Copywriters: Are You Making This Positioning Mistake?

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Copywriter friends, it’s your friendly neighborhood Positioning Coach here, fully acknowledging I say this at least once a year but I’m begging of you once more:

If you wanna attract high-end clientele, your value prop should REALLY be something beyond:

“Do you hate writing for yourself? I don’t!”


“Are you too busy to write? I got you!”

Adjust Messaging to Attract the “Right” Clientele

Higher ticket clientele are time poor, sure, and may not have copywriting skills… but there’s more to it than that.

(Not to mention: that’s not differentiating you from anyone else in your space.)

Higher ticket clientele want strategic brains to help them think outside the box, find opportunities, and fill in gaps.

They want people who understand the industry, know what’s works, and can get it right the first time.

They want folks who know what they specifically want and why. (Ok cool they wanna stand out… how, and in what way, and what’s the ultimate vision?)

They want folks who are autonomous, will ask the right questions, and put the pieces together without a ton of oversight. (Speaking of, make sure your process isn’t too bloated.)

Set Your Sights Beyond the Low-hanging Fruit

So pleeeeease, don’t just look to the problem you know is the lowest hanging fruit — i.e. lack of time/knowledge.

Reach up and snatch for that higher-up fruit!

Get more specific about your clients’ current position and desires, AND the cross section of skills and knowledge you’re bringing to the table.

I promise, your positioning/messaging/results will be much better for it.

Write on,


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