Game of Thrones: S08 E01 Recap — Game of Hyper Competent Queens

And WE! ARE! BACK! Author’s note: For the past couple of seasons of GoT I’ve taken it upon myself to write recaps of each episode on Facebook. Upon request, I’ve posted them here to make them easier to share internet-wide. *~*~* GAME OF THRONES RECAP POST *~*~* (That felt great to type.) First of all: LET’S […]

In praise of “training mode”

The summer of 1997 was perhaps the most frustrating of my (then extremely short) life. My siblings, cousins and I were spending a winding few months at my grandparent’s straight-out-of-a-storybook house in Sussex, England. However, despite all the usual delectable grandmotherly-made meals and enchanted back garden hideaways — I was eight years old andgrumpy AF. What I […]

Confessions of a failed goal-getter

It’s that time of year again: twinkling holiday displays, commercials trying to convince you a brand new leased Toyota makes a sensible gift, and (in my corner of the internet) an incoming tidal wave of “HOW TO HIT YOUR 2019 GOALS” emails. I don’t know about y’all — but that final internet holiday tradition usually sends a […]

Lose your learning ego.

Every time I gear up for a speaking gig, my phenomenal coach Lanie Presswood and I follow the same process: Discuss the idea. Build the outline. Shape the flow. Practice, practice, practice. We laugh. We tweak. I learn not just the script, but the concepts by heart. And as a result, my talks have earned me accolades, […]