7 Scroll-Stopping Questions to Juice Up Your Messaging

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Writing your content to flex your expertise.

Launching your thing.

Getting your sea legs talking about your offers.


In lieu of a long boi post today, I wanted to fire over a few quick prompts to help you with that — and spark some scroll-stopping ideas that grab attention, showcase your talents, and help you think (and share) a little outside the box.

Scroll-stopping Ways to Flex Your Expertise

(Feel free to use one — or all — of these today, and in the coming weeks. And if you tag me in whatever you share, I’d love to read it!)

You ready? Let’s dig in.

Your Ideas to the Rescue!

1) What would feel like a MIRACLE to your audience right now?

What is it about what you offer, or how you offer it, that’s gonna feel like full-body “Oh my gosh FINALLY!” relief?

^ can’t take credit for this one — my girl Susan Hyatt taught me!

2) What crossroads do your perfect people need to be at to make the most of what you’re offering?

What have they already thought about and tried?

What do they already have in place that will make jumping in with you a no-brainer?

3) What do your people want MORE of, and LESS of?

Where are they wasting mental or even physical energy?

What’s a version of their future that sounds SO right to them, they’re ready to claim it?

Let Your Audience Know You Know, YKWIM?

4) Where are they “sick of themselves”?

What’s a habit or pattern they KNOW needs to switch up, that you can help them disrupt?

5) What makes them usually roll their eyes at a message like yours?

How can you call that out and meet it head on, with clarity and empathy?

And, in your understanding, what does that objection really mean?

6) WHY do you know what you know about them?

Have you been in their shoes? Worked with tons of people like them? Solved a lot of problems similar to theirs?

Speak to that, directly and often.

7) What do you LOVE about what you’re offering?

Why did you love creating it? And/or why do you love fulfilling it?

Annnnnnd that’s it!

What’s Your Favorite Prompt or Question?

Go forth and write/sell/create/record/talk to your heart’s content.

I hope these help crack through any brain blocks you might be bumping into — especially if talking about yourself doesn’t come easily.

But before you go, I’d also love to know:

What’s YOUR favorite question to get the promo juices flowing?

Drop a comment below and share your fave from this list, or tell me yours!

Write on,


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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