Making the Right Choice at the Crossroads of Major Change

At the crossroads of basically every major change in my business or life, the strangest thing happens. First, I commit. “OK, enough. I have to stop saying yes to this type of project/client/pattern. Even if it’s scary, I know I need to move on, and make space for something new.” I stand at the fork […]

Gut Instinct or Insecurity – Which One Is Driving Your Biz?

Hey Friend, I’ve messed my life up in ways that required a “cleanup-on-aisle-3” style mop job at least twice. Once, when I decided to try and live in a “state of grace”, and ensure “my left hand didn’t know what the right was giving”. And again, when I decided to “listen to my gut above all […]

Flexibility Can Make You Future-Proof

“Adapt or die…” It’s a pretty dramatic statement. I think we can all agree on that. (It also conjures up mental images of Liver-King-Adjacent Crossfit bros throwing tires at each other to improve reaction time.) HOWEVER. “What’s the #1 skill entrepreneurs need to succeed?” is a popular question on these internet streets. And of course […]