In praise of “training mode”

The summer of 1997 was perhaps the most frustrating of my (then extremely short) life. My siblings, cousins and I were spending a winding few months at my grandparent’s straight-out-of-a-storybook house in Sussex, England. However, despite all the usual delectable grandmotherly-made meals and enchanted back garden hideaways — I was eight years old andgrumpy AF. What I […]

Confessions of a failed goal-getter

It’s that time of year again: twinkling holiday displays, commercials trying to convince you a brand new leased Toyota makes a sensible gift, and (in my corner of the internet) an incoming tidal wave of “HOW TO HIT YOUR 2019 GOALS” emails. I don’t know about y’all — but that final internet holiday tradition usually sends a […]

Lose your learning ego.

Every time I gear up for a speaking gig, my phenomenal coach Lanie Presswood and I follow the same process: Discuss the idea. Build the outline. Shape the flow. Practice, practice, practice. We laugh. We tweak. I learn not just the script, but the concepts by heart. And as a result, my talks have earned me accolades, […]

How to give good sales call

Confession: After almost 8 years in this business, I’ve developed an allergy to overcomplicated sales strategies. I suspect this is 30% because of my fantastic coaches and clients who’ve taught me to value simplicity… and 70% because my brain just can’t decipher extremely down-to-the-miniscule-details ideas easily. (No, seriously. I once tried to read the copywriting section inside […]

How to quit.

Yesterday I wrapped up my final project with a retainer client who’s been with me since my earliest days as a copywriter. It signaled the end of my retainer-only style of working that’s been the core of my business model since 2016, and at the moment I’ve actually (peacefully) parted ways with all of my […]

How to mentor your damn self.

My most vivid memories of 2015 are marked by two events: 1) Cracking my first 6 figures, and 2) My frantic, almost desperate search for a mentor. The first was a fluke. I got swept up in a high-level contract with a dazzling number of zeroes tied to it that went belly up fast. Those months […]