I got on a #LevelUp Blab with The Audacity Coach. Here’s what happened.

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Click to watch the full interview (and find out why I made this face!)

A few weeks ago, I got on the line with the amazing Coach Jennie, a.k.a The Audacity Coach, and badass founder of The Audacity Lab, Roller Derby for the Soul podcast, and The Shove, her swift-kick-in-the-butt newsletter built to get you moving on your dreams.

I’ve been privileged to know Coach Jennie since I was naught but a wee baby copywriter.

We worked on her book Audacity Rules together (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. It’s amazing.), and have generally spent the past 4 years cheering each other along on our entrepreneurial journeys.

So when she invited me to hop on her Audacity Lab Blab with her and her merry band of business badasses, I couldn’t type “HELL YEAH!” fast enough.

The interview was an absolute blast – and you can watch it right here.

We covered quite a rainbow of heady and hilarious topics for any digital business owner, and took questions from the round.

Watch the interview to find out:

  • * What copywriters have in common with mechanics and surgeons.
  • * What it takes to reach out to your heroes successfully (without totally fangirling)
  • * Why generosity should be the main ingredient of a sales funnel.
  • * What it’s like to work with me
  • * The reason why you SHOULDN’T write with me – or any copywriter
  • * Copywriting tips (duh)

… and so much more.

Fair warning though: I talk REALLY fast.

Will accept requests for hyper chatterbox translations in the comments. ;)


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