Whiskey Slaps and the Devil — How a Story Catches Fire

“Have we told y’all the story about The Devil?” It was late night around a bonfire somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. The stars were bright and beautiful overhead in the clear spring chill. We were sharing beers and barbecue with a U-shaped knot of burly men in flannels, stained hoodies, big boots, and well-loved […]

Honest Evaluation — Why I Transformed My Bestselling Offer

My team and I have a mini mantra for my business behind the scenes, and it goes like this: “No lifeguard on duty.” Which is not to say we aren’t helpful, constantly supporting our clients to notice and move through tough patterns and wobbles, and deeply empathetic when life stuff comes up (as it always […]

Three Solid Non-Money Promises You Can Use to Attract Clients

“Wait a minute…” my client says. “I realize you don’t really make many money promises in your sales language. But here I am, spending [$5k/$15k/$35+]. How do you do that?!” ^^ this is a question I’m genuinely proud to get asked fairly regularly by the brilliant folks who’ve invested in my higher ticket offers. So […]

Boost Your Sales Immediately with Two Super Simple Tweaks

There’s a lot of temptation in the industry, especially these days, to throw the bébé out with the bathwater a liiiittle too quickly when it comes to our offers. Even if it’s something you’re REALLY excited about, sometimes if what you’ve built… Doesn’t sell out immediately… Attracts a different type of person (ahem) than you […]

A Few Words in Praise of the “Unscaleable Offer”

Now, before any of you brilliant humans come at me with pitchforks, I’ll start by saying: Indeed I DO have offers (tiny and large) that I can scale in my offers suite. Over the years I’ve done groups and programs and courses and quasi-memberships and everything in between. I help my clients create them where […]