What Kind of Coaching is Right for You? Here’s How to Find Out

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“Do I need positioning help, a rebrand, or high ticket sales coaching?!?!”


A lesson I keep learning in business, branding, and life, is that the order in which you do stuff really matters.

I see this reflected in my clients, too. By the time they get to me, many have already spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaching and brand work that didn’t quiiiite create the results they wanted.

And it’s usually not their fault, nor the other providers’, really. It’s more of an “order of operations” issue.

When You Get Sales Coaching Really Matters

Your business is ready for different things at different times. Let’s discuss.

My crew wants a business and brand that really gets to the guts of things, anchors into their talent, boosts their visibility, and makes them a no-brainer for a higher tier of client.

But what should they do first? They ask:

“Do I just need high ticket sales coaching to create a mega offer?”

“Do I need to burn the whole thing down and start fresh with a rebrand?”

“Or do I actually need positioning help, like Power Position, or a VIP Day with you?”

Alrighty, I’ll tackle these one by one.

Your Coaching and Positioning Questions Answered

“Do I just need high ticket sales coaching to create a mega offer?”


And it’s worth noting that, while helping clients create higher ticket packages and offers is a piece of what I do, I’m NOT a high ticket sales coach.

(There are lots of awesome ones out there. Please tag your faves in the comments!)

However, to make high ticket work — especially if you’ve never done it before — you typically need a few things in place:

  • A clear understanding of your specialty + talent + value
  • Confident positioning
  • A market (doesn’t have to be a huge audience!) that’s proven to bear the level of investment you’re asking for
  • Ample credibility in your chosen field (typically created through content, workshops and the like.)

^ Some high ticket programs will help you figure pieces of this out as part of the process.

You May Need Help Diving Deeper into Your Offer

HOWEVER, many of my clients need to dig deeper into one or all of the above before they feel genuinely confident charging high ticket. And maybe you do, too.

“Do I need to burn the whole thing down and start fresh with a rebrand?”


However, when you come to me for creative direction for your rebrand, just know that we’re branding the YOU of tomorrow, and 3-5+ years down the line.

So, for this type of work, I’m heavy on the brand strategy side, but NOT the

business strategy side.

Are You Really Ready for a Rebrand?

That means, in order to be ready for a rebrand with me, you need a clear idea of things like:

  • The audience you most want to speak to
  • What your offers are (or will likely be) and who they serve
  • What this rebrand will help future you DO. Do you wanna speak? Teach? Start a revolution? Sell super high ticket, or low ticket? Become the first/best/only in your industry? etc.
  • What you do so magically well (even if you can’t tell me in a quippy, quick way yet)
  • Some idea of your aesthetic tastes and preferences — so I can elevate ’em.

^ THIS is how you get the most juice out of my process. I’ll draw it out of you, and develop a concept that brings it all together. But you need to arrive with the vision.

“Or do I actually need positioning work, like a VIP Day with you or Power Position?”

It’s more more likely than you think!

How to Decide if You Need Coaching on Positioning

See, great positioning (especially the kind that can be elevated into a high-concept brand) happens at the intersection of:

  • Your audience
  • Your offers
  • Your differentiators
  • Your big promise (and message)

If you want to level up, but you’re not clear on two or more of the above? POSITIONING is where you should begin.

Positioning Coaching vs Collaborative Consulting

This is why I call what I do “positioning coaching” inside Power Position, and “collaborative consulting” in my VIP Days.

Because I’m not just spitting out quick n’ dirty ideas for positioning around your audience/offers/differentiators/big promise.

I’m here to help you truly own them, and deeply understand them, so they can continue to evolve as you do.

And so that, when you’re READY for that rebrand with me, or a $50k high ticket “Hell yeah!” offer? You’ve got the foundation to get the most juice out of ’em, whatever you decide.

Hope that answers your question.


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