Struggling with Perfectionism? Join Us in Bad Creative Land

We all know her — or someone like her. She’s got clear skin, bright eyes, a gasprillion followers and juuuust the right amount of approachability in her Instagram captions. She’s posting beautifully-curated content at least 3x/day on various platforms, and her long form pieces are heartfelt, funny, and moving. More than being polished, she’s also […]

Here’s How to Be a VIP with Me in 2023: Power Positioning

On a hot day last August, I sent out an email inviting a few brave souls to jump into some fast-paced, private 1-1 work with me. The goal? To test-drive the structure of some new offers I’ve been working on: VIP days and 90-minute Power Sprints. Turns out… more than a few brave souls were into […]

3 big swings (and how they went): Reflecting on 2022

I don’t know about you, but I basically never remember what my “word of the year” is. (For the record, this year it’s technically “curiosity“. Can’t wait to totally forget that little tidbit by March!) But if I could come up with a WoTY for 2022, in retrospect? It would be two words: “Why not?”. […]

“Always Lead with the Exploding Grandpa” and Other Sales Advice

My family is full of Very Useful Humans you can call in an emergency. Mom and Dad? A nurse and doctor, respectively. Big Brother? Works in IT, and knows his way around a tricky computer or jacked up wifi system. Big Sister? A history PHD and general Encyclopedia of All Things. She’s also the oldest, […]

Entrepreneurs: Show Us Your Secrets

I spent last weekend at the glorious second annual Failure Ball, put on by the legendary Jess Manuszak herself. It was a fabulous evening, full of fun, flop stories, great food, and everyone’s finest eleganza (and I was honored to co-host as the Resident Extrovert. You can catch my lil’ outfit reveal here, and a […]

You’re the Expert: What Your Audience Doesn’t Know CAN Hurt

Maybe you’ve heard this one before: “I asked DOZENS of people what they wanted in a program and basically none of them ended up buying!“ “I asked people what they wanted in a podcast. It’s not stuff I actually want to talk about, but should I just do it anyway…?“ ^^ I hear stuff like […]