DON’T KILL YOUR BLOG: A love story

Something’s waiting for you: It was 3 AM in late December 2015. I was sitting on my childhood bed in my underwear because the AC was broken again. Of course. I was at my parent’s house in Florida for the Christmas holiday. And while I was supposed to be taking time off from work, I’d […]

No, you are not too young (to start a business)

If I could send a letter to my 22 year old self, it would start like this: “Hey Me. It’s You. First: I love your flower skirt. Please don’t donate that one to Goodwill, you’ll regret it. Second: Listen, I know what everyone’s trying to tell you. They’re trying to gently explain that this writer […]

What it takes.

When I was younger, I went to school with an extraordinary dancer. In every style and step she was a sight to behold, with her effortless grace almost-impossible strength. My mother told me she’d be a prima ballerina someday, and I didn’t doubt it. When she’d so much as step onstage to rehearse, a hush […]