On my deep misinterpretation of mental toughness.

On the morning after my 28th birthday party, I woke up convinced I was going to die. (Well — I know I’ll kick the bucket eventually. But as soon as I opened my eyes that April dawn, I was utterly convinced that “someday” was today.) I reached up to my bedside table with trembling hands to check […]

The real (and only) way to find your writing style

The following is an excerpt from my course The Wordshops hitting the virtual airwaves later this month, along with my FREE un-boring blog writing challenge. (Both launching September 2017). If you want to get your hands on the DIY Wordshop course, and/or apply to join my 4-week copywriting Wordshop incubator, click here to drop me a line and let […]

Expectations: the great creative hurdle

  A friend of mine (a poet at heart) recently told me he was trying to write a poem, but hadn’t drafted anything he considered worthwhile. Or anything at all, really. His reason? He had his heart set on writing a 30-line sonnet. And he hadn’t been able to pull it off yet. Uh… what? […]

If you really knew me, you would know…

(This post was inspired by the incomparable Alexandra Franzen, and by Cassie’s genius interpretation of it from her perch at House of Owls. I highly encourage you to check both out.) (Go ahead. I’ll wait.) So without further ado, in the spirit of inching that proverbial blog curtain up just a liiittle bit higher: IF […]