How to Set and Keep Business Boundaries

Once when I was naught but a wee babe of a copywriter, a client was complaining to me about another writer she once worked with. “She was great,” she acknowledged, a sprinkle of salt seasoning her tone. “But she just wasn’t around when I needed her. She didn’t work certain days, I had to wait […]

Are you being vulnerable, or are you oversharing?

Our palms are sweaty. Knees week. Arms are heavy. We’re nervous. But on the surface we look calm and ready to YELL AT THE FINE LINE BETWEEN BEING VULNERABLE TO CREATE CONNECTION AND MAKING YOUR PEOPLE KIND OF UNCOMFORTABLE. So lemme stop the tired Eminem gag and tell you exactly what I mean: Right now I […]

Hustle Culture and Toxic Productivity

Ugh. I’m embarrassed to admit this — but “outwit, outplay, outlast” used to be the battle cry of my business strategy, dear reader… Granted, I was a total nOOb back then, and in the early stages of my career without any real experience or hard-earned wisdom to go on. So it makes sense that I […]

Small List Shame – How to Tell if Size Really Matters

The title I originally wanted for this post wouldn’t’ve let me through the spam filters, so I’ll cut right to the joke: AHEM! Email list size comparison is the online business world’s greatest 🍆 measuring contest. Think about it. Peep the Look Much like teenage boys in the locker room, everyone’s secretly worried theirs isn’t big enough […]

Profit Panic and Why Launching Is Like Tinder

You’ve set everything up perfectly. You’ve worked so hard to get the words just right. Your photos are just so (and you’re looking pretty fly if you do say so). You’re fairly certain what you’ve put together is irresistible. You go live… You start getting responses and interest… Buuuuut suddenly you realize: the interest you’re getting […]

Shout Out to Women: You Are Entitled to Sell!

“I just don’t wanna feel pushy, yaknow?” ^^^^ this is a sentence haunting the sales efforts of almost every woman business owner I know. Myself included. (At least, until fairly recently. And even then it never fully goes away.) This constant fear of being, doing, or selling too much — even when it’s, uh, our literal livelihood — […]