Creatives: Charge for the Transformation You Provide, Not What You DO

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“Best kept secret” creatives? I’m obsessed with y’all.

… Or, as the internet would say: “I stan y’all.

“Look: I know it’s common for folks who’ve been behind the scenes of other people’s businesses for wayyy too long to feel a little shy about why they aren’t being seen more widely in the space yet.⁣

⁣I get it. ⁣

But rest assured: I’m already obsessed with you. ⁣

Because, Ms. BTS, You’re Kind of a Big Deal

I work with industry best kept secrets every. dang. day. ⁣

⁣(And I’ve watched a number of them grow into BFD’s — that’s ahem “big effing deals” — in their corner of the digital universe.

Coincidence? I think not.)⁣

⁣Thus, I can personally confirm: you’re a phenomenal bunch⁣.

Seriously, you might not realize it now, because you’re more behind the scenes… But there’s so much potential swirling around in that brilliant head of yours just w.a.i.t.i.n.g. to be tapped into and unleashed.

How I Know You’re Ready to Step Up

Best kept secrets are MEGA talented. That’s what’s kept you solid with referrals for so long. You’re amazing at what you do, and folks can’t help but tell the world about you. ⁣

You have only sampled a taste of what’s possible when you start putting yourself out there more in public, and getting seen. Why do you think you blow minds on those workshops or podcast episodes you manage to fit in every once in a while?⁣

⁣**You’re usually charging for what you’re DOING (**web or email copy, design, marketing consulting, coaching), which is such a tiny crumb compared to the actual value and transformation you’re offering⁣

You’ve spent years honing your skills behind the scenes, and building an EPIC toolkit — and once we figure out your framing/positioning/brand that fits it? Then things REALLY start to get interesting. Trust me. ⁣

Oh, and the real reason I love a Best Kept Secret? ⁣

⁣I was one too, once.⁣

A Little Perspective From One Who’s Been There

⁣For the first 5 or so years in my business my life was totally overtaken by client projects and taking on all the work I could, just in case my referral network would one day gulp run dry.

Sure, I was taking on way too broad a range of projects and working weekends until my eyes bled, but dammit I did it… and it’s how I hit my first ever 6-figs all the way back in 2015!⁣ (Not exactly easily, mind you. I was working my little hiney off for every dollar. But I got to that clout number by hook or by crook, by golly!)

⁣But once I committed to coming out from behind the lil’ curtain? ⁣Once I signed on for the steady build to being more visible as a brand, cultivating an audience eager to learn from me, and positioning myself as a higher-end expert — instead of just a service provider?

Step by step, the world started opening up to me.⁣

Becoming the “Go-to Gal”

Suddenly, people were listening to what I had to say, interacting with me, seeing me as a go-to pro to know, and (eventually) buying my products, programs, and strategic/coaching offerings — because they’d seen what I could do. ⁣

⁣Which is how I went from $150k/year to ~$500k over the last few years, with a business that gives me more space to breathe, not less…

(… But THAT’S a story for the mega nerds only. ⁣;)

⁣If you want the goods on that, DM me “Add me to close friends!” on IG @hcweiss, or reply to this email with your IG handle, to get the full rundown on that.)

But in the meantime — if you’ve been behind the curtain of OTHER peoples’ businesses for far too long, just know this: I see you, friend.

Jump on In – the Limelight’s Fine

When you’re ready to step out onto the virtual stage? A universe of opportunity awaits.

Because once you finally start to see and own what you do so phenomenally well, and its true value…You might just find that there’s a wide world out there that desperately needs alllll the amazingness you’ve got to give.

And one day soon, I hope you’ll let me show you. ;)

Write on, HPS.

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