Here’s How an Umbrella Concept Simplifies Business for You and Your Ideal Clients

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It’s a funny feeling, isn’t it?

You’re SO GOOD at what you do, and you’re passionate about it.

You know who you’d love to work with.

You’ve got an approach that gets results (whether you can name it yet or not), and your offers are solid.

You may even have new visuals you like.

But while you have all the pieces… something still feels wrong, somehow.

Gathering Your Brand’s Elements Under One Big Umbrella

Specifically: something seems to be missing.

Something to tie everything together, and demonstrate how you’re different.

A catchy hook that makes your brand truly YOU.

An overarching big idea you can own, and hang your hat on — and talk about on stages, and in media and interviews.

That something you can’t quite name? It’s a concept (for your brand, or positioning).

And you’re right, that is a big thing to be missing.

Without a concept tying what you do together under one umbrella idea, it’s like hosting a dinner party by displaying the finest ingredients…

… but without an actual meal to offer.

What’s the Thread That Ties It All Together?

The elements of your brand can be awesome in isolation, but if there’s no conceptual big idea, or hook, for your ideal audience to see over and over, it’s much, much harder to gain momentum.

This is why all of my brand and positioning work is concept-focused.

(And all the best brand work is).

I use concept thinking for everything — it’s in all the brand positioning and creative direction work I do for my clients, to shape my content, and the moves I make for my own brand.

So here’s a quick primer on how to think about it (with examples):

The Most Impactful Elements of Your Brand Concept

There are SO many elements that can tie into a brand concept, but I find the biggest ones are:

  • Your audience (their specific challenges and goals)
  • Your differentiators (your expertise level, style, customer experience, knowledge base, delivery, etc.)
  • Your offers (the things you sell)
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (what makes you the first, the best, or the only?)
  • Where your biz is, and where you want it to go (your big vision, baby)

And your challenge, should you choose to accept it…

… Is to take those individual threads and braid them into a catchy concept that unites them under one idea umbrella — an umbrella that’s also designed to expand and evolve right along with you.

A tall order? Indeed. (And why it helps to have a specialist on hand for this).

Here’s How a Specialist Can Help Dial in Your Big Idea

To show you what I mean, here are a couple of recent concept examples I’ve created for clients:

The client: An agency owner offering mentorship for graphic designers ready to master data-focused websites… without sacrificing beauty, or customer experience.

**The concept: “**Data + Delight” methodology + mentorship

The client: a social media agency owner for established brands ready to grow their audience by leveraging what’s already working to build their bigger expert brand.

The concept: Potent Presence [final name TBD], “the lightweight approach to making you an industry heavyweight.”

With these concepts, clients were able to hone their focus to stay on-message, so their ideas & brand have space to take root.

Big Idea + Focus = Simplicity

This is how concept thinking can help you: by creating a leading hook, and decomplicating your creative choices going forward.

This focus helps you center your message, brand, and promotion around your big idea ONLY, & let everything else fall away.

… And helps you serve up a piping hot dish of a Big Idea to your audience — and watch the needle move the way it’s supposed to.



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