The Ideal vs. the Real: Steps You Must Take Before You Get to Passive Income.

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Man, idk what it is, but we’ve gotta start explaining harder to folks that that it’s REAL tough to get to ✨ passive income ✨ before you’ve mastered, uh, active income.

I keep having casual conversations with folks throwing around the term like they know what it means with no audience, ad budget, or sales experience… and no proven idea or offer.

“I deserve to have the type of lifestyle I want!” sure, agreed, but it is NOT realistic to go into business with the intent to immediately not be present.

Before You Get to Passive Income:

  • You need to learn who you’re selling to.
  • You need to be able to wrangle at least some part of the process.
  • You need to observe your market and its ebbs and flows.

That’s not a cadence you can learn when you’re obsessed with SAYING you have a business and throwing “experts” at the problem and watching money run down the drain.

A Business Where You Don’t Actually Do Any Work?

It’s bad enough when established CEO’s pull out of the day to day with no plan because they just decided they’d had enough, and leave their team holding the bag. (Ask me how I know…) It’s an absolute non-starter when you’re brand new.

Entrepreneurship CAN give you more options.

But if your MO is “how do I have a business where I don’t have to actually do any work” I have some terrible, terrible news for you my dude. 😑

Love, your offer positioning detective,

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