"With Hillary’s help, I made the 20% changes that gave me 80% of the results. I had a low goal of 10 sales. I sold 80. EIGHTY!”

Brendan Hufford, SEO for the Rest of Us, BrendanHufford.com

Q: What do all the experts, leaders, and brands you’re obsessed with online have in common?

A: They wear their boat-and-world-rockin’ point of view so consistently across every post and platform, a stranger can spot it from 50 paces

Everything they do makes you stop, stare, and start a conversation — or just take notes.

And now? You want in.

You’re ready to come out from behind the curtain, own your authority and build your audience awesomely.

You’re ready to sell stuff you’re genuinely excited to launch, for customers and clients who love you.

You’re ready for influencers in your DM’s demanding to know “Why haven’t we met yet?!”

But so far everything you’ve tried sounds like… someone else.

Maybe you drop f-bombs, spit “cool kid” phrasing, or use trendy colors that just aren’t you — because you worry that’s the only way to stand out.

Maybe you created offers and programs that should have sold well (after all, others were making bank with ‘em) — but all you got were crickets.

Maybe you’re sick of watching competitors blow past you, racking up followers and sold-out offers again and again — and you’re ready to become unforgettable, too.

Now, you’re stressed out & stuck wondering:

“How the @$#& do I do this!?”


You’ve already got the magic you need to show up and blow up.

But you’re so nose-on-the-window close to your work, you can’t quite spot it (yet).

That’s where I come in.

Through my consulting, courses, and coaching, I’m here to help you pull back, get clear, and start rocking that statement piece that makes you so unforgettable.

Let’s get you suited up.

Build your better strategy:


90 minute sessions with two feedback follow-ups to help you:

  • Clarify + tighten your website’s messaging strategy.
  • Plug potential revenue leaks in your sales copy.
  • Refine your next course or offer concept.

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Build your next offer

Like Lightning

My simple 5-day system for picking, planning, and promoting your next big idea.

(PLUS a monthly group hot seat coaching.)

It’s time to start showing up for your brand – and dominate your corner of the internet

Yep, even if client work still pays your bills.

Build your brand’s big idea


3 or 6 session coaching pages to help you:

  • Define your specialty “statement piece” as a brand
  • Design your unique signature framework
  • Use both to build out your unmissable thought leadership platform.

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The Statement Piece Framework

The ultimate tool for personality-driven brands ready to make waves (and make money) writing, saying, and spreading the stuff that matters.

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