Go Slowly, You’ll Still Arrive Right on Time with THIS Business Strategy

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When I was first asked if I’d be creating an online course, it was 2013 — about two years into my copywriting career.

Multiple friends and colleagues suggested I put one together, as the course gold rush was very clearly on the horizon.

However, every suggestion got the same firm answer from me: “Not yet. It’s not the right time. I don’t know enough.”

(I was right, btw. And, as I’d come to learn soon enough: TEACHING is an entirely different skill than DOING.)

When I’m asked about my social media presence (my loosey goosey strategy, my small-but-engaged audience, and the selling style I’ve developed), I like to remind folks of a fun fact:

For about 4 years in my business, I barely created any content for myself.

Strategic Changes Take… the Time They Take

I started in 2015, by committing to ONE solid, thoughtful blog post per month (and still kept social media my “place to have fun” for years).

And slowly, slowly over time, I began to understand, and play with, the form.

When I’m asked about my transition into Creative Direction from copy, I start by explaining the whole move took ~3 years.

(And no, it doesn’t have to take YOU that much time!)

While I was encouraged by dear friends to charge headfirst into the CD field, I wanted training. I wanted to build my chops. I wanted to dot my i’s and cross my t’s.

And when I retired from copy, I wanted to be DONE done. Forever.

(And that kind of move just… takes a while.)

When I’m asked about how I’ve built such a memorable, effective brand that feels so “me”, I always make sure to explain:

“I’ve been banging the same brand gong (primary colors, disco balls, etc.) since 2018.”

Let Time Do Its Strange and Magical Work

My brand is fun to look at, sure! And, dare I say, pretty clever.

But it’s effective because it’s also so familiar to so many of you now. Time has done its strange & magical work of cementing it into your brilliant brains.

Colleagues have teased me for years about how slowly I move. And I tease myself right back.

That I’m a fast-talkin’ snail.

That my Protestant Work Ethic pragmatism has me in a chokehold.

And yes indeed, I move a little slowly on the big stuff because I’m self-conscious. about “getting it right”.

But also? Giving myself space to let things just take the time they take has yet to steer me wrong.

I’m sharing this because in a speed-obsessed industry, growth that takes time can feel like failure.

But the engines that truly move the long-term needle — an unforgettable brand, offers that deliver on their promises, a content style that hits, an audience that values your work, etc. — are impossible to create in 30, 60, or 90 days.

Slow Is Smooth, Smooth Is Fast

You can create the AESTHETIC of that vision in a short time frame.

But the work to make it last? That’s just always gonna be a bit of a plod.

So if you’re feeling frustrated things aren’t changing fast enough (I get it, you’ve got bills to pay, and that‘s


*…*Just know, that slow movement might be in your service, too.

Time gives you space to build an exceptional reputation. To capture nuance, and your own flavor. To fully master what you’re doing. If you let it.

And fair warning: after every slow season often comes an ALL AT ONCE avalanche.

And when that happens? It’s all gonna finally feel… right on time.


Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

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