The Spotlight Salon – A Masterclass on Media Pitching

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Confession: I was never very good at dating.

Mercifully, I’ve been with my husband for almost a decade now, but I’ll never forget how deeply and sincerely I hated “the game”.

Cooler folks than I — like perhaps YOU, Bestie — seemed to move through the process so easily.

(I would know. I’d eye them enviously from across the bar on the reg.)

The chill conversation always seemed to flow.

The vibe was intriguing, but never withholding.

They’d drop tiny interesting tidbits about themselves into conversation that were juuuust enough to engage the person on the other side of the gastropub table without giving too much away.

Then there was… whatever the heck I was doing.

A Bad First Date

I’d lumber up with my loud clothes and even louder voice and laugh, greeting them by winding my arm up with an aggressive-looking high five because I wasn’t comfortable hugging strangers from the jump.

My reckless 20-something personality was still completely unwieldy and unharnessed, and it was impossible to get through a first date with a decent-looking stranger from OKCupid without saying, doing, or implying something excruciatingly awkward.

It’s not even that I “hated” small talk, or wanted them to immediately tell me something deep and meaningful about them.

It’s just that I never seemed to hit quite the right “introductory” energy.

I could never be calm, mysterious, or coy in the way I assumed you were supposed to be when meeting someone who might eventually become a romantic interest.

I was never really able to be anything but an absolute rollercoaster of a human being in a fading pair of Forever 21 jeans and chunky jewelry.

(And there was rarely, if ever, a second date.)

So these days, I can completely understand why people would avoid things like pitching the media like the plague.

Yep, Media Pitching is a Lot Like Dating

In fact, it’s almost exactly like dating.

Everyone tells you “just get out there more”…

To “be yourself”…

To rest assured “they’re gonna love you once you give them a chance to get to know you!”

But at the end of the day, they’re not the one who has to DO it.

They’re not the one who has to sit across from some new acquaintance, all your chaos and doubt bubbling under the surface of you, and somehow… impress them?

And hopefully anyone who listens to them?


Yeah, I get it Bestie.

But here’s the thing:

Your visibility strategy absolutely DOES NOT have to feel like me dating in my 20’s.

Presenting the Non-Awkward Visibility Strategy

It doesn’t have to feel like a leap into the unknown, a frantic popularity contest, or a slow descent into the depths of Awkward Purgatory.

It can feel fabulously intentional.

Saucily strategic.

Delightfully thoughtful.

And dare I say: less terrifying than meeting a stranger from the internet IRL with the hopes of a romantic spark.

That’s why I wanted to tell you about The Spotlight Salon – a powerful masterclass series starting March 20.

It’s not just going to teach you how to land visibility opportunities (and get past the normal ol’ awkwardness) — but what to do afterwards to get the sales.

Image links to the Spotlight Salon free masterclass signup.

You’ll hear from top players like:

↠ Matthew Kimberley – Look, Ma! I’m Featured, Now What? How To Sell To Your New Audience

↠ Jadah Sellner: 3 Ways To Grow A Super Engaged Audience

↠ Eman Ismail: The Secrets To Sizzling And Successful Emails

↠ Trudi Lebron: Tokenism in Media: How To Do Better

And ME! Grab your spot here.

Think of it as an intimate drink with the leading voices in online business.

(Instead of a bad first date. ;))

I can’t wait to hear which talk you loved most!

Write On,
Scrolled down here? Here’s why The Spotlight Salon could have a significant impact on your business…

↠ Free access to 12+ interviews with proven tips to master your media pitching and go from nowhere to “wow you’re everywhere” with the sales and confidence to match.

↠ Exclusive Facebook Group to continue the conversation, connect with the experts and ask your specific questions.

↠ A refreshing line up of diverse speakers who are sharing real stories from their business and not the usual cookie cutter tales. Get in on all of this HERE.

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