On Making One’s Mind a Safer Place To Be

I braced myself against the door of the locked bathroom stall, sweaty palms flat on the cool painted wood, my chin dangling toward my chest. I told myself to breathe. In, out. In, out. About 15 minutes before, despite a decent night’s sleep and a lovely day strolling in the sunshine, the strangest curl of […]

How to Stop Researching and Start Doing

Feel like you’re Doing the Damn Most to reach your next-level business goals, but still going nowhere? Ugh. Been there too, friend. Let’s talk about it… No too long ago (or maybe longer ago than you prefer to mention) you may have decided it was time for your Next Big Thing. ⁣ Time to grow […]

DON’T KILL YOUR BLOG: A love story

Something’s waiting for you: It was 3 AM in late December 2015. I was sitting on my childhood bed in my underwear because the AC was broken again. Of course. I was at my parent’s house in Florida for the Christmas holiday. And while I was supposed to be taking time off from work, I’d […]