To Be or Not to Be an Influencer: How to Decide?

In the summer of 2009, I decided to take a job that I’d quickly discover I was terrible at: Yes, that’s right folks. I willingly signed away 3 months of my life to be a camp counselor to… (Drumroll please.) … ten — count ‘em, TEN — 12 year old girls. Who’s In Charge Here? […]

#HAMYAW Lovefest Celebrating 1,000 Podcast Subscribers

A long time ago, in a Manhattan dive bar far far away… (Well, like 20 minutes by train from my neighborhood.) … Two friends developed a little idea for a little show that would represent what they felt they wanted to see in “marketers making content for marketers” land. Because, you see, we had an […]

6 ways ideas go from “good enough” to extraordinary.

Fact: you are capable of creating extraordinary things. I hope you know that already, but if you don’t — I wanted to tell you. Because you’re a creative — which means your brain probably goes a million miles an hour, right? Day in, day out, you probably have more good ideas than you can shake […]