How to never run out of things to write about, ever.

Fun fact: I think “writer’s block” is bullshit. Firstly because I don’t like the phrase. A ‘block’ implies a third party sitting stationary in your path, when in reality, the only thing in your way is… you. Secondly, I don’t dig the way some writers use “writer’s block” as an excuse to stop trying. “Welp!” […]

The science of surprise: How to make your work unforgettable

Every day, two million blog posts are published online. Of the few that actually get clicked, 55% of readers spend fewer than 15 seconds reading. Factor in that the average reader gets through 250 words a minute, and you’ve got a measly 62 words to grab someone’s attention. That’s it. And this isn’t just for writers. That […]

Behind the scenes of the Death to Stock Writers Prompts

While you likely catch me on this blog on the reg, you might also know me as fast-typing fingers that bring you the weekly Death to Stock Writers Prompts. (Heads up: I’ve included some extra prompts with matching header graphics at the bottom of this post! These are more content marketing oriented, to help you start writing […]

Giddy Gratitude: Meet the folks who made possible

When I first started dreaming up my rebrand back in January, I had three ideas: 1) I wanted something fresh 2) I wanted something different 3) And I wanted something that felt like me. Naturally, these are the three most borderline-generic desires of any rebrand. So I needed to phone in some pros to give […]