How to Tell Signal From Noise – What Your Clients Are Really Telling You

One night at my Florida grade school in the early 2000’s, a rogue bolt of lightning exploded a set of playground monkey bars into a pile of smoldering splinters. Within weeks, the understandably alarmed administration placed a lightning thingie (detector) on the roof of the library. It looked like a child’s drawing of a stick […]

7 Scroll-Stopping Questions to Juice Up Your Messaging

I SEE YOU OUT THERE. Writing your content to flex your expertise. Launching your thing. Getting your sea legs talking about your offers. AND SO! In lieu of a long boi post today, I wanted to fire over a few quick prompts to help you with that — and spark some scroll-stopping ideas that grab attention, […]

Three Solid Non-Money Promises You Can Use to Attract Clients

“Wait a minute…” my client says. “I realize you don’t really make many money promises in your sales language. But here I am, spending [$5k/$15k/$35+]. How do you do that?!” ^^ this is a question I’m genuinely proud to get asked fairly regularly by the brilliant folks who’ve invested in my higher ticket offers. So […]

Boost Your Sales Immediately with Two Super Simple Tweaks

There’s a lot of temptation in the industry, especially these days, to throw the bébé out with the bathwater a liiiittle too quickly when it comes to our offers. Even if it’s something you’re REALLY excited about, sometimes if what you’ve built… Doesn’t sell out immediately… Attracts a different type of person (ahem) than you […]

“Always Lead with the Exploding Grandpa” and Other Sales Advice

My family is full of Very Useful Humans you can call in an emergency. Mom and Dad? A nurse and doctor, respectively. Big Brother? Works in IT, and knows his way around a tricky computer or jacked up wifi system. Big Sister? A history PHD and general Encyclopedia of All Things. She’s also the oldest, […]