Fall in Love With Your Offer: Inspiration from My Fun Factor Event

Just recently, in a bright pink room filled with flowers, feathers, and disco balls, I ran my very first retreat in New York City alongside my long-time friend Dusti Arab, called Fun Factor. (If you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet the last couple of weeks — how kind of you to notice! – it’s because […]

Here’s How to Be a VIP with Me in 2023: Power Positioning

On a hot day last August, I sent out an email inviting a few brave souls to jump into some fast-paced, private 1-1 work with me. The goal? To test-drive the structure of some new offers I’ve been working on: VIP days and 90-minute Power Sprints. Turns out… more than a few brave souls were into […]

You Don’t Have to Be Beyoncé to 10x Your Visibility

She stood stock still, with the microphone stand held above her head with both hands like a trophy — and the crowd. went. wild. And I thought to myself: “Damn. What a difference 8 years makes.” Last night I was with my husband and friend at a concert for a band I hadn’t seen in […]

Creatives: Charge for the Transformation You Provide, Not What You DO

“Best kept secret” creatives? I’m obsessed with y’all. … Or, as the internet would say: “I stan y’all. “Look: I know it’s common for folks who’ve been behind the scenes of other people’s businesses for wayyy too long to feel a little shy about why they aren’t being seen more widely in the space yet.⁣ […]