5 Reasons To Be Absolutely Shameless About Self-promotion

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I’ve been talking with a fair few clients recently (especially my THUNDERbirds) about how to get comfortable with shameless self promotion. ⁣

And it got me thinking about what makes self promotion shameFULL — & how easy it is to get sucked into the vortex of trying to be The Industry’s Next Most Perfect Business Owner.⁣

⁣A perfect business owner who doesn’t talk herself up too much, or people might feel bad.

Doesn’t say too much about her or her clients’ wins, lest someone assume and was taking all the credit.

And keeps her magic under wraps because she believes her ideas are too basic/obvious/already done.⁣

Stop Playing the Shame Game

Listen, I get it.

It’s so easy to become so obsessed with being so carefully beyond criticism…⁣

⁣To get so into the myth of The Person We Think We Should Be (<—- a perfect inoffensive alfredo sauce of a human being, pleasing all with our mildness, and never shining so brightly someone might take a shot at us)…⁣

⁣… We forget to loudly and proudly celebrate and share what’s GOOD, on the off chance it will prevent us from carefully controlling other people’s reactions to us. ⁣

⁣(Which, spoiler alert, is impossible.⁣

⁣Ask me how I know.)⁣

⁣Anyway, there are a million reasons to throw that perfectionist nonsense that creates shameFULL self promotion into the garbage and shamelessly talk yourself up in public.⁣

⁣But for the sake of clarity,

Here are the top 5 reasons shameless self promotion is a Good Thing

SHAMELESSLY SELF PROMOTE BECAUSE:⁣ you get to talk about what’s so great about your work so people can see it (people with eyes!!!)⁣.

⁣SHAMELESSLY SELF PROMOTE BECAUSE: you get to share awesome stories about awesome clients .⁣

⁣SHAMELESSLY SELF PROMOTE BECAUSE: you get to showcase your value and your VALUES. Giving props, sharing your perspective, telling the world about the big results and the little results that matter just as much⁣.

⁣SHAMELESSLY SELF PROMOTE BECAUSE: allowing a currently-invisible mob of Judgey People to run your show is a perfect recipe for resentment, frustration, and stalling out in your business.⁣

⁣SHAMELESSLY SELF PROMOTE BECAUSE: everything gets better when you let yourself shine, frequently and in public.⁣

⁣I promise you. ⁣

⁣So go be proud of yourself. ⁣

⁣And tell us all about it so we can celebrate right along with you.⁣

⁣And be free.

Love u,

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