My podcast interview with Unemployable Woman Magazine!


Psst, hey guys!

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My first ever podcast interview just flew onto the digital airwaves.

Get it while it’s hot, y’all! Click HERE to listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or just online.

Also – be sure to catch my article ‘Social Media: YOU style – how to craft more shareable content in a noisy virtual worldin the latest issue of the magazine. Snatch up your glossy virtual copy HERE.

It’s free. It’s awesome. And you’re gonna love it.

There’s a ton of great content here from brilliant minds like Abby Kerr, Kendrick Shope, and Alex Franzen. Don’t miss it!

Huge thanks to the fabulous Miki Strong and the amazing crew over at Unemployable Woman Magazine for picking my brain. It was an absolute blast.

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