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Hillary Weiss - The Power Plan 4

Hey dear reader – I teased this offer a couple weeks back… and here it is at last!

(Thanks so much for your patience by the way, friend.

Between finishing my v. smol book, client work, an epic season of Q1 client onboarding, and a lovely getaway to our beloved New Orleans, it’s been a wee bit chaotic around here.)

I’ll cut right to the chase:

My Clients Get Results

After jamming with my current pricing structure for my Creative Direction, VIP days, and 90-minute sprints for the last couple of years…

And, after using these services to co-create some seriously epic stuff with clients, like…

Reimagining their brands into gorgeous scroll-stopping landscapes that “feel like home” — and bring in the big bucks — inside my Creative Direction process.

(You can check out a recent client website launch for the amazing Courtney Townley here — BIG UPS to the whole team for this one! Check it out on desktop for the full magic.)

… Updating already-killer brands and bustling businesses that have evolved, but don’t need a full rebrand YET, with a fresh positioning concept that sets them up for 3-5 years in the future inside my VIP days. We bring everything from their visual brand, to their offers, to their big idea together under one “roof”.

(When I tell you these are good, I MEAN IT. Here’s what Shannon Matson from The Social Bungalow had to say about hers:

“One of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business – and I have made A LOT! Hillary saw me, reached in, extracted, and catapulted. Hillary designed the trajectory of where I should take my business from where it currently stands… Hire her today.”)

Helping position sales language, offers, and big ideas for what have turned into 6-figure launches, seamless sales processes, and a higher tier of client they can’t wait to work with inside my 90-minute Power Sprint sessions.

(These power-packed sprints made the amazing Rachel Darden say:

“It’s a game changer. I know you hear people say, ‘Wow, that was the best investment I ever made in my business,’ or ‘Wow, this completely changed my life.’… but just having the clarity from Hillary in this session completely changed my approach to business. She’s brilliant and amazing and I appreciate her insight so much!”)

Now, the time has come.

Bumping Up

More specifically: the time to take things to the next level — so I can continue serving my select group of clients at the most exquisite tier possible.

Yep: that means I’m raising my prices for each of these offers, starting in Q2.

HOWEVER! If you’ve been eyeballing a chance to work with me privately, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet?

You can grab one of the coveted few remaining spots at the “old” rate if you book in by February 28th.

If you’ve been on the fence — now’s the time to jump off before these price points bump up to the next level.

How to Claim Your Spot Before the Hike

Step 1: First, read on below.

Step 2: Once you’ve seen the offer that’s reached out, grabbed you by the shoulders and said “THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED! (I’m pretty sure?”) — zap us an email at hello@hillaryweiss.com and let us know what you’d like more info about.

Step 3: Rejoice in claiming one of the last remaining coveted spots before the price goes up.

Here’s a Peek at Each Offer

Statement Piece Sessions Creative Direction is for YOU if:

  • You want a new brand that STOPS THE SCROLL on screens of every size — and clues clients in instantly to who you are, what you do phenomenally well, and why you’re worth every bit of your investment.
  • Maybe you know you’re a rare breed (& clients tell you all the time)… but it’s a mixed blessing — because so far, it’s been almost impossible to translate your mish-mash of mad skills into just-right verbiage and visuals.
  • Maybe your current branding has stopped feeling like “you”… so you’re laying low behind the scenes when you should be out rattling cages with branding so true-to-you, it never goes out of style.
  • You’re an elite-level expert who wants to show up bigger on your industry’s stage… without constantly struggling to explain what you do, or wasting away in a constant state of brand existential crisis.

Thinking “THIS IS ME!”? Email “Tell me about Creative Direction!” to hello@hillarywiess.com and we’ll send ya the details.

NOTE: Creative Direction has shifted a bit from what’s on the current site. We’ll get back to you with more info if you’re eyeballing this one.

My Positioning Puzzle VIP day is for YOU if:

  • You’re overall solid with your current visual brand… but you’ve got a positioning problem! Maybe you’ve got a new offer coming out, your overall messaging is wildly outdated, or you’re prepping to speak to a new tier of client, etc! Now, you need a core concept to tie it all together that still fits with your current presence.
  • A lot has shifted in your business lately, and there are a ton of moving parts. You need someone who can comb through them all, and figure out how to make it all work together from a positioning standpoint that speaks directly to your target buyer.
  • You’re working on a new flagship offer, and want someone to dive under the layers and chaos with you, not only to help shape the offer, but to develop the key positioning touch points you can use for launches, copy, social, and strategy
  • You know there’s a level deeper to the work you’re doing, but you can’t see the forest or the trees. You need someone to go brain spelunking with you and hold you accountable to dig out how to frame your unique approach to your work.
  • You’re planning a campaign/launch, and are sick of being the Chief Idea Officer. You need a pro in your corner who can comb through all the pieces with you, and hand you a document you can give over to your team to help them hit the ground running.

Thinking “THIS IS ME!”? Email “Tell me about the VIP day!” to hello@hillaryweiss.com and we’ll send ya the details.

(You can also read more about it here.)

My 90-minute Positioning Sprint is for YOU if:

  • You have a THRILLING new offer about to launch and you want to hone into its most powerfully positioned form in the market. [Note: a sprint is ideal for key messaging ONLY, though I can offer minor tweaks to the offer itself! In VIP days, we can develop the offer together and position it too!]
  • Your current site messaging (on one key page, i.e. Home, About, Sales, etc) that’s feeling pretty bleh, and needs a tune-up
  • You’re eyeballing/already working with a PHENOMENAL new tier of client, and want to massage a key page of well-positioned messaging to draw them in like a tractor beam of love
  • You’ve got a big question on what’s next for the business, maybe even hit a bit of a wall — and you need a brain who understands your goals and the industry at large to hash it out

Thinking “THIS IS ME!”? Email “Tell me about the 90-minute sprint!” to hello@hillaryweiss.com and we’ll send ya the details.

(You can also read more about it further down the page here.)

Then? Email hello@hillaryweiss.com with the offer you want more details for — and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

If You’re Ready, Let’s Gooooo!

NOTE: your service does NOT have to happen in Q1 — but if you wanna lock in the pricing?

You’ve got til Feb 28th to get the ball rolling.

I want to make sure one of those spots goes to you if you want it.

Let’s do this,


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