Small but Mighty: Confronting Nonsense Strategy Advice

Over the years I’ve helped roughly 80% of my clients develop shiny new strategies/consulting/coaching offers as part of their ecosystem. (And the other 20% already have ‘em in their wheelhouse, we just improve ’em.) After all — strategic offers come with the growth territory as you position yourself as a high-end expert brand. My crew […]

Professionalism: How To Fight (For Your Ideas)

I dunno what it was about 90’s TV, but for some reason the phrase “The customer is always right,” has been burned into my brain since childhood after hearing it on sitcom after sitcom, cartoon after cartoon. It was always said by some stuffy Managerial Parental Stand-In Type, upset that the protagonist was putting up […]

Pricing Woes: How to Know What You Should Charge

DUN DUN DUNNN — the dreaded question! … And one I’m asked all the dang time by my coaching clients, especially in my group incubator The THUNDER Collective, where participants are constantly testing and selling new offers. And it’s no wonder, right? Pricing is arguably the greatest (and sometimes most painful) personal growth practice the […]

How Taking Time Also Makes the Time to Boost Your Business

As I bop around the various dance floors of the interwebs, a lot of busy entrepreneurs like you have hit me up with this all-too-common struggle. “I want to change things up, but I’m too balls-out busy with client work to work on my own business.” Maybe you can relate? It feels like you’re always just […]