Do You Need These “Must-have” Biz Tools? I Don’t – and Here’s Why

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To be clear: none of the things I’m about to list are bad, “lame”, or wrong.


I hear from clients a lot (and relate to the feeling):

All day every day, we get a million different messages from all sides about what we SHOULD have in place if we want a fancy, successful, big-dog business.

Which is all, at this point, more than one person can do in a lifetime.

So I figured I’d show you some of the things I don’t have at work in my business, and we’re still truckin’, even so.

A Non-exhaustive List of the Tools I DON’T Have in My Business

I DON’T have:

  • A schedule structured around my period
  • A standing desk or walking desk
  • Mushroom coffee
  • Much concern about my caffeine habits
  • Brain-related vitamin supplements
  • A gigantic team
  • Full-time employees (though I do pay my OBM a retainer that could equate to a full-time salary)
  • The skills to manifest from my vagina or whatever #iykyk

I Also Don’t Use These Business Tools:

  • Spreadsheets to track my content calendar (correction: I technically HAVE these, but I don’t use them like I should )
  • A set-in-stone content strategy when it comes to my topics. I like to riff!
  • Inbox 0 (more like Inbox 49,356 ahahahaha send help)
  • Super fancy proposals — the body of an email has always worked fine for me
  • A formal market research strategy
  • “Coffee chats” available as an opt-in for my calendar
  • A super scaled-up group program

More Tools I DON’T Have:

  • Most “must read” business books (I buy them to donate to Goodwill at this point)
  • Perfect healthy breakfasts, lunches, or dinners
  • A morning routine
  • A clear, save-the-world WHY (I’ve got a “WHY NOT” — more about this in my book. But I’m mostly just focused on helping who I can, and having fun.)
  • A professional recording set-up
  • The fanciest MacBook Pro
  • A clear picture of exactly when I’ll retire
  • A business coach (at the moment! Love me some coaching though.)

And Even More Tools I DON’T Have:

  • A membership
  • A tiny offer in my funnel (we used to, but it’s turned off for now!)
  • A publicity strategy
  • An opt-in that was created after 2018
  • A FB ads strategy— for now, anyway.
  • Pristinely-organized financial records (mercifully, I hire people for that!)
  • A game plan to ever fully exit my “business chaos goblin” stage

I’m sure there’s more “shoulds” that I missed, but as you can tell, that’s a long ol’ laundry list. On the other hand…

What Amazing Things DO I Have?

A thriving business.

Clients, and a team, and offers I am absolutely obsessed with.

Branding and positioning that’s so clear (to me, AND my people) that I can just riff in my content and messaging.

A whole lotta fun, laughter, and joy.

And total peace knowing that anything I might need but don’t have YET, will be tackled in perfect timing when the opportunity presents itself.

Because it always does.

Just sayin’

Big hugs,

Photo by Elena Rouame on Unsplash

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