6 ways ideas go from “good enough” to extraordinary.

Fact: you are capable of creating extraordinary things. I hope you know that already, but if you don’t — I wanted to tell you. Because you’re a creative — which means your brain probably goes a million miles an hour, right? Day in, day out, you probably have more good ideas than you can shake […]

DON’T KILL YOUR BLOG: A love story

Something’s waiting for you: It was 3 AM in late December 2015. I was sitting on my childhood bed in my underwear because the AC was broken again. Of course. I was at my parent’s house in Florida for the Christmas holiday. And while I was supposed to be taking time off from work, I’d […]

The real (and only) way to find your writing style

The following is an excerpt from my course The Wordshops hitting the virtual airwaves later this month, along with my FREE un-boring blog writing challenge. (Both launching September 2017). If you want to get your hands on the DIY Wordshop course, and/or apply to join my 4-week copywriting Wordshop incubator, click here to drop me a line and let […]

The persistent, precious habit of self-belief

She leaned across our tiny bar table toward me; her eyes bright, blue, and earnest. “It’s like you have this ember burning inside you,” My friend said, gesturing to her chest, “You always push forward, even if everyone tells you you can’t do something. I just… really admire that.” I, in turn, almost choked on […]

No, you are not too young (to start a business)

If I could send a letter to my 22 year old self, it would start like this: “Hey Me. It’s You. First: I love your flower skirt. Please don’t donate that one to Goodwill, you’ll regret it. Second: Listen, I know what everyone’s trying to tell you. They’re trying to gently explain that this writer […]