Three Solid Non-Money Promises You Can Use to Attract Clients

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“Wait a minute…” my client says.

“I realize you don’t really make many money promises in your sales language. But here I am, spending [$5k/$15k/$35+]. How do you do that?!”

^^ this is a question I’m genuinely proud to get asked fairly regularly by the brilliant folks who’ve invested in my higher ticket offers.

So let’s discuss.

But first! Here’s a quick positioning tip and a reminder:

Making More Money May Not Be Your Client’s Top Priority

Even if you’re *technically ..*in the business of making people more money, your bank account isn’t always your client’s #1 priority.

It’s easy to understand why the creative and coaching industry’s marketing default is “STUN ‘EM WITH THE NUMBERS!”

Money is a simple, quantifiable way to share what feels like irrefutable proof of your expertise.

But defaulting to money promises can get tricky for a couple of reasons:

  1. not every business GETS money-related results for folks (or for every client), and not everyone has clients who track/report back
  2. money-based promises can sometimes attract clients who are strictly money-focused (or worse: in a money panic).

The good news? There’s a universe of non-money promises desirable enough to pay for.

Know What’s Most Important to Your Peeps

That’s why, as always — especially when it comes to positioning — it’s important to ask yourself: “What’s most important to my client?”

What’s really driving your people to want to change, create, or learn something new?

What would be their dream outcome?

If their bank account isn’t #1, what’s their top priority right now?

What are they struggling with?

What are they looking for that they haven’t already found?

Also, the types of promises I’m about to share are NOT the only ones that work.

(They’re just my favorite three to explore — both in my clients’ positioning, and in my own business.)

Three Solid Non-Money Outcomes You Can Share with Clients

Without further ado, may I present:

  • Non-money promise #1: The learning promise
  • Non-money promise #2: The emotional benefit promise
  • Non-money promise #3: The clarity promise

Let’s get into it:

#1: The Learning Promise

That’s right: learning isn’t just for newbies!

Even the Fancy Folks still value understanding how the sausage is made — either before they outsource, or to diversify their skillset.

This promise could sound like:

“Get trained in my watertight system for [DESIRED OUTCOME] — and getting it right, every time.”

“I’ll teach you how to create without [CLIENT STRUGGLE].”

“Learn the secrets of ___ — from someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes this work.”

#2: The Emotional Benefit Promise

If we’re worried something might stir up undesirable emotions (stress, fear, overwhelm, exhaustion), it’s often a “No thanks.”

But what if you could promise a different emotional experience of that journey?

This promise could sound like:

“The DAMN FUN approach to .”

“The calm, catch-your-breath way to .”

“What if could feel wildly joyful?”

#3: The Clarity Promise

Clarity is the bubbling well from which every kind of growth springs.

Once you know where you’re going, the path becomes clearer — and that’s what makes the promise of it so powerful.

This promise could sound like:

“FINALLY understand why you , once and for all — so you can stop.”

“Drill down deep enough to finally discover your own, precious ____.”

“Tune out the noise. Tune into your ____.”

Bonus: The Best Promise to Make to Clients

Most importantly: the best promise you can make to your clients and customers is the promise you can keep.

Be confident (self doubt has no place in a big promise! Hype your strengths!), and thoughtful.

Be bold (no one’s ever been struck in the soul by a watered-down concept you were too shy to own), and brave.

And, as always:

Test, test, test. And keep going.

Cheers, H


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