Shout Out to Women: You Are Entitled to Sell!

“I just don’t wanna feel pushy, yaknow?” ^^^^ this is a sentence haunting the sales efforts of almost every woman business owner I know. Myself included. (At least, until fairly recently. And even then it never fully goes away.) This constant fear of being, doing, or selling too much — even when it’s, uh, our literal livelihood — […]

How to Deal With Imposter Syndrome

Some of the most comforting words I’ve heard in recent memory came from a video of Seth Godin onstage. “I’m a fraud,” he said sagely, perfectly at ease with his hands in his pockets and his mismatched socks. (Well, initially I misheard and thought he said “I’m a frog”, and I was like “OK Seth […]

How to Be Good at Self-Promotion if You’re Not Loud or Extroverted

For the last 7 years I’ve had a blog post languishing in my drafts called “The Anatomy of Cool”. There are many reasons it hasn’t seen the light of day — one of which is that pretentious AF title, whew Hillary — but I find myself referencing its contents pretty frequently. Because in roughly 70% of my […]

Selling by Serving: The Myth of the Righteous Marketer

Never, ever, ever read the comments. That right there is the golden rule of selling yourself on the internet for good reason, dear reader. I’m sure, if you’ve ever clicked the comments on a FB ad from one of your friends or industry folks you’re a fan of, you’ve seen ’em among the nice, supportive comments sprinkled […]

The Art and Science of Turning Pro – How to Decide When You’re Ready

I have a little story for you my friends… A story of dun dun dunnn resistance. Actually, many stories wrapped up in one. See, I have this little issue I affectionately call my “cool kid” problem. It shows up in so many of the things I love to do, especially work-wise – creative direction/branding, writing, dressing fabulously, […]

Are You a Genius or Mad Scientist? How to Experiment Without Being Erratic

Do you remember when your mom would try and talk you into tasting new foods as a kid? “Come on. Just one bite,” she’d probably say. (Unless you were born with an already-refined palate. Or, as we say here in the US, European.) While I was never a highly-picky-eater, I’d endless spend summer afternoons in my childhood […]