Hot Take: You Can’t Outsource True Creativity – AI Versus the Human Touch

One fascinating thing about coming from a non-visual creative discipline (copywriting) and growing into a visual one (creative direction) is that the way your taste level and eye develops is almost exactly the same. It’s pattern-spotting, mostly. You notice small details of course (“oof that transition was clunky”/“ouch that lighting really took the bite out […]

Opulent Artist or Whip-Smart Editor — Who Makes the Call?

My all-time favorite music video is the 2009 maximalist masterpiece known as Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”, ft. Beyoncé. It’s 9 minutes and 30 seconds long, and features a Sexy Lady Prison, a disturbingly crisp soundscape, a long-forgotten Virgin mobile phone, a pair of smoking lit-cigarette sunglasses, a brawl, diet coke cans for curlers, a queer makeout, […]

Creativity IS the Long Game Where Endurance Equals Inspiration

I’m sometimes asked, “Where do you get your writing inspo these days?” And my honest reply is: “I reach down and peel off the story stuck to my shoe.” It’s a little Dickensian, maybe. And not the complete answer, of course. (The longer answer is: I’ve committed to treating my social media like a workshop […]

I Don’t Use Brand Archetypes in My Work — Here’s Why

Have I ever told you that I don’t know my birth time? My mom has a ballpark guess — but I’m a third kid, so no one really remembers. And no, it’s not on my birth certificate. I could track it down, I guess? But I haven’t. And I joke sometimes that “that’s what keeps […]

Making the Right Choice at the Crossroads of Major Change

At the crossroads of basically every major change in my business or life, the strangest thing happens. First, I commit. “OK, enough. I have to stop saying yes to this type of project/client/pattern. Even if it’s scary, I know I need to move on, and make space for something new.” I stand at the fork […]