Flexibility Can Make You Future-Proof

“Adapt or die…” It’s a pretty dramatic statement. I think we can all agree on that. (It also conjures up mental images of Liver-King-Adjacent Crossfit bros throwing tires at each other to improve reaction time.) HOWEVER. “What’s the #1 skill entrepreneurs need to succeed?” is a popular question on these internet streets. And of course […]

Positioning — Why I Don’t Really Sweat Competitors or Copycats

I’ll start by saying one thing about copycats: I’ve been VERY lucky in this category throughout my career. While I’ve had some BIG HMMMM experiences with my ideas being echoed elsewhere in my 12 years, it’s never been in a context that threatened my livelihood. Meanwhile, I’ve seem some absolutely egregious forms of intellectual property […]

A Few Words in Praise of the “Unscaleable Offer”

Now, before any of you brilliant humans come at me with pitchforks, I’ll start by saying: Indeed I DO have offers (tiny and large) that I can scale in my offers suite. Over the years I’ve done groups and programs and courses and quasi-memberships and everything in between. I help my clients create them where […]

Go Be Happy: You Don’t Owe Anyone a Vulnerability Tax!

I’ve been struggling to articulate this for a while now, so here goes: I left a lot of things behind last year, as I think most of us did. Some less-than-fab relationships. About 20 pounds of (donated) shoes and clothes. A bunch of business books I never wound up reading, and always felt twistingly guilty […]

Stop Giving up on Yourself: How to Turn Failures into Features

I guess it’s fair to say, using the language du jour, that we exist in an action-focused world (and industry). Can you blame us? In the beginning, action is a jolt of serotonin. It’s the “Here we GOOO!” up the rollercoaster as you can feel your heart pounding before the real fun begins. In a […]