack the p-gene. […]

To Be or Not to Be an Influencer: How to Decide?

In the summer of 2009, I decided to take a job that I’d quickly discover I was terrible at: Yes, that’s right folks. I willingly signed away 3 months of my life to be a camp counselor to… (Drumroll please.) … ten — count ‘em, TEN — 12 year old girls. Who’s In Charge Here? […]