Entrepreneurs: Show Us Your Secrets

I spent last weekend at the glorious second annual Failure Ball, put on by the legendary Jess Manuszak herself. It was a fabulous evening, full of fun, flop stories, great food, and everyone’s finest eleganza (and I was honored to co-host as the Resident Extrovert. You can catch my lil’ outfit reveal here, and a […]

Staring: Is It Really Rude, Or a Secret to Success?

So basically: most birds hate me. That’s not an exaggeration. I could regale you at length with bizarre stories of every bird I’ve ever held sinking its beak into my hand at some point. Or about that time a scarlet macaw absolutely lost its ish on its perch at Petsmart as I approached, doing flips […]

On my deep misinterpretation of mental toughness.

On the morning after my 28th birthday party, I woke up convinced I was going to die. (Well — I know I’ll kick the bucket eventually. But as soon as I opened my eyes that April dawn, I was utterly convinced that “someday” was today.) I reached up to my bedside table with trembling hands to check […]

The real (and only) way to find your writing style

The following is an excerpt from my course The Wordshops hitting the virtual airwaves later this month, along with my FREE un-boring blog writing challenge. (Both launching September 2017). If you want to get your hands on the DIY Wordshop course, and/or apply to join my 4-week copywriting Wordshop incubator, click here to drop me a line and let […]