Battle of the Copywriters – VIDEO REPLAY!

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In case you didn’t catch it live: last spring, I wrangled with 3 fab wordsmiths in the epic Battle of the Copywriters.

Missed it? Don’t cry! You can join in on the the fun, and catch all the action ringside, right here:

It was a a fight to the death (of bad copy) with some of the most fab and ferocious ink slingers on the block, including Kira Hug (the brains behind all this), Jamie Jensen, and Nathalie Poulin.

Click the screengrab below to watch!

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.26.08 PM

We swapped right hooks over the big communication questions, like:

– To long form or short form? That is the wicked important question. We’ll get into the pros, cons, and best practices for both

– How to make your “About” page work for you, in a way that makes you a total magnet for your perfect peeps

– The industry-only secrets behind writing persuasive copy people find utterly irresistible

– Should you DIY your first sales page? Or leave it for the pros to handle every time? We’ll square up to help you find the answer

So come join in on this ferociously friendly competition of wits. You can watch the replay right here.

** cue the Rocky montage **


(Warning: There IS an echo – we called it, The Gremlin – early on in the webinar. It goes away after a few minutes. Cross my heart.)

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