Don’t Be Shy — Here’s How to Take Those Compliments You’ve Earned

“Frankly, it’s confusing,” my now-husband, then-boyfriend Z deadpanned. We were squabbling about the strange contradiction of my perceived self-image. More specifically: my absolute inability to comfortably accept compliments of any kind — even (or especially) about things I’d worked my butt off to create or cultivate. “You exude all this confidence, but then then aggressively resist […]

What Kind of Coaching is Right for You? Here’s How to Find Out

“Do I need positioning help, a rebrand, or high ticket sales coaching?!?!” AN EXCELLENT QUESTION, FRIEND. Let’s talk about it. A lesson I keep learning in business, branding, and life, is that the order in which you do stuff really matters. I see this reflected in my clients, too. By the time they get to […]

Positioning — Why I Don’t Really Sweat Competitors or Copycats

I’ll start by saying one thing about copycats: I’ve been VERY lucky in this category throughout my career. While I’ve had some BIG HMMMM experiences with my ideas being echoed elsewhere in my 12 years, it’s never been in a context that threatened my livelihood. Meanwhile, I’ve seem some absolutely egregious forms of intellectual property […]

Fall in Love With Your Offer: Inspiration from My Fun Factor Event

Just recently, in a bright pink room filled with flowers, feathers, and disco balls, I ran my very first retreat in New York City alongside my long-time friend Dusti Arab, called Fun Factor. (If you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet the last couple of weeks — how kind of you to notice! – it’s because […]

Here’s How to Be a VIP with Me in 2023: Power Positioning

On a hot day last August, I sent out an email inviting a few brave souls to jump into some fast-paced, private 1-1 work with me. The goal? To test-drive the structure of some new offers I’ve been working on: VIP days and 90-minute Power Sprints. Turns out… more than a few brave souls were into […]