You’re the Expert: What Your Audience Doesn’t Know CAN Hurt

Maybe you’ve heard this one before: “I asked DOZENS of people what they wanted in a program and basically none of them ended up buying!“ “I asked people what they wanted in a podcast. It’s not stuff I actually want to talk about, but should I just do it anyway…?“ ^^ I hear stuff like […]

5 Reasons To Be Absolutely Shameless About Self-promotion

I’ve been talking with a fair few clients recently (especially my THUNDERbirds) about how to get comfortable with shameless self promotion. ⁣ ⁣And it got me thinking about what makes self promotion shameFULL — & how easy it is to get sucked into the vortex of trying to be The Industry’s Next Most Perfect Business Owner.⁣ […]

Creatives: Charge for the Transformation You Provide, Not What You DO

“Best kept secret” creatives? I’m obsessed with y’all. … Or, as the internet would say: “I stan y’all. “Look: I know it’s common for folks who’ve been behind the scenes of other people’s businesses for wayyy too long to feel a little shy about why they aren’t being seen more widely in the space yet.⁣ […]

Copywriters: Are You Making This Positioning Mistake?

Copywriter friends, it’s your friendly neighborhood Positioning Coach here, fully acknowledging I say this at least once a year but I’m begging of you once more: If you wanna attract high-end clientele, your value prop should REALLY be something beyond: “Do you hate writing for yourself? I don’t!” Or, “Are you too busy to write? […]

Small but Mighty: Confronting Nonsense Strategy Advice

Over the years I’ve helped roughly 80% of my clients develop shiny new strategies/consulting/coaching offers as part of their ecosystem. (And the other 20% already have ‘em in their wheelhouse, we just improve ’em.) After all — strategic offers come with the growth territory as you position yourself as a high-end expert brand. My crew […]

Flow Is a Current Not a Faucet: Here’s How I (Re)Captured It

Out of nowhere in early 2022, it hit me square between the eyes that something was missing in my business. Something I’d spent so many years doing that I’d kind of gulp taken it for granted. It was also something I’d placed on the back burner for so long, I suddenly realized I was starving […]