How to Adapt Your Business Featuring Peter Nguyen

A few weeks into quarantine, my husband Zach — Buffalo Bills football fan extraordinaire — came sliding into our living room, jittery with excitement. “So, for the NFL Draft this year… since they can’t do it in person, they’re selecting fans from each team to cheer in the background on Zoom as the new picks are announced. […]

Moving IRL Sales Online: A Deep Dive On Tesla’s Latest Move

I was halfway through a to-die-for eggs benedict at an adorable brunch spot in Austin when my phone buzzed with the headline… “Tesla Motors announces plan to shut down 100% of brick and mortar stores.“ … and a piece of English muffin tumbled right out of my mouth. Four Phases to Evaluating Marketing Moves I had […]

Is it Time to Leave Social Media?

Social media. (Ooh, did those two words send just shivers down your spine?) Like it or lump it, it’s become one of the perceived “necessary evils” of starting and growing an online business. Reason being? Social media is a place to solve problems in public, attract clients, play around, put your work out there, and […]

What to Do When You Want to Burn It All Down

Have you ever used a pressure washer on your driveway or deck? (And even if you haven’t, a friend probably has. And you probably know because they probably posted a VERY excited before and after on Facebook.) Can confirm: it is a very, very satisfying feeling. All that high-pressured water fires out of the spout at a […]

How to Make Customers Care + Buy with Shenee Howard

“I want to put myself out there more… but I feel like no one really cares.” ^ Ah, the self-judgement trap that literally every creative in the known universe falls into. (At least the ones who want to build more of a brand for themselves online.) And the reality is: when you’re just getting started? You’re […]

Launching Myths and Must Dos with Shenee Howard

Launching is basically the Schrödinger’s Cat of marketing. It’s an approach to sales strategy that feels simultaneously dead and alive. Effective and broken. Useless and game-changing. Creating record profits, and record failures. Somehow everything, everywhere, all at once. My criticisms of the launch world have been well documented (and coincidentally read tens of thousands of times) — but it’s still a part […]